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It’s the rare silencer review or video (or meme) that doesn’t have the same comment from this guy in the meme. “Suppressor” is great, but it’s slang. “Silencer” is the official term, and this is why.


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  1. Yes it is officially a silencer. However, if the left can redefine a semiautomatic rifle as an “Assault Weapon”, a bump stock as a “Machine Gun”, a braced pistol as an “Short Barreled Rifle”, and a stock magazine as “High Capacity” then we can redefine silencer as “Suppressor”.

    • On this part, I can easily accept either one. I can even accept ‘bullet’ instead of ‘cartridge’ for general conversation.

      I do take issue with clip vs. magazine and AR15 vs. assault rifle. These things are far enough part that we are comparing cars to truck and apples to oranges.

      • I have the same problem with clip vs magazine, and it drives everyone crazy. They are two different technologies. Clips load the magazine that loads the gun.

    • I’ve heard some Euro people call them “Mufflers”. Seems reasonable since we call the same function performed by the device on engines.

      • The firearm muffler was invented1908 by the son of Hiram Maxim. The description he used apparently wasn’t popular and different words came to describe the device. However it was patented as the Maxim Silencer.

        • He also invented an automobile muffler, which some countries call a silencer. For the HAMs out there, he cofounder ARRL, and they still use his W1AW callsign.

  2. Puleeeze. This again?

    Either term is correct. It’s technically a “suppressor” (supressing device) as a form of design, but it was patented by Percy under the term “silencer” and marketed thusly.

    Same as how a Ford Gremlin was technically a car, but it was correct to refer to it as a Gremlin as well. Either way, both were correct in their own right, and everyone knew what you meant.

      • LOL, so I just gave out my age, I guess. The Gremlin/Pinto was on its way out during my teenage years.

        Let’s try “Ford Falcon”. Or “Ford Mustang”. I owned one of those. 🙂

      • When the Gremlin came out Cosby was bigger than God. He was featured in an ad campaign to sell the Gremlin.

        It didn’t help. Neither car was anything to brag about but if it came down to Gremlin or Pinto I would pick Pinto.

        Thankfully we had choice and I drove a Chevy Nova in those days.

        • It was called Detroit’s malaise era for a reason. The US car makers painted themselves into a corner with poor designs, shoddy construction, and excessive fuel consumption in an era where they were hit with rising gas prices, environmental protection legislation, changing consumer requirements, and increasing imports.

        • SC. I worked for a .gov agency at that time. In order to keep Chrysler from going toes up the .gov bought and bought K cars. And we got to drive them.

          Only place I’ve seen that many crappy K cars since then was the Red Green show.

        • Those late 70s Novas were nice. My grandma had a blue two door 77 Nova. I always liked it. My brother had a 74 Bobcat (Mercury version of Pinto) in highschool (late 80s) and it was ok. A buddy of mine had an AMC Pacer which we were embarrassed to ride in until it became cool for about a week when the “Wayne’s world” movie came out.

        • registered trademark sound by Harley Davidson

          YUP… Copied by many, accomplished by NONE… My new Milwaukee Eight has a considerably different sound, but my 49 Panhead has it perfected…

  3. So “Suppressor” is incorrect slang? Really?

    I guess someone should inform the

    American Suppressor Association

    that they got everything wrong.

  4. Most of us know that it was originally termed and marketed under the name “Silencer”, but it gives a false sense of the actual function and the left runs with it. Thanks to HollyWEIRD over the years the general public has a horribly misshapen understanding of them and associate it with bad guys and an assassins tool. That’s why I object to the use of it and never use the term. Suppressor is a more accurate description and term that the left can’t as easily misuse for their crooked agenda to vilify anything and everything to do with firearms. Then NFA really hosed us when it was created and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

      • … agent sneaks up behind perp, cocks his Glock – click, click, click , then says ” don’t even think about it “…..

        • Not to mention the opening scene in “The Matrix”, where the cops are collecting outside the door to the room where Trinity is ensconced, every one of them rack the slides on their duty Glocks, knock the door in, and then they all rack their slides again.

          Funny you don’t hear the rounds they chambered outside the door hitting the floor as they chamber another round…

  5. Technically Correct Term: “Suppressor”
    Legally Correct Term: “Silencer”

    Bear in mind there are legal terms for “machine gun” that in reality apply to a flippin’ shoe string or coat hanger, so, let’s not conflate Legal terms for Technical terms or vice versa.

  6. No matter what anyone calls them or what is “technically” or “legally” correct, RIPOFF should be a part of that terminology… I can build a very effective “silencer/suppressor/muffler” in my shop in an hour for less than 50 bucks and when it needs maintenance I take it apart and replace everything inside for less than $10.00… The biggest expense I’ve had to deal with is getting extended threaded barrels for my handguns, which you need no matter where or how you acquire your silencer/suppressor/muffler…

    • We’ll, I could do it with 2 bucks worth of hardware store fittings and a 5 dollar oil filter …. stock up before tSHtF .

      • We’ll, I could do it with 2 bucks worth of hardware store fittings and a 5 dollar oil filter

        But mines purtier, more efficient and lasts longer…

        • OK, fine… I’ll spend 3 dollars more on stainless fittings and an inline water filter, but I’m not willing to go any higher.

      • I can do it with a soda bottle, electrical tape, and a stovetop-heated screwdriver.

        It’ll last for 2 shots, maybe 3. 🙂

  7. Makes me wonder about the keyboard kommando’s who have never been closer than the sporting goods display at walmart to an actual firearm. But, they were issued a rifle or weapon in their dreams of being in some branch of armed forces, so they’re experts in all matters firearms.
    Personally, I don’t care what anyone calls the silly thing. I want 1 for each of my hunting rifles and range guns. Be much more comfortable than the double hearing protection, and, had they been available years ago, my hearing might be a bit better.
    I do have a silencer/suppressor for a couple of the guns, but just don’t want to deal with more paperwork and handing the Gov. more money they don’t deserve. May just bite the bullet and go ahead, but not right now.

  8. I run into this garbage all the time.

    I will be discussing the legalities of things and will use the term Silencer. Because THAT is the word that is in the laws. And people will chime in that its a suppressor.

    It doesn’t matter. If the law describes something that quiets firearms and calls it a pink fairy hat, then the proper term when discussing it from a legal perspective is pink fairy hat.

    The language of the NFA isn’t debatable.

  9. Does it silence the gun? No. Thus naming this device a Silencer was just slick lying marketing, not truth. It suppresses sound, it doesn’t eliminate it.


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