Schevenius Family
Four-year-old Milah Schevenius (middle) with her family. Image courtesy of Cowbell Photography by Macy Baker.
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From Henry Repeating Arms . . .

Leading lever action firearm manufacturer, Henry Repeating Arms, is donating a custom series of 55 “Miss Milah’s Miracle” edition rifles to raise funds for four-year-old Milah Schevenius of Decatur, Indiana. Milah was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms’ tumor at just 3-year-old, a rare occurrence affecting less than 10% of all children’s kidney cancer cases. All proceeds of the fundraising campaign will be presented to the Schevenius family to assist with the associated healthcare costs of Milah’s treatments.

In 2021, Milah underwent surgery to remove the affected kidneys, leaving her with less than half of her right kidney and no left kidney. A follow-up surgery was performed in December 2021, after a lesion was found on her remaining partial kidney. Additionally, Milah is going through 42 weeks of chemo with radiation treatments at a children’s hospital in Indiana.

She loves to color, play with her dolls, have tea parties, and spend time with her sisters. Milah wants to be a doctor when she grows up so that she can help kids going through what she is experiencing.

“Never judge a book by its cover, because this little girl is tough,” says Ryan Knapp, Milah’s grandfather. He continues, “She has been through more than anyone should in less than 4 years of life, but does it with a smile and she does not quit.”

Anthony Imperato, CEO and Founder of Henry Repeating Arms says, “To go through what Milah and her family are going through in the middle of a worldwide pandemic is almost incomprehensible.” Imperato continues, “Milah’s courage is nothing short of inspirational, and I hope these rifles or the money raised gives her a reason to gift her family with a smile and a big hug.”

Last year, Henry Repeating Arms raised over $75,000 for the families of two sick children with all rifles selling out within hours.

Henry Rifle miss milah's miracle 55 donate
Henry Repeating Arms is donating 55 custom lever action rifles featuring artwork that is engraved and painted by hand.

The Henry “Miss Milah’s Miracle” .22 S/L/LR lever action rifle features genuine American walnut stocks with a colorful hand painted motif that incorporates elements of Milah’s personality. A doctor’s stethoscope, referring to Milah’s adulthood ambitions, forms a heart shape and becomes intertwined with a bright orange ribbon that represents kidney cancer. Two crayons symbolize Milah’s love of coloring and the labels bearing the words “Faith” and “Family” serve as tributes to what helps the Schevenius family through their journey.

The rifles are fitted with a brushed silver receiver cover and barrel band, a 17” blued steel octagon barrel, adjustable sights, and a large loop lever. Baron Engraving of Trumbull, Connecticut donated the artwork, engraving, and hand painting on each buttstock.

To learn more about the Miss Milah’s Miracle fundraising campaign or purchase one of the limited-edition rifles, visit The auction for the first serial number in the series, “MISSMILAH01” is available on, item #925202160. The last rifle in the series, “MISSMILAH55” is also available at auction, item #925202458. Both online auctions close on March 9.

All firearm purchases must be ship to a federally licensed firearms dealer. For more information about Henry Repeating Arms and its products, visit or call 866-200-2354.

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  1. That’s very cool, now can they start producing a few for the stores? I’ve been waiting 6 months for 2 I’ve already ordered for my LGS!

    • What a great cause! Wilms Tumors are quite rare. It used to only be children who got it until bodybuilders got it from steroid use…

  2. Not Surprised, but happy to hear they are helping Milah family.
    It is time for the anti-gun people to do their part for this family.

    • I would seriously like to know if even one single anti-gun group has ever donated one penny of all the funding they receive to a worthy cause, other than their crusade. Maybe they can’t but I bet the pockets of the directors are very well lined.

  3. Henry Repeating Arms has done a lot of charity work like this in the past. I am glad to see they are continuing.

  4. I have a Henry 22lr lever action rifle with octagon barrel. That rifle always puts a smile on my face when I shoot it. I think Henry is a great company and I like the charity work they do.

  5. It’s great that Henry is doing this but if we had universal healthcare unexpected health issues wouldn’t be bankrupting families.

    Best of luck to that kiddo and her family.

    • “…if we had universal healthcare unexpected health issues wouldn’t be bankrupting families.”

      Even with that, bankruptcy via medical bills is still on the table.

      If the ‘Health care provider’ denies payment on something, like a rapid MRI exam, private MRI machines are available for hire, and they aren’t cheap…

      • “If the ‘Health care provider’ denies payment on something“

        Yes, there is the problem with all private for-profit insurance companies, the consumer has no ability to affect their financial decisions, much less sit in the boardroom and help make policy decisions.

        That’s why we need an expansion of the Medicare program, where the government runs healthcare and not private for profit corporations.

