A Girl Can Dream, Can’t She?

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  1. One of my sisters lives in Santa Fe with her husband. They retired there because she is an artist and Santa Fe is an artsy-fartsy town. The weather is nice, also. The problem is that my sister and her husband are Trump supporters. As friends and neighbors slowly began to suspect, my sister and brother-in -law were dis-invited from social events and get-togethers. Former friends would berate them in public. They received nasty, anonymous postal mail. They had to stop going to HOA meetings. They would move but my sisters jewelry is selling well to the tourists.It would be difficult to start anew elsewhere.


    Don’t move to Santa Fe.

    • Sorry your sister had to endure all that “Tolerance”. Seriously.

      I suspect Jewelry sells better in person, but I wonder if she could create an online presence?

      • just like anything else, fctories in China can make the jewelry faster, cheaper and they have a much larger on-line presence.
        Items of art sell much better when they are one off(or at least appear so), and look much better in person.

    • It’s sad that so many ignorant/blind and low IQ people still buy the “tolerance and unity” lie. Even Elon Musk said he voted for Democrats because they were the nice ones. Propaganda works.

      I was listening to a radio program last week where they wanted people to call in to explain why they support the Puppet. One guy (seemed sincere) said he voted for him because he wanted to unite the country. Joe Biden. Unite the country. How’d that go? That sincere idiot still supports the senile puppet who has been ripping this country apart. It’s amazing to observe.

  2. I think she was dreaming of a job in the next Democrat administration and figured this was a good way to get the anti-gun bunch to support her. Now her dream has turned into a nightmare since she over reached in a massive fashion and the only Democrat running in ’24 or ’28 that might touch her is NewScum.

    • After rubber stamping an Everytown submission, was she hoping for a Bloomberg endorsement and the accompanying “campaign donations”?

    • Rusty – Always Carry – Chains,

      Now her dream has turned into a nightmare…

      How so? She faces ZERO personal repercussions. All that happened is law enforcement and her Attorney General said that they would not enforce her edict. Meanwhile, in less public environments, droves of people are almost certainly giving her quiet high-fives for her “bold stand”.

  3. Censored again.

    It was a good story, too.

    Oh well…the left is in control…gotta get back to digging out the bunker…

  4. Alphabet Mafia” – Candace Owens Destroys LGBTQ Hypocrisy, California is basically a communist state where your children belong to the state.

    • The h0m0sexual f@scist, the hom0sexu@l communists are responsible for the loss of civil rights in the state of California. Along with the s0ci@list pr0gressive marijuana legaliz@tion crowd.

  5. I wonder if she liked it when she got her $hit pushed in sans lube by the Court??? Hey,don’t kink shame her,she’s just into that kind of thing and she’s probably missing the old days when she could Attention Whore Dat @$$

  6. Only problem besides being unconstitutional, is even she admitted her orders would do nothing to disarm the criminals committing the crimes.
    Sorry kids, but firearms are inanimate objects. They do not think, feel, or function without a human hand and mind behind them. No firearm has dragged itself out of its storage site, loaded itself and walked itself out on the street and fired itself. Unless the idiots in charge choose to identify, arrest, charge, convict, and remove from society those committing the crimes, no ban, restriction, or other infringement of rights will stop criminals from committing crimes.

  7. 95+% of politicians are liars and thieves.
    Followed closely by lawyers and used car salesmen.
    Everything they say is for their own benefit and your loss.
    Trust none of them no matter what side they say, appear to be on.
    Back stabbers all.
    Some even have the balls to do it to your face.

  8. Just like anything else, factories in China can make the jewelry faster, cheaper and they have a much larger on-line presence.
    Items of art sell much better when they are one off(or at least appear so), and look much better in person.

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