Georgia County Schools Locked Down After Student Found With a Hand-Held ‘Massager’

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Deputies reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday around 11:50 a.m. when a parent dialed 911 stating their child saw another student with a handgun while in the boy’s restroom at school.

Authorities were able to notify school staff, which caused the entire school district to be placed on lockdown.

“Through investigation, it was found that a male student had a hand-held massager that resembled a handgun. The student in possession of the massager admitted that he possessed it in the restroom and pointed it at another student,” Thomson-Upson County officials said.

There were no injuries reported.

 FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team in Thomson-upson County Schools: ‘Massager’ Was Mistaken as Firearm, Prompting Lockdown 

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    • Fingertips and tongue cost far less and can yield better results…

      • Please tell me you don’t work as a physical therapist.
        “Man my hip is killing me”
        “Hey Stop that!!”

        • “Please tell me you don’t work as a physical therapist.”

          I’ve been told I’m talented in helping some women relieve certain kinds of ‘stress’… 🙂

      • I remember hearing how the Harry Potter vibrating broomstick toy was very popular with girls.

    • Today’s journalism just wants to cover all the bases. Soon they’ll also add “no animals were harmed in the production of this article.”

  1. So how much money and time is wasted every year due to people freaking out over remotely “L” shaped objects?

    All this effort to quantify the toll of “gun violence.” Where is the analysis of the toll gross stupidity is taking?

    • Obviously the box of “pop-tarts” also in the backpack were cleverly disguised large capacity magazines for the “massage weapon”… narrowly averted another disaster folks.

  2. “Through investigation, it was found that a male student had a hand-held massager that resembled a handgun. The student in possession of the massager admitted that he possessed it in the restroom and pointed it at another student,” …


    I was hoping it would have been found on a female student with a serene, far-away look in her eyes and a faint smile on her face…

    *Snicker* 😉

    • You know this was a high school, with girls as young as 12, right? Not a college campus with vivacious 20-yr-olds?

      • I once had to comfort my girlfriend when I calmly explained why her young (teen) kept a vintage electric fingernail polisher by her bed. She kept saying things like “I know it’s natural but no…she still has stuffed animals “.

      • “You know this was a high school, with girls as young as 12, right?”

        Girls mature younger than boys, and by age 12 I was ‘interested’…

    • “I was hoping it would have been found on a female student… “

      Do you work for Matt Gaetz campaign?

      • No, MajorStupidity, he works for Jeffrey Epstein, Billy Zipperpants, Sen. “I Like ‘Em Young” Menendez, and Gropey Joe Biden, the Serial Child-molester. Any other stupid questions????

  3. If you see something, say something. But if you’re wrong and the suspect has the proper skin tone, they’ll label you a racist, and the suspect will be celebrated with a trip to the White House.

  4. Gotta do something about those ‘assault massager’ ‘weapons of relaxation’. Its out of control!

    Wow! A far right wing radical massager attempts a ‘school massaging’, anyone who has a ‘massager’ is a far right wing radical.

  5. If he was massaging himself or others they would teach him how, answer any questions, and tell him not to tell his parents. Clearly he has toxic masculinity. We need him to cross dress and rape girls in the girls restroom. I’m so sorry I meant to say persons with a vulva.

  6. In related news, Police in Uvalde ask “Our whole department has now undergone training to be prepared to stop massaging in our schools.”

        • Haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ll correct that.

          I know the name Tyler Durden as the stage name of the writers for the…

        • Wait, Geoff…really?

          You’ve never seen Fight Club? One of the most mind-bendy of the cult classics. Watch it once and wake up to the world around you. Then watch it again to catch all the details you missed, and prepare to have your mind blown. There’s a reason why Tyler Durden was chosen as the nom de plume for Zerohedge.

  7. what an exciting climax.
    he achieved release by his teacher waving it’s magic wand.
    still, he had it coming.

    • Something tells me the knob-end didn’t smell very good when confiscated…

  8. I can imagine it’s a matter of time until a 7 year old is killed in the washroom by a gas grenade after his flatulence is interpreted as a Glock switch in action.

