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As you might expect, there are hundreds of Liberty Safe memes to choose from. I carefully chose this one because it was…the first one I saw. For what it’s worth, I really, really like my Liberty Safe and it ain’t going anywhere. I expect them to give the .gov a hell of a lot more sass and maybe a double barrel birdie in the future, though.


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    • If your safe has an electronic lock there is a backdoor access code that is stored by the lock manufacturer. Even if the safe maker deletes the backdoor code for the safe if they keep the lock serial no. the Feds could get the code by via court order to safe mfg. for the code or the lock mfg’s serial no. then court order to lock mfg. Be safe & use mechanical locks. The drawback is the safe will be ruined by drilling & cutting.

      • I think the difference is, if you have a mechanical lock it is your choice whether to open the safe for them or force them to destroy it to get it open. Pretty sure, in most cases, they would ask you to open the safe rather than deal with the hassle of breaking into it (why they went to Liberty in the 1st place). Best bet if they have a warrant or court order is to open it though, especially if there’s nothing untoward in the safe or if it’s one of those unconstitutional ERPAs and you might get your guns back.

    • Exactly. Getting rid of it would hurt Liberty no more than those idiots who sold their Teslas hurt Elon Musk when he started deresteicting Twitter. Nor would I shy from buying a used one, were I in the market for a safe; that money doesn’t go to Liberty.

      But I wouldn’t buy a new one from them now. And if I had one I’d seriously considering changing the lock, especially if it wasn’t a mechanical.

  1. simple matter to factory reset the Liberty safe so as to reclaim and reset both the user and manager passwords. From that point on Liberty doesn’t know your combination unless you tell them what you changed it to.

    It’s another matter whether SecuRam, the company that makes most of Liberty’s electronic locks, has another super-secret backdoors in their locks that the reset doesn’t change. If you are worried about that then swap out the lock for a mechanical dial.

    • The little inconvenience that a mechanical lock has is vastly offset by the ability to change it and not worry about EMP.

        • Do you often lick the corporate taint while they hand your combination over to the stasi?

          Replace the electronic locks with mechanical and give liberty safe the bud light treatment. They aren’t your friends as evidenced by their campaign contributions to gun grabbing scum plus they can’t even build a safe that can stand against a tank:

        • “Do you often lick the corporate taint while they hand your combination over to the stasi?”

          Congratulations! You win the prize for the most stupid comment on the forum — until the next time that you comment.

          You’ve set the bar pretty high low, but I’m sure you’re down to the challenge. Asshole.

        • Now that N. Korea has access to Russia’s nukes, perhaps it is time to give a little more consideration to EMPs. While Russia wouldn’t want to engage in a nukular(sic) exchange with the U.S., I think Putie certainly wouldn’t be terribly bothered if N. Korea and the U.S. lobbed nukes at each other. He wouldn’t be especially bothered that Japan got most of the fallout from the U.S. turning N. Korea into a nukular(sic) wasteland.

      • but….on the other hand can you dial the mechanical combo-dial proper combination quickly or reliably the first time under stress of, for example, a home invasion?

        • @.40 cal

          Good morning.

          One of the advantages of living in a Free State (and no children in the home) is that I don’t have to open my safe in order to respond to a home invasion.

        • I always leave my manual combo locks so only the last number needs to be dialed. It’s just as safe and a lot faster. I’m an empty nester so I keep a loaded, ready to go firearm nearby at all times too.

  2. No safe in my immediate future. When we get to Indiana maybe. It sure won’t be Liberty or the asswipes I spent nearly $10000 at their gun shop in Griffith,IN who won’t sell me a gat now!!!

  3. I do not know the thing about Liberty safes.
    Safe storage?
    Banks get robbed.
    Defund the Police absolutely.
    A rider on stolen roller skates is justifiably eliminated and with no law there need not be justification.
    120,000 years ago humans had freedom yet they were supposedly not civilized. I do not know what civilized means, unless it means relinquishing freedom for the safety provided by paid enforcers who enforce with the whims of Kings.
    What decade has not there been a War somewhere on earth perpetuated by humans and their Kings?
    Freedom is the Crow flying overhead screeching Ha, Ha, Ha.

