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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)
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When “people do not feel protected by the police,” [Philadelphia DA Larry] Krasner notes, they may “view the risk of being caught by police with an illegal gun as outweighed by the risk of being caught on the street without one.” Before he was elected, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg expressed a similar concern.

“We need to recognize that not every person charged with possessing an illegal gun in New York City is a driver of violence,” Bragg said on his campaign website. “My dad had an illegal gun not because he liked guns or because he was ‘dangerous’; he had a gun because of crime in the neighborhood.”

Bragg has since retreated from that stance, echoing [New York Mayor Eric] Adams’ determination to vigorously prosecute people who carry guns without the government’s permission. But law enforcement agencies cannot redeem their failure to protect public safety by locking up people who respond to that failure by exercising the constitutional right to armed self-defense.

Jacob Sullum in Grabbing Guns Won’t Reduce Urban Violence

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  1. ““We need to recognize that not every person charged with possessing an illegal gun in New York City is a driver of violence,” Bragg said on his campaign website.”

    Translation : Selective prosecution via actually-racist policies…

      • RE: “Bragg has since retreated from that stance, echoing [New York Mayor Eric] Adams’ determination to vigorously prosecute people who carry guns without the government’s permission.”

        In other words…Bragg is all hat and no cattle.

  2. There is an exceedingly simple and novel solution to the entire notion of “carrying a concealed firearm”–including whether to consider it illegal or require a license: prosecute people who carry a concealed firearm who just committed a crime! And do not require licensing.

    Problem solved.

    Of course that solution fails to increase the wealth and power of the Ruling Class–thus the Ruling Class frequently fails to implement that solution.

    • “…prosecute people who carry a concealed firearm who just committed a crime!”

      Or, prohibited persons in general. If a law-abiding citizen is found with a weapon, leave them the fvck alone…

      • Once a former criminal has served their sentence all rights should be restored. We also need to change the law so that restitution to the victim is the focus and not merely imprisonment and/or fines to goobermint

        • I happen to disagree. I have no problem with restoring his right to vote. But in the case of violent felonies involving a firearm, his right to bear arms should be revoked until such time as he receives a “restoration of rights” from the Governor.

      • Careful, Geoff. Remember that many people are classified by TPTB as “prohibited persons” not due to any severe crimes they chose to commit, but by being charged under an ever-expanding network of legislative changes that state more and more actions now qualify as felonies.

        What was fine not long ago, the State now says is the mark of a criminal.

        The one that comes to mind right off the top of my head is CA’s magazine ban. All mags were fine, then in 2000 any holding more than 10 rounds were “bad”, but you could keep any grandfathered ones. Then AB63 reversed that as well and made them all “bad”.

        Did anyone’s actions of possessing them change? No. What changed was the Dems’ definition of “bad” so they could score political points with their voter base.

        • That’s an excellent point, and we’ve heard credible murmurs that Amy Coney-Barret in particular on the High Court has expressed interest in restoring non-violent felons their 2A rights.

          The thing to seems to be to wait for a petition of cert. to arrive and see if it gets granted, or not…

  3. It’s a sad day when you feel the need to have to explain this concept to “allegedly” learned people! Almost like they have an agenda, eh??

  4. The “ruling class” seem to think they are mind readers and think they can predict a person’s future actions. The “ruling class” view all gun owners as one and the same and cast judgement without a shred of evidence while reaching generalized conclusions merely based on gun ownership. Many things are possible, but not all things are probable…….thus is life, a concept the “ruling class” refuses to accept.

      • Unicorn that is exactly right and the left will also state that the only reason to carry a condom is for a future rape. Guilty by association, condom association. Don’t forget association begins with ASS…………as in piece of

  5. Gee, the censors apparently deleted my post because they don’t like me identifying dacian the DUNDERHEAD and Minor MINER49ER as socialists even though they have identified themselves as SOCIALISTS.

  6. Making Drugs legal does not reduce crime either. It does make all crime go away.

    Yes you do have a right to put whatever you want to, into your own body. The problem with people who think this way is they, also want the taxpayer, to pick up the tab if something goes wrong. When people are encouraged and enabled, by the government, to give up their self-control and lose all inhibitions. Something always go wrong.

