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It’s not what you spend, it’s how you spend it.


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  1. China just got lower prices in an article I read….of course we know why when the US sells from our strategic reserve.

    No trolls…. look it up yourself.

    We are one step closer to an internal conflict after the FBLie raided the former Presidents house as a political stunt to disqualify him from office.

  2. lol
    I used to spend $10 a day in gas. Come to think of it, I think it’s that way again.

    A $700 I might have for the rest of my life and $2300 worth of ammo. Well, here lately that just might be ONE case.


    What’s the point in a new car that costs 50 grand with 27mpg that puts me at the same place I was in 25 years ago when it was a used vehicle with 9 mpg? Or maybe I should bite the bullet and by a new electric car for the same price as my home was when I moved in.

    • In the 80s you could buy a cheap car that got 50 mpg. Of course it was slow, but it got you there. CRX HF.

    • Original VW bugs, Ghia’s and such. Close to a full tank.

      Baja bugs are still very useful in getting to places little else can, merely a suggestion.

      • My grandfather and I were going up the Rockies in his 1964 Dodge Power Wagon where no man had gone before as we had to back up to let a Volkswagen pass that was heading down the path.

        • Lmao, I can visualize that. Used to surprise the guys in their lifted mud trucks resting on the pumpkins in the goop while I was skimming ‘cross the mud flats in a Autocraft blocked blow through turbo 2276cc stroker flexing on 48mm IDF’s. The hate was palpable as they played with their winches and snatch ropes.

          Engine was a terror especially back when it called my ‘street’ bug home. Swapping to slicks would see 9.8’s all day in the quarter. I will say she was straight violent out of the hole seeing sky more than track for the first 400′. Could’ve gone faster, but Weber IDA’s load up in the corners and really aren’t appropriate for the street.

          Lost them both to an lightning induced fire while at work in the early 2k’s. Insurance payout wasn’t even a tenth of what was invested, because the documentation went up in flames as well. Fck State Farm and their dishonest agents, and yes I carry a hefty grudge.

      • I have a couple vehicles, bikes and some toys to reach the “unexplored”. But my hybrid that is a daily driver only costs my about $40 to fill up with fuel points from the local grocery store – and it gets anywhere from 400-600 mpg per tank! On the other hand, the 2500 and the Tacoma both get about the same at 14-17. The taco has been heavily modded, but even stock it was barely 18mpg on the best days. I try to drive my hybrid as often as I can.

        But $50 just doesn’t get it done in regards to fuel anymore. I remember back in the days when $5 got is into all kinds of shit.

  3. Well, I can always choose to spend $3K when I want and plan my finances accordingly.

    But it’s a bit of an issue when you have to pay $50 in gas every few days just to get to work, thanks to the fact President Brandon thinks gasoline should be illegal.

    Stolen elections have consequences.

  4. The biggest difference is that when you spend money on guns you can keep them forever. Gas gets burned up in less than a week.

  5. Personally, I differentiate between purchases I CHOOSE to make (firearms and other “hobby” items) and purchases I am FORCED to make (gasoline to do necessary daily errands). But I guess that’s just me.

    F*** Joe Biden. And f*** the brainless, conscienceless, feckless idiots who scammed him into office. May they be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.

    November can’t get here soon enough.

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