        With government run healthcare, you have the ability to decide who, how and what is covered through your elected representatives.
        In fact, with government run healthcare, you can fire everybody, including the ‘CEO’ at election time.

        As we’ve already seen, with private for profit corporations running the insurance program, they can deny coverage, raise your rates or cancel your insurance at any time and you have no recourse whatsoever.

        In America, approximately 40% of all personal bankruptcies are caused by excessive medical bills.

        • Minor MINER49ER For your edification that is not the USSR or Socialist Europe. We have a different and we feel a SUPERIOR healthcare system. We don’t have year long delays on routine procedures. We don’t have a system where the “powers that be” decide if you are “worthy enough” due to your age to get proper healthcare. We do not need your socialist expansion of Medicare. We are doing just fine without it. We already have the ability to decided who, how and what is covered by purchasing the healthcare insurance that fits your needs.

          Funny thing is that thousands of Canadians and Brits come here for our healthcare. Gee, I wonder why…..

          The system you espouse is far from adequate of perfect.

        • And the shame of it is that the Rich pay no taxes but steal the workingman’s tax money in the form of corporate subsidies that their prostitute Republicans give them. This leaves little money for such worthwhile programs as a paid for National Health Care Program that all civilized nations have had for decades and they are much smaller and less rich than we are proving that the Gangster Criminal Republicans are lying through their teeth when they say we cannot afford such a program.

          It is a condemnation of our country that little children cannot get affordable health care when they are stricken with dread diseases like Cancer.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you, DUNDERHEAD, but the rich do pay their FAIR SHARE OF TAXES. “Corporate subsidies”? It seems those “subsidies” help create jobs.
          We already have a FAILED “National Healthcare Program” called Obuma CARE.

          IF you want to go to one of your “civilized nations”, we would be most happy to pay your way as long as it’s a one way ticket and you never return to darken our shores.

          Little children get better health care than your European peons who have “managed healthcare” that is delved out to only those the “powers that be” deem worthy.

          Please advise as to when you are leaving…

        • “We have a different and we feel a SUPERIOR healthcare system“

          Then why does the United States rank 33rd for infant mortality, below every other country in Europe?

          “Results show the U.S. experiences a higher infant mortality rate, a higher prevalence of obesity and a lower life expectancy compared with most OECD member countries. Even the top U.S. state in each of these measures ranks toward the bottom among OECD countries.

          According to this year’s America’s Health Ranking Annual Report, the U.S. infant mortality rate is 5.9 deaths per 1,000 live infant births, while the average rate of infant mortality among the OECD countries is 3.9 deaths per 1,000 live births. Compared with other OECD countries, the U.S. ranks No. 33 out of 36 countries (Figure 62). Iceland is ranked No. 1 and has the lowest rate with 0.7 deaths per 1,000 live births. Mexico is ranked last with 12.1 deaths per 1,000 live births. New Hampshire and Vermont are tied for the top state in the U.S. with 3.9 deaths per 1,000 live births. These two neighboring states have achieved an infant mortality rate equal to the OECD average. As the bottom-ranked state, however, Mississippi has an infant mortality rate more than twice that of the OECD average at 8.9 deaths per 1,000 live births and internationally ranks below all but two of the OECD countries. Over the past 50 years, the decline in the U.S. infant mortality rate has not kept pace with that in other OECD countries. When examining sex- and age-adjusted infant mortality rates from 2001 to 2010, the U.S. rate was 75 percent higher than the average rate in 20 OECD comparable countries.”

        • “We have a different and we feel a SUPERIOR healthcare system“

          Your “SUPERIOR healthcare” means you’re going to die on average earlier than anyone in a European country.


          The U.S. life expectancy at birth of 78.6 years ranks No. 28 out of 36 OECD countries, below the Czech Republic (79.1 years) and above Poland and Turkey (tied at 78.0 years). Hawaii, the state with the highest life expectancy in the U.S. at 81.3 years, is tied with Slovenia at No. 21. Mississippi, ths state with the lowest life expectancy of 75 years, falls just above Lithuania (No. 35, 74.8 years) and Latvia (No. 36, 74.7 years).“

        • The best part Walt, for that “SUPERIOR” healthcare we spend twice as much as everyone else.

          “Health spending per person in the U.S. was $11,945 in 2020, which was over $4,000 more expensive than any other high-income nation. The average amount spent on health per person in comparable countries ($5,736) is roughly half that of the U.S.“

          Walt, I don’t mind waiting 6 – 8 months for a hip replacement, if it’s free instead of $18,000 copay.

        • Minor MINER49ER I don’t give a rat’s behind about your Leftist propaganda.

          One of the reasons we have a “higher infant mortality rate” is we have people in the the lower class that do not seek medical prenatal care. That is not the fault of the system; that is the fault of the individual that fails to take advantage of these programs which are NATIONWIDE!

