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Hey it’s the weekend! Things are looking up!


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  1. All this spare retirement time does is make me want to go to the range every day! Fixed income doesn’t buy much ammo.

      • Well, Southern, it WILL eat up all of your available time . . . to the extent that you have sufficient income and available supplies to indulge in reloading. I’ve heard people complain about availability of brass, and I’ve had serious problems accessing my preferred propellants. It’s better (financially) than buying factory ammo, but these days it ain’t no picnic. Five or six years ago, I could reload on a long weekend, and have ammunition for a month on the range. Nowadays, I spend a “range day” of money and get, at most, two range days of ammo.

        First world problems, eh? At least I can GET supplies/ammo.

        Sounds like y’all are having some . . . INTERESTING times down in Oz. Hope it works out.

        • I’ve been reloading for more than 20 years. Kept my costs down. I taught my son how to do it last weekend. He picked it up quickly.

    • Hey I’m retired but we got an antique business. At least my wife does. Cash is cool😎

    • Started buying ammo years before retirement for emergencies and retirement. Just like a savings account. Now i can go to the range whenever the urge strikes me. Always lived by the adage. Thanks to the Ol’Man. Be the Ant…Not the Grasshopper.

  2. I knew a couple of guys who were bass fisherman, VanDam wannabes . They slogged away through the work week and lived only for the weekend of fishing. Do some rough math here. 75 years, say 50 after college and/or getting somewhat established. 52 weekends per year, maybe 2/3 fishable, that’s 1,733 weekends of fishing, and that number only diminishes. In terms of days, they traded 295 days of slogging for 70 days of fishing, every year. That’s not much of a life.

    • hawkeye,

      Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I guess my “takeaway” is . . . if you’re going to work to live, then at LEAST actually LIVE. If bass fishing was their thing (I prefer running stream trout fishing, myself), I hope they enjoyed it.

      I have a friend who collects salt and pepper shakers – she literally spend a couple weekends a month going to thrift stores, garages sales, estate sales, etc., looking for salt and pepper shakers. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

    • I too much prefer a little trout stream, although a 5 lb saugeye on a grape vib-e at night will get your blood pumping. Lost one as big as my leg once because my wingman stabbed with the net instead of scooped—rookie mistake, but he learned.

      Anyhow guys, I think you missed my point. 2 days for the price of 5 is not a winning proposition. Every day that I wake up is a new gift, and I look for something good in every one of them whether it’s a work day or a play day. Those bass fishing guys were chasing the wrong thing. To a man, they hated their jobs, and watched their clocks, waiting for Saturday to arrive.

      “We want a whole race perpetually in pursuit of the rainbow’s end, never honest, nor kind, nor happy now, but always using as mere fuel wherewith to heap the altar of the future every real gift which is offered them in the Present.” —Screwtape

  3. Rounding up and fitting everything to finish assembling a LR-308 is my current ball and chain. No pain no gain.

  4. The BATF may have just painted themselves into a ‘Bruen’ corner that will cost them dearly.

    The BATF has just made a legal argument in the State of Texas v. BATF suppressor lawsuit that suppressors are not bearable arms protected by the 2A, but are instead a tax scheme.

    That could cost them dearly since taxing a civil right is unconstitutional.

    Any chance this has legs? The ‘Armed Scholar’ lays out the details here :

  5. That detent spring hit home. I remember pop crap where did it go. I should be able to find it and of course did not, it is somewhere hiding in the shop.Of course did not have a spare so an excuse to buy other things besides the spring resulted.

    • Oh man, that one made me laugh out loud.
      A couple of years ago I was fixing up this oddball Walther .22 rifle for a friend just to get rid of it. Wouldn’t you know a detent spring launched off into never-never land when I was putting it back together? I knew finding parts for the strange thing would be a head-banger.
      I went online and joined a Walther forum to ask people who might be able to help. Turned out to be a smart move. One of the guys on there told me to take the flint spring out of a Bic lighter and cut it down to the right length. It worked perfectly and the gun was subsequently sold.
      Now I have a half dozen of those springs in my parts stash. Won’t ever forget that lesson.

