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More of this, less of yesterday’s “I support the Second Amendment, but…”


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  1. Don Lemon: no one needs guns, they should be turned in.

    Don Lemon: defund the police.

    Don Lemon: call the police if something bad happens.

    • Ok,

      You are losing creditability jwm. A day ago important questions were raised about how Kyle, a young man, stepped up to protect his community when the more “mature” generation, who under their time, the country degraded to the dumpster fire we now see.

      You also attacked that poster of those questions without addressing a single one of the issues. Another poster even urged a discussion, you refused and,,, well I leave it at that. You double dog dared me.

      • I attacked a poster, troll actually, who constantly degrades others and calls them cowards. Yet he has not posted a single citation of what he’s done to earn the right to pass such judgements. Not a one.

        That same troll used the ‘devils advocate’ ploy to degrade and insult his target. As for my credibility? One dude named Sam that I’ve never interacted with, to the best of my knowledge, knocks my credibility? Ain’t losing sleep over it.

        As for whose fault the country is in this mess now? Every generation in every culture from day one has blamed their problems on their parents. Again, I’m not losing sleep over it. It’s a childish argument.

        • It’s been over a year now since All Hail (his/her/its original username) started biting ankles. To this day, I still have no clue as to what triggered him/her/it to start it all.

          I learned today that the son of a dear friend of mine passed away due to a horrible accident. I’ve been silent on TTAG today, thinking about this personal reminder of what’s truly important in life to focus on, and how much time I’ve wasted giving that troll Hail so much as two seconds of my time. I’ll certainly be reducing it from here forward.

        • jwm,

          I agree, it’s a childish argument.

          It’s a childish argument to ask someone for their credentials to post a comment. It’s a childish argument that you become the very thing you accused them of a “troll who attacks others”.

          It’s a childish argument you did not answer or refute a single point and attempted to malign their character. It’s a childish argument to say your questions are only valid if jwm approves of your resume.

          You did not argue the points that were made, not a single one and their were many, rather you acted like a “troll actually, who constantly degrades others.” We have seen your posts, you frequently engage in this behavior.

          Further your very question assumes you have somehow attained some incredible status that you have become the arbitrator of others characters. The fact of the matter is you attempt to attack others character because you can’t answer the questions posted.

          So tell us jwm, what have you done to earn this right? Please cite the reasons why you are so incredibly special? Because that poster has just as much right to ask the questions without passing the jwm purity test.


          Of course you are not going to lose sleep for it, that would imply some sort of self introspection, it’s much easier stealing from the younger generation without remorse.

          “Every generation in every culture from day one has blamed their problems on their parents (jwm)”…. So just like every generation before it the only thing you teach is take for yourself, do not look at the many questions posted about your behavior and have a good night sleep, knowing you pushed your failures off to the next generation.

        • Sam. No questions were asked. I suspect that you, using another handle, posed your ‘questions’ as a way to denigrate another.

          Anybody that questions the courage of another, especially in an insulting fashion, had better be able to post their bona fides. The only time I’ve questioned anybody’s courage here is to ask why this troll thinks they have the right to dog another and constantly call their courage and character into question.

          As for whose fault is it that the country is in bad shape now? Look around you. Every adult has had a hand in it. You wish to single out one generation and fault them for the destruction of a country that has been ongoing for over a hundred years?

          I wish I was that old and influential. Your problem is that you are just looking for a reason to down a generation. Maybe your parents or grandparents didn’t let you keep your binky into high school. Who knows,

          But generation wars are like caliber wars. Fucking stupid.

      • “You are losing creditability jwm.”

        You are the one with no credibility, ‘sam’.

        Credibility here is built over time, and you haven’t earned it yet…

      • “A day ago important questions were raised about how Kyle, a young man, stepped up to protect his community when the more “mature” generation, who under their time …”

        Ok so Kyle had a situation where he had to use his firearm. Ok, granted, some self defense in the moment when trouble came calling.

        But Kyle is not a hero, a patriotic savior, a stalwart defender protecting the community against evil, the Battle Hymn of the Republic with the American flag flying is not going on in the background every time he breathes.