          As you your propaganda that the age longevity has the same problem. People not taking advantage of preventive medicine programs. AGIAN, Lefty, it’s a personal problem, not the system.

          I don’t know about your healthcare insurance, but the rest of us don’t have any $18,000 copays. Me things you are lying yet again.

          i don’t’ know where you think we are going to get all this money to finance your “National Healthcare” boondogle. This might surprise you but money does not grow on trees. And don’t give me that crap that we would not be paying any more by paying for healthcare in taxes. That is another Leftist lie. Let me clue your sorry arse in, If you are paying for it in taxes it not NOT FREE! Are you really that stupid?

      • “We don’t have a system where the “powers that be” decide if you are “worthy enough” due to your age to get proper healthcare.“

        No Walt, that is exactly what we have.
        If your insurance company denies the procedure or you reach policy limits or your insurance is canceled, you have no recourse, the insurance company’s word is final.

        And when the insurance company makes these policy decisions, you’re not in the board room. If you’re not at the table, you are on the menu.

        In a government run system, you do the hiring and firing for the management of your healthcare system, you can even fire the ‘CEO’ at election time and install a whole new administration that better meets the needs of the people.

        • Minor MINER49ER, not “sir” (sic) it is not. Denial of benefits is RARE. For your edification, that policy limits were eliminated by OBUMACARE. So again, or is that still you are lying right through your lying teeth.

          Policy decisions are NOT made in the “board room”. They are made by “adjusters” in the adjustment department. For your further edification, each insurance has an appeals process. Again, you are lying like are rug or just ignorant of the system. (I’m betting you are lying as most Lefties do when they are trying to push a “point”.

          In a government run system, you do NOT “hire or fire” anyone. That is done at the Department level, dummy. I don’t know where you get your ideas from but they are as bogus as “National Healthcare”.

        • “policy limits were eliminated by OBUMACARE“

          Thanks, Obama, for looking out for the peoples healthcare!
          Sadly, even though Donald Trump repeatedly promised a healthcare plan that “would be better, cheaper and cover more people”, he never put forth a single healthcare plan much less protected citizens from pre-existing condition exclusions or policy lifetime limits, as Obama/Biden did.

          “Policy decisions are NOT made in the “board room”. They are made by “adjusters” in the adjustment department“

          You think the multi million dollar insurance company policies are set by “adjusters”?

          “For your further edification, each insurance has an appeals process“

          And who adjudicates the ‘appeals’ process?

          Another executive with the insurance company of course, I’m sure he has your best interest at heart…

          And at the end of the day, the CEO of the private insurance company is elected by the Board of Directors, and he could care less about you or your insurance claim because he owes a fiduciary duty to the stockholders to maximize profits.

          Walt, I’ve provided more than sufficient evidence to substantiate my position, the US has a shitty healthcare system that we pay twice as much as the average with terrible outcomes.

          You can rant all you want, but it’s just empty speech because you don’t offer any source or reference to back up your assertions.

        • Minor MINER49ER Thank Obuma the Phony? The rest of the bill was a walking talking disaster. Obuma the Phony promised it would lower health insurance costs. It didn’t. The costs went up as much as 250%. I know mine sure as hell went up more than that. I am not paying ten times what I paid prior to ObumaCARE disaster.

          So as usual, you have been caught in a Leftist propaganda lie.

          Your “evidence” is crap. It is based on Leftist propaganda and studies which started out with the premise they were looking for and then set about to prove it. It is what you Leftists do.

          And don’t call me by my first name that is reserved for friends and people who are allied with me. You are the enemy of the US and its way of life, Commie.

      • In fact I know people who died waiting just to talk to a specialist in the U.S. because the wait time just for a “talk” with a specialist was 3 months in. And those that lived to actually talk to a specialist and later receive treatment were saddled with horrendous health care bills that often bankrupted them for life.

      • I would say too they actually believe all the Gangster Criminal Republican Propaganda that they would not be able to get health care when they need it.

        I love to give the example of the American Woman who moved to France and was rushed to a hospital and given emergency treatment and also an overnight stay in the hospital. When she got to the hospital by ambulance she was immediately seen by a nurse, she signed one piece of paper and was immediately seen by an emergency room doctor. The American woman expected a bill of at least $3,500 but was astonished when she found out here complete bill was only $32.00. That is how civilized countries take care of their people.

        America’s mess in health care boils down to the ignorance, and stinginess of the back woods Hill Jack and blind greed of the Capitalvanians who make millions by bankrupting the public.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Like the good little Lefty you are you think that everything provided by the government is “free”. Apparently, you think that the government just has to print money to pay for these Socialist benefits. Have you ever heard of taxes? Psst! That is how government pays it’s bills. The more money that they print, the less it is worth. That is what fuels inflation.

        The ignorance is all yours and that of your Leftist-Socialist masters.