  6. New record.
    I’ve hit the X on TTAG’s get the email thing, 56,789 times now and haven’t missed once. It seems that I’d have that Stop sign shot to swiss cheese by now or got a trophy. But nope, made out of self sealing rubber compound of some sort, modern technology, I hate it. That and them damned satellites, there everywhere.
    You see, its times like these that stimulated the nerve endings creating the development of the UniverseEndingPerpetualFusionNuetrinoBlomp+p+. I really didnt need to add the plus p plus however I decided since France can play with lazers(France?whew glad only france has lazers huh.) and the army is getting a new rifle why not plus p plus a already blomb capable eating black holes and vaporizing galaxies then continue to vaporize the vapor of the vapor perpetually.
    So to all you Elf Bee Eye’s your not just messing with some Drink Gasoline and Piss on A Fire RAFa/i Rambo here.
    Your messing with a possum.
    I just dont wanna waste a good universe ending blomb on some ATF revenuers moving my leaves is all.

    • Oh, dear.

      You made your burrow-built Nuetrino bomb +P+?

      We’re in for it now! 🙂

  7. Using an aggregate of police reports and aggregate news feed reports ….

    Yesterday, 5 August 2022, nationwide there were 6,337 armed (with some type of weapon including hand/fists/feet/blunt objects/knives/sharp objects/firearms) robberies of individuals and ‘small’ stores (e.g. convenience stores, liquor stores, specialty stores). These were unarmed victims.

    In 6,123 of them the unarmed victim complied fully with the demands, in those 6,297 victims in those were seriously injured with life threatening injuries, and the rest fighting back unarmed were killed on scene.

    Yesterday, 5 August 2022, nationwide there were 4,627 armed (with some type of weapon including hand/fists/feet/blunt objects/knives/sharp objects/firearms) robberies of individuals and ‘small’ stores (e.g. convenience stores, liquor stores, specialty stores). These were victims armed with a firearm. 4,603 of these armed victims engaged the robber by brandishing their firearm and the robbers ran away thus no harm to the armed victim. In 24 of the 4,627 armed victims – 20 were forced to fire and had no injuries, 1 victim was killed but also shot and wounded the attacker before dying and stopped the attack from continuing on to family members with her, and 3 victims fired and stopped the attacker but the victim also suffered serious injuries.

    None of these made the national news. 2 made local news – despite being in police reports and on the aggregate news feeds available to MSM.

    • It should be noted these numbers were ‘abnormally high’ yesterday. The average nationwide for armed (with some type of weapon including hand/fists/feet/blunt objects/knives/sharp objects/firearms) robberies of individuals and ‘small’ stores (e.g. convenience stores, liquor stores, specialty stores) is ~4,300 daily.

      • Again I was told that there would be no math on TTAG.

        Boog, you can quote statistics until time immemorial, and the grabbers still won’t get it. The exception rules, in their world — not that the exception proves the rule.

        One school shooter is all they need to get the ball rolling, and reason and diligence go right out the window. “We have to do something!” they’ll scream.

        • Oh, I didn’t post ot for the anti-gun. I posted it because it’s quickly becoming the new ‘normal’ in robbery threat which is a small portion of the violent crime environment threat around people every day.

          I tried to make the math easy for ya…😁

        • Plus, the MSM with claiming they exist to keep the public informed… are not informing the public of the violent criminal danger thats around them every day.

  8. Wow possum you make that space raccoon in the movies look like a total rook. Who knew marsupials were more dangerous than mammals! So now congress wants to pump $hatloads of money into the eyerrss so they can hire agents to carry all those guns they just bought? What are they prepping for? They are already robbing us blind, are they planning armed robbery next?

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