    • Are you going to fight for Ukraine? Been in a failed war in the mideast? Had your son “fight for ‘Merica”? Go ahead and volunteer…Europe hasn’t bothered. Why should we get in a shooting war for our shiftless “allies”? Nevermind Ukraine being slow Joe’s piggy bank.

    • That is a test question that many people are afraid to answer or ask. Because do you support the right of American citizens to own rocket launchers? Landmines? Flamethrowers? Grenade launchers? Hand grenades? Bazookas? Even surface-to-air missiles?

      I have already said on TTAG that it would be a great day in America when there are 200 to 300 million Americans owning machine guns. And I get only negative reaction from the so-called “gun Community” here in TTAG.

      People can complain about President Trump all they want. But the “gun Community” has never supported the bump stock. An inexpensive device, that would have put a rapid-fire weapon, in the hands of the average law-abiding American.

      For those that don’t know it even the founding fathers addressed this issue. A responsible Arms 0wner, must store they’re most dangerous weapons properly.

      “Gun Safety Regulation in Early America”

      • Since you pose the question, I believe that any American should be able to possess just about any weapon he chooses to buy, if he can afford it. Relatively few people are going to be able to afford a full-fledged machine gun. Maybe a sub-machine gun, think Thompson. But seriously, if more potent weapons became available, and people started buying them, the price is going up, up, up.

        Of course, if the weapons become available, I might shift my attitude a little toward “responsible ownership”. Do we want some knucklehead in downtown Dallas stockpiling explosives in his bedroom closet? How ’bout a garage filled with Claymore mines?

        Imagine the headline, “Firefighters responding to a house fire were wiped out when the building exploded, in the process leveling the entire subdivision. Casualties estimated at 230, authorities are sifting the rubble searching for more bodies.”

        • The only reason why machine guns are as expensive as they are, is because of government regulations. The Sten gun cost $10 to be manufactured in WW2. As opposed to a Thompson submachine gun that cost well over $400. Which is why the United States started making the M2 Grease Gun for about $15 a pop.

          But for less than $2,000 you could have had an AR-15 equipped with a bump stock or a Franklin Armory Echo trigger. Unfortunately many people even in the “gun community” repeat the government propaganda about “Saturday night specials”. Supposedly cheap throw away firearms. That will explode in your face. And there are many gun owners that swallow this propaganda down entirely without questions.

          And of course they always say “that’s just a waste of ammo to have a machine gun”. For those of us that trained with machine guns in the military, we learned how not to waste ammunition. Effective training with any firearm is never a waste of ammo.

          Unfortunately now you have many gun owners who parrot the government propaganda and support regulations that make guns more expensive.

        • I suggest people research the Weaponry that was in existence during the founding of this country. Over 200 years ago. There were hand grenades. Grenade launchers. Rapid fire weapons. Rocket launchers. And even submarines. And all of it in the hands of civilians.

      • Forgot 155 howitzers and yes fully support anyone with the means and mindset to own for all legal purposes. I doubt we would see many takers on the surface to air missiles for the high cost and limited use but militia’s should always have the ability to make the various levels of government rethink actions when necessary…………….funny enough I think flame throwers are still legal here somehow, hmm could clear the driveway of ice a bit faster.

        • In america criminal civilians have been shooting down police helicopters, with their long guns since I think the early 1970s. A privately-owned SAM would be nice but it’s expensive and not necessary.

          And privately owned railroad companies have been using flamethrowers I think for the past 100 years. To clear ice and snow off of the Rails.

        • From 2 weeks ago.

          Timcast IRL – Marjorie Taylor Greene And Thomas Massie Join Discuss. What type of Arms should you have??? And repeal the NFA. And abolish the ATF. video 2hr 30 min long.

          Most of the 2A talk starts at the 49 min mark. It lasts for about 24 mins.

    • Yeah, Voldemort is passing out weapons to all males, 18 to 60, blind, crippled, or crazy. Caught a short news clip, some young man holding an AK like it was a dead mouse, commenting that he needed to ‘find someplace quiet and figure it out’. He didn’t seem to be weighed down by any large quantity of ammunition.

      My confidence in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, or partisan resistance wasn’t bolstered at all.

  7. “My dad had an illegal gun not because he liked guns or because he was ‘dangerous’; he had a gun because of crime in the neighborhood.”

