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That’s just…it’s not…I mean…ugh.


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  1. No one needs more than 30 words, 30 feet of gas mileage, 30 minutes of internet, 30 minutes of sleep, 30 days of life…Stupid can just go on an on forever…

      • Thirty??? Only 30???

        My wife has a crateful of shoes from high school…and that was 40 years ago!!

      • Granddaughter’s car crapped out without notice, bought her a new one and went to transfer her belongings from one to the other. There were *19* pairs of shoes/boots in the car, and she was only 20. Shit, before I owned my 19th pair of shoes EVER, I bet I was 35. At one time I doubt I ever owned 5.

  2. New spot on TTAG… Gun Meme of the Day.

    And you know it will be texted fwd A LOT !!
    (I’ ve already moved a screen shot of this into 1/2 dz emails…)

    Well done!

    • I’m not committed to it. You like it? …just kinda’ feelin’ it out here. I have 93 more solid gun memes on my computer and am always finding more, so I figured it might be a fun thing to do on the regular. 🙂

      • Jeremy,

        If you’ve got the material, please, keep it going. Smiling and laughing are good for health and for the soul. Consider yourself a missionary!

        There are a lot of folk on TTAG with good humor. You will likely get a lot of contributions.

        Thank you!

      • Let the memes loose Jeremy, everyone can use a good laugh. Humor is often the most effective scalpel when ridiculous ignorance needs to be eviscerated. Stupid people don’t like being laughed at; smart people care less because they know that they are the ones who will be laughing in the end.

      • Jeremy,

        I think it’s brilliant, and I suspect some of your other TTAG editors and contributors have some good ones, too. Like others have said on this thread, I’ve already made a practice of sharing these with other POTG.

        Well done, Jeremy and TTAG!

    • My house Is small.
      The other day a woman ask me if I needed some forks. I told her no, I’ve already got one.

  3. Okay, no more booze for ole Spot, the last time he got drunk I caught him humping a ghost gunm dog.

  4. ahhh GF has to go, unless she is a smoking hot 10PLUS! if she has lib ‘friends’ because sooner or later they WILL poison the relationship!

  5. I know what a 30 ROUND clip conceptually is but 30 CALIBER? And it would be a magazine not clip.

    • “I know what a 30 ROUND clip conceptually is but 30 CALIBER?”

      It’s a tongue-in-cheek humorous riff on what one particular California house representative anti-gunner, California State Sen. Kevin de Leon said on-camera once.

      He knows nothing about guns, but held a press conference where he stupidly said :

      “This is a ghost gun,” de Leon begins, holding an unloaded rifle in his hands. “This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

      I sh!t you not, that was an *exact* quote…

        • Trust me, I’ve heard equally stupid references, and not just from anti-gun zealots. Apparently, TOTAL ignorance of firearms and history are no impediment to purporting to set policy for owning, using and storing firearms.

  6. The quote merely emphasizes the speaker’s ignorance. By spouting rapid fire buzzwords they are trying to appeal to their own authority as a supposed expert. In reality they make themselves look the fool.

  7. I remember the first evening out I had with my wife (then girlfriend) and her friends. Shit like this, as well as other hippy/vegan/progy bullshit, came up and I stayed true to the old axiom “be yourself and people will like you for who you are.”

    Long story short: they did not. She did though and that’s what’s important.

  8. I would like to find a few .30 caliber clips for my M1 Garand. I just got it from the CMP in March and I only have the one clip they included with it. Like ammo, everybody’s sold out of Garand clips.

    • One reason I shied away from a Garand, and that was back in 1988.
      Out shooting with a friend, he had one clip, *ping* off the bridge and into the water. Ended that fun.
      At least with an 03 you can make your own stripper clips.

    • Hey, while at Camp Perry for National Matches, met a guy who had special clips for Garand competitions, cracked me up. 2 round clips, 5 round clips, he said anything 2-7 was available, who’dathunk?

  9. Hand them a 30 round magazine and 30 rounds of ammo, tell them to load it after you load the first. With my tired old hands, on a very good day, I might get 15-20. That’ll shut the up. Or tell them to tell law enforcement they must give up the 30 round mags because “NOBODY NEEDS THEM.”

  10. Refresh my memory… the clipazine is the thingy that goes up, right? Nobody needs one that holds thirty calibers in a second !!! Need to get this all down before I announce my upcoming senate run.

    • It goes up if you load it from the bottom but it goes down if you hold it upside down from the top. It goes up or down or in or out if you hold the gunm sideways either right or left handed. I’ dont see the need for one that holds 100 calibers a second either, but I’m not going to beat that drum.

  11. I like to call my clips clips for the same reason I call mufflers silencers and revolvers pistols; that’s what the term originally meant. But it still bugs me when artistic journalists claim to smell “cordite”.

    One could argue that my budget savage-stevens .30-06 has a 30 caliber clip. It only holds 4 rounds and is permanently attached to the blind magazine in the stock, the fuddest gun I own. Brenda is showing her true colors if she even wants to take that away.

    • I’m not sure what a 30 cal clip is either, but I’m sure it’s illegal here in Massivetwoshits.

  12. Wait just a damn minute! I thought the proper term was “Clipazine”. It’s SO confusing! LOL That meme’s too funny. Thanks

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