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Disappointing snoops since 2001.


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    • My wife and I both have each other’s codes and permission to pick up the phones at any given time. We never do. No need to when you trust each other.

      • Haz, why do you always come on here and brag about you and your wife?

        Anyone that always feels the need to talk up how great everything is, usually means … it isn’t.

  1. She looks disappointed that she did not catch some secret affair.

    “Dump her quick, she’s got crazy written all over her face.”

  2. I let my wife look at my phone whenever she wants. All she will find is snowmobiling pictures, range photos and some photos of car parts, Why? Because about 35 years ago I said “I do” once and meant it. Really simple, say what you mean, and mean what you say. Scumbags need not apply.

  3. My wife knows I look. My daughter was all offended when she was about 11 that I looked at some babes in bikinis at the beach. Mom told her that when a man stops looking, that is when you need to worry.

  4. Just seems odd. The only time I have looked through my wife’s phone was to fix some of the very ‘rare’ technical conditions she has a habit of finding.

    She has never paged through mine; I would know since it is always with me. She won’t bother because she knows it will confirm that I really am that boring. I think she prefers to pretend there is some mystery about me.

  5. My cell is right on the counter next to my wife’s desk. She knows all I use it for is to make or receive phone calls. She also knows the password for my laptop.
    Hell, at my age look is about all that would happen. As in, Nice to look at. Fun the think about. Not going to happen. Not because of lack of ability, but because I do not play that game and when I said “I DO” I meant it. Don’t play stupid games and you don’t have stupid problems.

  6. My wife (if I had one) would be free to search my phone for racy pics and texts anytime she likes.

    Keep in mind, I still carry a Nokia…

  7. If my wife saw bikini photos, and only bikini photos, on my phone she would ask what kind of unholy, expensive gun purchase I was planning.


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