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, full auto, hand grip, detachable magazines, multi-caliber, does it have a thing that flips up? How long is the kid suspended for? Kids have been kicked out of school for “finger-guns” and gun shaped “Poptarts” so why not a gun shaped massager thing, he did point it at another kid so he’s obviously dangerous.

  10. I was at physiotherapist and heard sounds of torture coming out of a room.
    Shortly after a young lady exited with a similar device in hand and a serious expression. I asked wtf was going on? Explanation was that this is “impact” therapy designed to create injury on top of old injury but now with controlled recover. So, torture.
    Or in this case the kid stole his moms “massager” ?
    Serious note, in my opinion by overreacting to such events you plant the seeds in deranged minds on how to achieve maximum “revenge”.
    This crisis will be perceived how by the kid? I can guess he will be identified as “terrible kid” forever and not actually be helped.

  11. His teacher exclaimed,” I’ve seen such a torture device before, I was screaming for hours the last time I came in contact with one.”

  12. Why is “massager” in quotes? Thera-Gun type percussive massagers are all the rage right now (all over every NFL sideline for instance), and they aren’t euphemistically named like the Hitachi.

    • The automatic, ingrained assumption is clear.

      If its main purpose is to transmit a vibrating sensation, in any form, to a person then the reason behind it is “obvious”.

      It’s a reductio ad absurdum argument masquerading as “the obvious”. The fact that many don’t notice this is due to the intentional ingraining of the automatic response of assumption.

  13. At his age, I’m sure he was immediately labeled a repeat offender. Oh, to be young again….

  14. Funny, no mention of having to tase half a dozen teachers and administrators before they’d let go of it.

  15. “There were no injuries reported.”

    But the potential for muscle relaxation is still under investigation, we can assume? Gotta be thorough.

  16. He was getting ready for the next drag queen show. You know, the one that’s mandatory attendance. Wait till it rains and the school is locked down for assault umbrellas.

  17. Shannon Watts: “Assault massagers like this one …. buzzzzzzzzzz …. oh oh oh oh OH OH OH ! Ahhhhh…. needs to be banned.”

    • Well, possum, there is at least a CHANCE he could figure out some way to use this one. An actual firearm?? Not so much.

  18. Sadly, the most under reported cases of violent criminal assault are domestic violence and intimate-partner violence. Under reported in law enforcement because they simply don’t bother in most cases as most cases have calmed down when they arrive (if its even reported) and/or the victim is too afraid to go forward with charges AND under reported in the news when its known because its either not sensational enough or not bloody enough.

    There are, however, in the U.S., thousands of cases annually where the victim finally gets the courage to do something about it and uses a firearm and brandishing the firearm makes the attacker stop and leave but sometimes they do pull the trigger. And sometimes they uses another weapon to defend themselves.

    Sometimes though its another person that intervenes with a firearm and the ‘good guy with a gun’ that doesn’t exist according to anti-gun stops the very violent and dangerous attacker – like this person did …

    Florida Man Shot By Step-Son After Reportedly Beating Wife >

  19. The amazing thing is this gadget was seen at ONE school campus, byt they locked down THE ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

    Overkill, or what? Musta been a boring afternoon to make that big a deal out of something.
    And who wants to bet that the kid who saw the gadget and went off wailing “he’s got a GUNNNNNN” was crystal clear on what it was, and just made the most of his “observatio”?

    Gunnit dupes are SO easy to chum. They’ll bite on ANYTHING.

    • Now that kids know they are so ‘sensitive’ and ‘knee jerk reactionary’… well kids are gonna do what kids do sometimes, troll and irritate.

      Backpacks with pictures of guns.

      Key chains with gun’ish looking fobs

      Glock water bottles

      All sorts of gun’ish looking and gun’ish merch out there waiting to be used to troll and irritate with.

  20. Interesting news, but I’m very glad that the authorities are sitting on school safety. In general, recently more attention has been paid to education. Most students face difficulties during their studies, which is why they are advised to use services for students with free essay samples for example about gun violence. This helps to improve knowledge in short term and improve the quality of education.

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