  4. Sorry kiddies, not buying any safe with electronic locks. Batteries, or power supplies can fail when you depend on them to work. No thanks. Same reason I refuse the digital electronic locks. Good quality mechanicals will work when fancy electronics fail or can be hacked.
    There is a reason I keep an old pick up with old fashioned mechanical ignition and no computers on board. No, not expecting anything, but as always I want to have the tools available should the worst happen. My gun room has heavy duty steel doors with key locks over a combination lock. My ready rack has a simple steel bar lock.
    Of course, it is seldom there isn’t someone around and we are far enough off the beaten path few who don’t belong or are not expected show up here.
    While the government types might shoot dogs to prevent them from sounding off, they likely aren’t going to get the Guinea hens before they raise the alarm.

    • Mechanically injected diesel. Will run fine on properly prepared bio diesel.
      If you are in a place that peacocks will survive, they make excellent bird-ler alarms..

      • Is your truck newer than, say, a 1975 model? Then it has an ECU or a PCM, which would be fried by an EMP. PDQ. ASAP.

        • That’s a unproven maybe. The last testing actually done didn’t shut down all the vehicles. Location is going to be a lot of it. I wish some real testing would be don’t to give us a better idea and truth however those who would most likely do it can’t be trusted anymore as everything is agenda driven.

        • “real testing”

          You would want, perhaps, for a nuclear pulse weapon to be detonated above a metropolitan area?

          Do we get to pick the city?

        • Reply to Matt: The reported test was one in 1995. This is 2023. Vehicles have just a tad more electronics than they did 28 years ago. Also, the vehicles used in the test had to be returned in undamaged condition, so when they started failing, the testing was discontinued. There is no current testing because any vehicle since the year 2000 just won’t make it unless it is parked down on level five in an all concrete garage and is not near the elevators nor any electric panels or cabling. I agree it would be handy to have some current testing reported but I feel confident all the electric and semi-electric cars would fail miserable causing many electric car fans to switch to something else. You could cover your electric bike with an EMP proof bag, but covering your car would be a drag and quite difficult.

        • Man with no name
          Lol we only get to pick one?

          Old lefty
          Speculation with no proof
          They do make EMP devices for new vehicles and houses.

    • Safes with electronic keypads are entirely perfect for storing your Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms, Smith and Wesson, Ruger,

  5. Think about this. If Liberty doesn’t give out the backdoor password, The AFT will have to destroy the safe. New sales oppy!

  6. Ever since learning about CMEs and EMPs I have read quite a bit about those two electronic events. Because of that reading, I don’t have an electronic safe and would avoid buying anything I might want to get into after either of those events. While the evidence is a preponderance that an electronic safe would not fail after a CME, that is not the burden of proof I desire for something as critical as getting into a safe after an emergency situation. There is no doubt in my mind if the overall electrical grid has failed due to an EMP, the safe would be permanently locked electronically. Whether a key override would work in said safe, I don’t want to leave to chance. The chance of the fried electronics locking up the safe to the point that a key override would not work is too iffy in my opinion for me to risk having something I might have in a safe beyond my reach. Even if it is silver coins that I have purchased and there are no firearms in the safe, in an EOTW situation, anything worth being locked in a safe is something I would want in hand in that circumstance. As for purchasing something where the company I purchased from would turn over the “secret” bypass to anyone who called up and said they were from some 3 letter agency and needed the “secret” bypass — well, they do not deserve my business and won’t get it.

  7. Wow…I totally missed this and had to go backwards in the archives to find out what happened. That sucks—I was considering Liberty for a future purchase. Not anymore.

  8. Just open it. If they want to get in, they’ll get in. We need tougher judges on the Federal Bench, although the current administration just ignores the courts, that will pass. Just gotta lock up a few senior white house officials and that will restore sanity to future executive branch officials.

    • They have nukes so just lay down and obey.
      They like your wife.
      They like your daughter.
      They like your son.
      They like your own behind.
      They like your dog.
      Lay down and obey.

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