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I say dream big, don’t limit yourself. But you should choose the GLOCK. And also the 1911.


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    • You can get “almost Glocks” by building from 80% frames and custom uppers, such as Polymer80, or Lone Wolf, or 80 Percent Arms. Or all of them. And uppers from U.S. Patriot Armory.

      • I have those too. Actually like the trigger guard undercut on the poly80 I built. I need to chase after that wheel gun that was reviewed here awhile back.

    • I’ve got a neat old custom STI double stack .45 ACP with an Officer’s ACP top. 15 rounds and shoots fantastic. If I weighed more or was bigger it’d be my EDC. Until then I’m sticking with my P365 and G43 for the running path. And WTH? The STI is plastic…

  1. Glock 19 for me, although I often say that choosing is for kids and the poor. Unfortunately I’m still relatively poor but soon I’ll have both.

    • The correct answer is whatever you are comfortable with and will carry(assuming you are legal to do so). If you live in a warm climate, where people do not wear heavy clothes a .380 should be enough for up close and personal(even a .32?). Carrying around a hand cannon isn’t for everyone – it is like seat belts, if you don’t wear them, they do no good.

      • I’m actually thinking of picking up an LCPII in .22LR if I can find a good deal on one. At 11 ounces a 10+1 .22 seems to make more sense than a .380acp. I don’t really consider a pocket gun an EDC in either case, but it’s better than a strongly worded message.

  2. Have had 3 Glocks; still have the 19X; lotsa aftermarket parts. Trigger STILL ain’t as good as any of my 1911s. I do like Glock, but I do LOVE my various 1911s. They conceal easier, carry much more comfortably.

  3. I learned to shoot pistols with a Glock. I didn’t much care for it then, and I’ve never owned one. But I do have two 1911s and a 9mm EMP. The first time I shot a full size 1911, I just had to have one.

    • That was my experience too. I liked any gun I could get my hands on (still do) but the first time I shot a 1911 I KNEW I had to have one! It just felt like it was custom molded for my hand and pointed like an extension of my arm. Add to that the phenomenal trigger and soft shooting .45acp in a full-size frame and there was no question what my gun of choice was gonna be.

      My first GLOCK, however, was not the same experience. I don’t hate them at all, but there was WAY too much I didn’t like, as delivered, to put it on the ‘have to get one’ list.

  4. A disadvantage to light polymer frames is when you hang new tin on the trailer house, a single action revolver makes a better hammer.
    The 1911 makes a pretty good boat anchor.
    I like duel purpose firegunms.

  5. Glock or 1911? They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but that one is trying real hard. One or the other. Or both. I have several of each.

  6. The salesman at MegaArms Gun Emporium puts his purchase in a plastic bag and walks him to the door. As the man gets into his cream white Toyota Corolla, the salesman waves an says ” enjoy your new Glock, sir”… Meanwhile, up the street, a sleek red vintage Ferrari Super America pull up in front of Cosmos Customs, home of the 1911…..

  7. I’ve carried a 1911 for 40 years. I also have an original Glock P80/G17. Was an Austrian military sidearm. Don’t ask how I ended up with it. But, it was legal. Also have a Browning Hi-Power and a Walther P-38. Several Revolvers, and a couple other hand guns. Not a real gun nut, but more of a pack rat with guns. If I buy it, I keep it unless it’s just something I can trade off for something better/more desired. Stll have my fathers guns as well. Didn’t ask how he got a M1898 Mauser with Imperial German markings.

    • My dad left me his collection of guns. In his collection is a german luger from WWII. The war had just ended, my dad was on sentry duty at a check point. A german army officer came out of the woods tree line and walked up to him and surrendered his luger to him without a word then turned and walked away while stripping off his uniform. I have that Luger today.

      • “I have that Luger today.”

        should have been

        I have that Luger today in a nice display case, its in pristine condition.

    • Shot and loved both ended up going for something a bit more german as most of everything else was out of stock at the time I was finally allowed (license issued) to buy one. In all cases I am limited to 10 in my home state so the math behind choices gets screwy.

  8. This one went right past the Far Right because they did not comprehend that it is a shame that a gun invented n 1911 (110 years ago) is light years safer to handle and take apart than the unsafe Glock which can accidentally go off if you snag the trigger because it has no manual safety and has no de-cocker and has a totally unsafe take down system. Its all way to complicated for the Far Right low capacity cranium. They will tell you they never had an accident of any kind and never will because they know everything there is to know about everything and what they do not know is not worth knowing. You can find most of them in the nearest grave yard.

  9. The 1911 has a manual safety and can be carried with the safety on or hammer down with the safety off. Its take down system requires you to pull the slide back which would eject a forgotten round in the chamber. It was designed 110 years ago with all these safety features.

  10. Humans… Everything has to be binary. A relic of a primate heritage where the motto is: “I’m right and you’re wrong. Because if you’re right and I’m wrong, I’m dead – and that can’t be allowed. So I’m right and you’re wrong – and I’ll kill you to prove it.”


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