  6. How odd there is no news of ‘EveryTown’ and ‘Moms Demand Action’ or even one gun-control lobby group donating for this 4-Year-Old’s kidney cancer treatments, or anyone’s cancer treatments. Oh wait, that’s not odd at all ’cause they would prefer that everyone, and every family member of everyone, with or associated with a firearm simply die.

    But ‘EveryTown’ and ‘Moms Demand Action’ and gun-control lobby groups will gladly take a donation to fund them trying to kill you. For example > > where that say that only 100 people (including suicide – nation wide by the way) are killed with guns daily. But nationwide there are over 1,600 cancer deaths daily and over 5,000 diagnosed with cancer daily, over 214 drug overdose suicides daily nationwide, and over 3,000 deaths daily due to injuries from a past car accident – and I can not find a single actual record or news article where ‘EveryTown’ and ‘Moms Demand Action’ or any gun-control lobby group donated money to help even one family in need with the medical bills or recovery or support for these tragedies. Yet all of these gun-control groups will take donations and tax-dollars so they can advance an agenda to remove rights and firearms access that will get people killed, ’cause ~ 7,000 nationwide are saved daily by use of firearms.

  7. That’s a very good point, and I concur that moms is one of the worst nonprofits out there.

    But I’ve looked over the NRA website and I can’t find where they have ever donated any money to “help even one family in need with the medical bills or recovery or support for these tragedies“.

    I’m sure the vast majority of NRA members have donated to charitable causes individually but I’m also confident that many members of mom’s and other gun control group groups have done likewise.

    • Minor MINER49ER. Sorry, Lefty, but your ignorance is showing. The NRA is a 401C Not for profit, not a business as Henry Repeating Arms is. Being a 401C they canNOT donate to individuals for their healthcare or any other personal reason.

      As a matter of FACT, Conservatives contribute around 3X’s more to charity than you Lefties. FACT!

      No gun control group by law can contribute to individuals either. Again, you are caught in another LIE!

      • “Being a 401C (you mean 501… ) they canNOT donate to individuals for their healthcare or any other personal reason.“

        Then it’s unreasonable to expect a group like moms or the Brady campaign to contribute to individuals as well.

        Honestly, I wish you conservatives had a more internally consistent position.

        • Excuse me error. Minor MINER49ER you were right. It is 501C and it is still is UNLAWFUL.

          No shit, Sherlock about the Brady Campaign. We are consistent. Who said anything about your slimy Brady Campaign traitors?

          There is not a single honest bone in your Leftist body.

  8. The reason socialist europe can afford their cadillac public health care is that they’ve made a hollow shell of their military knowing that the US had their back.

    But with Putin on a rampage and biden in the white house the euros are suddenly very much afraid. Shades of 1939, old chaps.

    • By all accounts the military industrial complex is seeing substantial gains in the market, with nothing but a bright future ahead!

      “Shares of defense contractors caught a bid in early trading Thursday, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine fueled expectations of increased defense spending. The iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF gained 0.6% in premarket trading, while S&P 500 futures sank 2.6% toward a nine-month low. Among the defense ETF’s biggest gainers, shares of Textron Inc. ran up 7.9%, Northrop Grumman Corp. rallied 3.2%, Lockheed Martin Corp. advanced 2.4%, Raytheon Technologies Corp. climbed 2.2% and General Dynamics Corp. gained 1.5%. Meanwhile, shares of Boeing Co. , of which about one-third of fourth-quarter revenue was from its commercial sales.”

      • Minor MINER49ER Pure Unadulterated BULL SHIT! There is not “military industrial complex, in spite of what you and Dwight D. Eisenhower have said.
        Of course the defense contractors are going to sell more munitions and defense equipment. That is what happens when there is a war, boob!

        Tell your Russian masters to remove all Russian forces from the Ukraine. As usual you are of course backing your Russian masters. You are proving yourself to be an enemy of the American people and all people who value their freedom.

        • “As usual you are of course backing your Russian masters“

          You could not be more wrong.

          Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian dictator, on par with Pol Pot or Stalin himself.

          I support the Ukrainian people and their fight for freedom.

          And the Ukrainians are good and hospitable people, they were thoughtful enough to post on their Facebook page a cocktail recipe because they thought perhaps the Russian invaders, thirsty from their war crimes, would like a refreshing cocktail when they reach Kyiv.

          Mazel Tov!

        • Minor MINER49ER Not hardly, Leftist. I am right on the money. It’s Leftists like your sorry posterior who admire dictators like Putin and Stalin. They were/are imposing their version of socialism that you so adore.

          You support the Ukrainian people, my posterior. Support means being willing to fight alongside of them. You have made it very clear that you want us to stay out of this in spite of blatant Russian aggression.

          Mazel Tov, your posterior, you Leftist POS


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