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The government: “this accessory is bad because it allows the shooter to indiscriminately ‘spray’ bullets.”

Also the government: “this accessory is bad because it allows the shooter to more accurately place bullets.”

It’s almost as though they just don’t like the citizenry owning guns.


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  1. “It’s almost as though they just don’t like the citizenry owning guns.”
    Rather Absolutely they don’t want the citizenry to own guns.

  2. theyre bad
    and theyre coming back
    and when they do
    guns like the 10.5 ruger 5.7 carbine
    are going to sell like +++hotcakes+++

    • Yep, I’m thinking a braced version of that new Smith 5.7 with a 7 inch bbl would be a fun gun.

    • Neither do I, really I wouldn’t lie about it, I wouldn’t even own two and LIE about THAT!!

    • A Varon-T disruptor!!! They were banned due to its vicious nature: the disruptor literally tore the body apart at the molecular level from the inside out. Can you imagine one with a brace???

  3. This should save those stormtroopers a bucketload of ammo.

    How many photons can one trooper carry as standard issue, anyway?

    • “How many photons can one trooper carry as standard issue, anyway?”

      Technically, photons are massless, yet carry momentum, if my high school physics still applies…

  4. I’ve always wanted to kick one of those Storm Troopers in the nutz, just to see if that cup works as good as they hope it does.
    The stocked pistol law is bullsht.
    Aids accuracy, I suppose our overseers do not like an accurate gunm?

    • They want “goldilocks guns”. Can’t be inaccurate but can’t be too accurate. Can’t be too short because it’s concealable but not too long because that makes it too powerful.

      There is no acceptable definition of what’s just right.

      • My President reccomends a shotgunm. And He is the, the, the, that country He is president of, it’s got a lot of airplanes and tanks and a failing infrastructure and collapsing economy and social disorder and high crime rates and common sense gunm laws, and sht, He is the president of that country, and if anybody knows what he is talking about its My President.
        Remember his famous speach?
        He doesn’t either.

        • I remember his speech that he’ll always be known for. “All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”

          Some people say he said that because he forgot the line. People say that because he’s senile, and everyone knows it. I think he probably knew what he was doing. He caught himself about to reference God to his anti-Christian constituents.

    • The stormtrooper white costume used cheap-ass vacuum-formed plastic.

      I recall reading something about during filming, that thin plastic rattled badly, and had to be edited out…

      • I always wondered about the effectiveness of those white panels as armor. Seemed to me the guys always died no matter what hit them. You don’t suppose it was just their version of the BDU?

  5. Closest thing to a brace I own is a detachable shoulder stock for a revolver. Converted Remington revolver. Can drop out and replace the cylinder in about 5 seconds. Keeps a 3 to 4 inch group out to about 75 yards. Better than I can do without the stock attached. Found it at an estate sale in Wyoming about 30 years ago.
    A friend of mine has a semi auto version of the MP5 with a wire top folding stock. A bit short for my taste, but does make a nice brace against the elbow to steady the pistol. Was purchased long before the brace thing came to be. Would that still count as a braced pistol? I’ve seen something similar on 70’s vintage UZI pistols.

    • The law would probably grandfather that in until you got caught with it then theyd take the gunm and you’d get it back in court after spending a bunch of your money.


    “Nashville shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto is a ‘blueprint on total destruction’ which the FBI are stalling releasing, according to local politicians, who describe its contents as ‘astronomically dangerous’. …

    Metro Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston confirmed to The Post the FBI has already ruled the manifesto would not be released any time soon.

    ‘What I was told is, her manifesto was a blueprint on total destruction, and it was so, so detailed at the level of what she had planned,’ she said, when reached by phone.”

      • I’m not encouraging anyone. Its information for everyone even you. And although Debbie may be persistent and you two want to argue back and forth like an old married couple pissed off at each other, Debbie is correct on the racism of gun control and by extension how it eventually leads to tyranny and a subjugated population.

        • actually we aren’t past that racism of the anti-gun gun control. In fact its ramped up in a repackaged form.

          Not only is it being used to deny and victimize a class of people constitutional rights, like racism does its also being used to deny and victimize based on race.

          so although one can say the history is interesting, its still happening in both concept and actually and very much alive today in the anti-gun gun control which when compared is basically the same plan Hitler used to disarm the jews and that same basic plan has been used through history for arms which is ‘rule it out of existence for a class of people’ then they can’t have arms needed to resist tyranny in its many forms from violent criminals to government tyrants.

          So to paraphrase, “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”

          To relegate it to simply ‘interesting’ is a very serious mistake.

  7. Guns DO NOT Murder People: Criminals Do! Statistics on Violence, Gun Ownership, and Gun Control.

    • Vehicles murder more people then gunms, why doesn’t my President push for suing Ford Moto. Automotive industry is the only industry that cant be sued and My President should do something about those nasty fossil fuel burning destroyers of life.

      • He did. He had them fit his with armor and Gatling guns. You think they kill possums? Just you wait…

  8. It looks like that’s a real screen grab. Anyone know which show?

    It’d be a riot if Disney fought the final rule for the sake of stormtrooper materiel continuity, alas.

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