    Sometimes a good person must become “dangerous on demand”. There is nothing wrong with being a dangerous person. People that are dangerous are generally left alone by other dangerous people. It’s when dangerous people act against innocent people, that is when the dangerous person becomes a problem.

    Unfortunately in our society many good people have been told that it is wrong to become a dangerous person. Essentially the gun grabbers want you to give up all of your survival instincts. They want you to give up anything you might use to defend yourself and your family.

    “become dangerous on demand”
    I got this from Paul Markell at Student Of The Gun almost ten years ago. But it’s something that I have always believed in.

    • The way things are going ( on Brandon’s path to chaos/”civil war”) every option will be bad.
      Civil War outcome is unpredictable, will destroy America and kill of a significant percent of the population. This is one of the leftist goals and they are succeeding.

      Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose on the mid term elections. Democrats (communist party USA) have proved they can steal elections and will go all out on this one.

      I think it will be a slim chance for any conservative to win a national election for the foreseeable future. I hope I am wrong.

  8. District Attorney Alvin Bragg – Yet another “Harvard Law School” freak. How long has it been since Harvard graduated something that was not a prog freak?

    Harvard (or Yale/ivy league) on the resume should excluder from Gov’t employment.

  9. The latest FBI data showing that Legally armed citizens shoot and kill more criminals. Than law Enforcement does. is a direct consequence of the Defund of Law Enforcement, making their job near impossible to do, Liberal prosecutors refusing to prosecute criminals, lowering charges to misdemeanors and Liberal politicians reducing and removing the penalties for crimes committed. All of which has WOKE the citizenry to the fact that they are now their own First Responders in regards to their safety. Against Criminals. Hopefully that realization will transfer to the upcoming election in November and they remove the Root Cause of all the Crime and Recidivism in the Criminal Justice System. By rejecting not only Criminal Justice Reform, but the Liberal Democrats that push it. That is allowing Crime to be perpetrated on society without substantial consequences. Those who refuse to accept the fact of what is occurring and choose to not fix the problem. Are as much a part of the problem as the politicians who have created the environment that allows it and the criminals that prey on society.

    • That may ultimately be a good thing. Cops take criminals to jail, where they are booked, make bond, and walk free in a few hours, or maybe five or six days. Much better that an honest citizen guns down the criminal. Once the coroner takes custody, he ain’t makin’ bail. When gangs of criminals begin to notice that 10%, 30%, 50% of their buddies aren’t around any more, the more intelligent criminals will change their ways. All good, if you ask me.

      • First, no one asked your Leftist arse.
        Second, the citizen who shoots down a criminal trying to kill them is saving the taxpayers the cost of a trial. We refer to this type of action as “instant justice”.

  10. I am reminded of the scene in one of the Death Wish movies. an elderly couple has their pistol confiscated by the police, after an attempted robber reports them.
    Their complaint that it renders them helpless falls upon deaf ears.

  11. In case someone missed it, Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine early this morning. They have captured Chernobyl which is the region in the northern part of Ukraine that is the shortest between Russian troops stationed in Belarus and the capital city of Kyiv. They have moved into the capital city of Kyiv, many are fleeing.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin put a message out saying that any attempt to intervene in Ukraine would “lead to consequences you have never seen in history.”

    The U.S. and European Union responded by ordering more sanctions against Russia. NATO agreed to beef up its forces on its eastern flank near Ukraine and Russia.

    Zelensky slammed the sanctions against Russia as insufficient. He warned that unless world leaders do more to stop the invasion that Putin would continue his aggression.

    Ukrain is urging their citizens to fight back. Ukrainian military and civilian deaths are mounting. The Ukrainian military is resisting, so are civilians. The Kremlin now says its ready to talk but only once the Ukrainian army ends its resistance and lays down their arms.

    The UK said British troops will not be sent to Ukraine to fight Russia. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said that the Western military alliance will not send combat troops to Ukraine. Biden has now publicly refused to send troops to Ukraine, Republicans aren’t calling for it either, its politically unpopular – Biden should have kept quiet about it, to keep Putin guessing, but now Putin knows that no one is coming (at least not the strongest nations) to help Ukraine and he has been basically given carte blanche to do what he wants by Biden and NATO.

