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It’s true! The Yeet Cannon is back!


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  1. Dude in pic is actually dead, like in real life reality, cancer . . . this one is kinda tasteless, no?

  2. Don’t have or want the YEET CANNON. I do have a Hi-Point 45acp. I’ve put a couple hundred rounds through it. 1FTL jamb. Switched to surplus ball and no more feed issues. Hollow point hung up and didn’t chamber properly.
    Heavy, pisspoor balance and a bit clunky, but with ball ammo it goes bang when you hit the trigger. For a toss in the bug out bag weapon, it’s not a bad piece. And no big loss if it needs to be dumped or cut for scrap.
    Cheap, somewhat reliable, but overall crap guns. Saturday night specials of the current era.

    • I’ve found the same issue with .45 ACP, though with other mfrs and models. JHP isn’t that reliable up the feed ramp, so despite the Hollow-Point-Or-Target-Ball wars in the comments section we sometimes see, I stick with FMJ for .45 and JHP for 9mm. FTW

      • Been my experience, also. But full disclosure. I haven’t owned a .45 acp in some years. I doubt I will get another.

      • At some point looking to get a USP for the 45 and derivative wildcats but with the way NY is going may be a minute.

  3. I dont even like to look at my hi point carbine. Hate that gun. Doesn’t fire when i pull the trigger half the time. Needless to say its never comin out of the safe again

    • Weird, I have one, a couple of my friends have them. The 9mm version running the 20 round aftermarket mags. We keep them in our rifle racks in our side by sides as a backup to our handguns when we are out in the woods. We have put a ton of rounds through those ugly things and they just keep running. I have never even detail cleaned mine and it is well over 1000 rounds. We just spray them with synthetic safe gun cleaner and bore snake them. Since they do have a lifetime warranty, shoot it back to them and have them make it right. Good luck!

  4. Did they get suckered into that name, or what?
    This is what happens when the company looses the connection with their customer.

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