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Ask Brownells how you can invest in physical firearms today.


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    • Sooo…that meme pic is based on the assumption that anyone would really show all their guns at one time. OPSEC, baby, OPSEC.

      • That pic is more than likely all of the competitors’ guns at something like a PRS match.

        • Um…of course it is. But it’s a meme photo, which is the process of taking one thing and humorously presenting it as another.

          A meme.

  1. If I held onto the dogecoin I bought a few years ago at some tiny fraction of a cent each, I could have bought every gun you see in that picture.

  2. Okay. I counted 37 gunms in that picture.
    So what.
    Still dont have the firepower of an AR with 40rnd does. Stupid fudds and fuddy gunms

    • All about the right tool for the job. A 5.56 AR can’t reach out and touch someone at 1,500 yards.

        • I can think of an instance in Korea when a brass case from a .50 cal machine gun in an F4U hit a soldier in the shoulder and killed him. It had be ejected while the F4U was in a strafing run over the platoon. It just fell out of the plane, so only gravity provided the force that allowed it to kill the soldier on the ground.

  3. A Federal 55 gr FMJBT exiting at 3,165 fps only has about 78 ft-lbs of energy remaining at 1,000 yard . . . even less at 1,500. Doubt that it would do much, if any, damage.

  4. When I win 1 of the multi-million dollar lotteries, I will have a selection of fire arms just like the 1 shown. Of course, that means 1) Alabama will have to pass a lottery. and 2) I would have to buy a ticket.
    Eyes and ears, people.
    You know a picture like this will put gun grabbers like Bloomberg into a state of apoplectic shock. If anyone knows his private E-mail, please send it too him.

  5. Based on the advancements made in long range shooting in the private sector over the last 10 years, I’d love to know how many people in this country of ours you all think can consistently hit a torso sized plate at 6-800 yards.

    it could be in the thousands – multiple battalions of sharpshooters…..

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