    Either Ukraine will be forced to submit and surrender, or the Ukraine death toll will be in the millions. Already Russian troops are literally murdering or trying to murder unarmed civilians who are not resisting.

    • To note also though, to be fair, if Biden were to send troops to Ukraine to fight Russia it would become a world war complete with an ever looming threat of nuclear weapons.

        • Maybe they’ll decide to keep them to guard against falling debris. See, Russia gets control of the gas pedal and steering wheel of the I.S.S., and could threaten to let it fall out of orbit… guess no one thought of giving anyone else a spare set of keys to it ?

  12. Have not quite figured out the whine about what should or should not be allowed in private hands. Rocket launchers are not expensive and available in many hobby stores. Minor modifications could make it into a simple weapon. Land mines are not hard to construct and cheap to make. Look at what was done in Afghanistan by a bunch of goat herders still living in the 12th century. Flame throwers are actually available on the market. Not the cheapest things, but within reach for anyone with a paycheck job. Actual artillery like the 75mm pack howitzer are around and while a bit pricey, can be had. Harder to find people who can use it than finding shot and parts. Full automatic weapons are expensive because of government restrictions and permit requirements, but are still available if you have a clean record and deep enough pockets.
    Something I do disagree with is the life time ban on firearms for those who did their time and have managed to stay out of legal trouble since release. While you can petition the courts to have your rights restored, it is usually an expensive proposition. And most people don’t bother.
    Anyone who feels threatened by either criminals, domestic abusers, or possibly overbearing government agents/thugs is going to do what they can to defend themselves. Whether with a legal weapon, illegal weapon, or improvised weapon.
    As I’ve said her and in the real world for many years. The problem isn’t the hardware. The problem is the person behind it. Commit a crime and do the time. And drop the minor non violent or minor fistfight stuff off the list of felony charges. Along with minor possession or usage of dope or possession of a pipe etc.

  13. Most Americans are totally clueless about the type of education that occurs in other countries. Particularly when it comes to guns and education in foreign countries. But in America it was people like Tom Ammiano. a proud “happy” man. Who got himself elected to the San Francisco school board. For the specific purpose of destroying Second Amendment education and shooting teams in the San Francisco public school system.

    From march 2020

    “Watch these Russian children assemble and dismantle Kalashnikov rifles in seconds”
    video 1 min long

  14. Now Russia is threatening the U.S. and NATO over the sanctions imposed due to their invasion of Ukraine.

    In Biden’s speech he said “Between our actions and those of our allies and partners, we estimate that we’ll cut off more than half of Russia’s high tech imports and will strike a blow to their ability to continue to modernize their military,”. But he also said “It’ll degrade their aerospace industry, including their space program.”

    Russia, through the head of Russia’s main space corporation, Dmitry Rogozin – Rogozin proclaimed the threat “If you block cooperation with us, who will save the ISS from an unguided de-orbit to impact on the territory of the US or Europe?”. Continuing Rogozin also threatened “There’s also the chance of impact of the 500-ton construction in India or China. Do you want to threaten them with such a prospect? The ISS doesn’t fly over Russia, so all the risk is yours. Are you ready for it?”

    For those that do not know…

    The International Space Station (ISS) is operated by 15 nations but led by the United States and Russia. The countries rely on one another to operate the station: Russia provides fuel and [b]thruster capability[/b] to periodically re-boost the space station to a higher altitude to keep it from de-orbiting. Presently, the way the systems are configured for the overall station upkeep one country controls one thing and another country controls another thing so forth a so on. One of those things is a division of who controls what for orbit and station-keeping (position in orbit) – one country does not have command and control over another country control of the specifics on board the ISS, Russia presently has sole control of the thruster capability and fuel flow thus have the capability to de-orbit the ISS by re-directing thrust boosting and then cut off the fuel flow after the ISS has began to de-orbit to keep those on board from manually forcing use of the thrusters to stay in orbit.


  16. As far as rights restoration, the simple solution is to tack on a probationary period following completion of a full sentence. They keep their noses clean for, say, five years after completing their sentence, they get all their rights back. Easy enough to make it part of the sentencing.

  17. So if Bragg admits that not every private citizen with a gun is a violent criminal, perhaps he should be asked if he supports Constitutional Carry.


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