        According to Kyle Rittenhouse in testimony; Kyle did not step up “to protect his community”. He supposedly had been there previously, no firearm, and left and supposedly had no plans to go back. He was supposedly offered money to come protect a car dealership that day and that supposedly enticed him to come back. supposedly had it not been for that offer of payment he probably would not have gone that day. He grabs this little pouch and the rifle, goes to supposedly get paid for protecting a car dealership, claims he is a paramedic to the media while he is there, trouble spots him and here it comes, Kyle acts in defense of him self. All supposedly for a few bucks supposedly to protect someone else property.

        He was there because supposedly he was being paid to be there to protect a car dealership, the people that were supposedly paying him cared not for their community protection but rather for the car dealership.

        There were others who were also supposedly paid to protect the car dealership, here is a pic of all them together including Kyle >–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM2NDtjZj13ZWJw/–~B/aD03NzA7dz0xNDkzO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/

        All supposedly there to protect a car dealership because they were supposedly offered money to do so supposedly, according to testimony, by the owners of the car dealership. The others left when things got worse, Kyle stays behind supposedly to keep defending the car dealership and “help” people because he is supposedly a paramedic with a little tiny pouch of one thing in it that being a tourniquet. To the media he claims he is a paramedic when they ask why he is there, he lied.

        Ok, supposedly this and that according to Kyles testimony – but here’s the clincher – The two brothers of the family that owns the car dealership that supposedly offered Kyle payment to come protect the car dealership testified they never asked Kyle Rittenhouse or anyone else to guard the car dealership. One of these brothers is in the pic I posted of the group there to supposedly protect the car dealership, his name is ‘Sahil’ and he is on the far left in the pic.

        Sahil testified that when he arrived at the car dealership he found this group of heavily armed civilians (in the pic) but that he hadn’t actually know any of the men at the time. He requested a pic with them because he was “so impressed” by the way the men were dressed, and had previously only seen armed men like that on television. But he also testified that he didn’t ask the men to protect the business, but he also didn’t ask them to leave. In other words, they were not being paid to be there like Kyle claimed.

        Both Rittenhouse and Dominick Black (Kyles friend) testified they were in Kenosha that evening because the owners of the “Car Source” dealerships asked them to guard the properties (the car dealerships) and pay them to do so.

        on August 25, 2020, there was a text message sent to the other brothers phone (Anmol) that said, “Hey Sam it’s Kyle do you need anyone to protect your business tonight I’m more then willing and will be armed I just need address. Me and my brother would both be thwre armed.” –

        Anmol confirmed in court that he goes by the name Sam, and that he received the text on his cellphone, but also testified that he did not reply to the message and didn’t even know who Kyle was until the following day.

        If you are going to help the “community” you don’t need to create an excuse to be there to do so. It looks like Kyle was trying to create a justification to be there, a reason to be armed. it looks like a rash poor decision of a 17 year old kid trying to justify something he wants to do but knows he should not do thinking the justification makes it ok to do. We all did it as teens, every kid does it, Kyle did it with an already dangerous riot loaded with people with guns, even his other adult friends left because they knew better. Doing what Kyle did to be there, is not a good decision for even adults to make – and no, don’t give me that “he had every right” to be there” stuff because this is not about a right to be there and is about a poor decision to be there.

        Kyle did not step up “to protect his community”. Kyle stepped up to help Kyle, he went there on purpose because Kyle wanted to be there and not because the “community” needed him. His reasons for this like the reasons of all kids his age is based in his desired to do what he wants. When things got worse and the others left he stayed around because he wanted to stay around.

        With him staying around maybe he justified it with “i’ll help people” and maybe not, Kyle is the only one that knows for sure. But taking into account Kyles testimony and the testimony of others, it sure looks like Kyle lied about his reasons for being there, he definitely lied to the media about being a paramedic as the video evidence shows.

        But even being paid to be there or not being paid to be there, when the testimony is looked at there is no doubt that Kyle was there because Kyle wanted to be there for Kyle and no one else.

        Look, I understand. I don’t disagree with what he did in terms of self-defense in the moment, not trying to say what happened to him did not happen in terms of self-defense. But this thing with people trying to turn him into a symbol of Truth, Justice, and the American way like he is Superman that arrived in a time of need to protect the community or the country against invading hoards – its getting ridiculous because that is not what happened.

        • “All supposedly there to protect a car dealership because they were supposedly offered money to do so supposedly, according to testimony, by the owners of the car dealership.”

          should have been

          All supposedly there to protect a car dealership because they were supposedly offered money to do so supposedly, according to testimony by Kyle.

        • Well you forgot about the part where he was waving his gunm around telling people to get off that car.
          Yup he fucked up.
          But , so did everyone else from the git go, from the Blake incident to the fatal shootings. It’s the wild west and somebody’s cutting fences.
          KR tried to put a stop to the fence cuttin.
          Is he a hero or a villain?

        • I don’t think he is a villain. But he’s not a hero.

          The term “hero” has different meanings to people. You could add a lot of things that constitute a hero. The common thing being thrown about in this case was that Kyle was a hero because he was there to defend/protect the “community” so I’m going to go with hero in that aspect and use a few of those qualities of a hero: A hero doesn’t lie about the reasons they are some place to do something heroic, their actions speak for them selves. A hero does it because they are willing to selfishly sacrifice for the common good. A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities because they displayed those traits when selfishly sacrificing for the common good and selfishly acting on that need for the common good. A hero is a person who selfishly puts him/her self in harms way because they are acting for the common good.

          That wasn’t the case here. Kyle lied about his intentions and why he was there and collectively his testimony in court indicated he was there for him and no one else.

          Was Kyle a hero because he acted in self defense? No, Kyle was a person acting out of self preservation by acts of self defense because it was necessary to defend himself. He wasn’t defending any one else except him.

          But, being there to begin with … first creating a justification for it that was not true, not leaving when it got worse even though his friends told him it would be better to leave and then deciding to stay around after they left, then lying about his being a paramedic to justify the “here to help” excuse, this being riot filled with hostile angry emotionally charged people with firearms and one more was not needed … Even in that time of self defense he wasn’t even with his friend (or the brother he had texted was going to come) and was off on his own. Kyle was acting as a loner there for Kyle. Nope that’s not a hero, this is a person who injected him self into a situation for reasons having to do with him and no one else, this is a person who made a really bad decision to be there to begin with, this is a kid who made a kid immature decision to be there because he wanted to be there for him, this is a kid that made a decision using the basis all kids use of “me me me”.

      • Kyle wasn’t out there alone. Videos show him with a group of guys, and I think they were all older than Kyle. Kyle allowed himself to be separated from the group, and that’s when things went bad.

        • hmmm… no. Earlier they were all together. When it got worse after dark the rest left and Kyle decided to stay behind.

  2. Always the claim that we don’t need whatever firearm is on someone’s shit list. My answer is to ask what they drive. After all, the Model T or the VW Beetle, or perhaps the Citroen with the corrugated tin and canvas seats, forget the model, is all you need for basic transportation. You don’t need a car that does well over the posted speed limit.
    And, since I am on the subject of needs, perhaps the idiots should be reminded of what the press was back in the day. Hand set type, single page hand press. ETC.
    My personal view is you should be able to have any weapon you might want. And, yes, that does include heavy artillery, armored vehicles, machine guns, or any other piece of equipment you can afford.

    • You can already have ” heavy artillery, armored vehicles, machine guns”

      All ya gotta do it meets what ever the requirements are. Movie prop places supply the real thing all the time. You can by a tank on line, you can buy fighter aircraft, with the proper license you can have a machine gun.

      But that’s not what you meant is it. Ok but seriously, in the practical aspect it is kinda hard to carry a concealed heavy artillery piece, but yeah you could say for any of this “self defense in case …” or ” ’cause second amendment…” but be honest about it because you really just want the bragging rights.


  3. Going by that picture I dont see any of the good guys having any gunms, only the bad guys got them.
    Should have been ” Hand over your arms ”
    A reminder of how the second ammendment works.
    The second ammendment is only as strong as the people who protect it.

    • “Going by that picture I dont see any of the good guys having any gunms”

      concealed carry was a thing even back then, so lets put it down to that


  4. Florida congressman Matt Gaetz has made it public that he would be willing to offer Kyle Rittenhouse an internship at his office if he is acquitted of murder.


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