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Americans’ support for stricter gun-control measures has fallen to its lowest level since 2014, according to a poll released Wednesday by Gallup.

The results of the October survey come as the number of violent crimes, including murder, has risen and after Americans purchased a record number of guns in 2020.

According to the poll, 52% of U.S. adults say they want stricter gun laws—down from 67% in 2018 after a mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., left 17 people dead. Democrats overwhelmingly support stricter measures in the recent survey, while 24% of Republicans do; 11% of U.S. adults polled say they want less-restrictive laws.

The percentage of Americans who support a ban on the possession of handguns fell to 19%, the lowest rate ever recorded by Gallup. Support peaked at 60% when Gallup first asked the question in 1959. The highest recorded rates of support that Gallup found for stricter gun-control laws were in the 1990s.

— Zusha Elinson in Gun-Control Support Drops Amid Growing Crime and Firearm Purchases

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    • The diabolical racism and genocide History alone for Gun Control should be the only reason needed to turn away from Gun Control and those who promote it.

  1. Too many people with guns? Well, yeah, there are too many crazies with guns, and too many criminals with guns. Overall, there aren’t enough guns. Law abiding citizens need weapons to deal with the crazies and the criminals. LAPD basically said as much recently. “We can’t help you” with an implied, “You’ve got to help yourselves.”

    • Paul,

      “LAPD basically said as much recently. ‘We can’t help you’ with an implied, ‘You’ve got to help yourselves.'”

      I disagree with your “implied” part. I don’t think the Los Angeles Police Department expects the good people of Los Angeles to help themselves. Rather, I think the Los Angeles Police Department expects the good people (or at least the Working Class) of Los Angeles to “grin and bear it”.

      If we were to consider rape for example, this is akin to the position that potential rape victims should:

      1) Focus exclusively on aftercare–immediate medical care (to deal with injuries and sexually transmitted diseases) and long term emotional care (individual counseling and support groups).

      2) Under no circumstances arm themselves to ensure that they have a very good probability of stopping a rape at the onset.

      Remember, we are talking about the lunatic Ruling Class of California who truly support the idea that it is, indeed, morally superior for a women to be raped and strangled with her own panties than to carry a firearm for effective self-defense.

  2. Unfortunately too many new gun owners are leftists who think simply disagreeing with them is an act of violence and just cause for taking someone’s life.

    • really?

      leftists acting directly opposite the leftists view of the right?

      That doesn’t sound like leftists, that sounds like the very far radical right.

      • Actually, the left no longer exists. It was bought out by billionaires like zuckerberg, bloomberg and soros. The foot soldiers of the left may not be self aware or intelligent enough to realize that they are the new nazis.

        The left has gone so far to the left that they are popping up to the right of the kkk.

      • “really?”

        truly. the left is arming up too, more than you. “political power comes out of the barrel of a gun” is one of their sacraments.

        • Our extremely left liberal neighbor asked us to recommend a firearm to her, this was during the Trump admin.

          She knew we are conservatives, but is so brainwashed by her peers that she didn’t understand why her justification just proved all of arguments about her hypocrisy.

          Her reason, she “… was worried about all the ‘have-nots’ out there.”

  3. All healthy and law-abiding Americans should buy as many firearms and as much ammunition as they can afford and safely store.

    The Federal government should provide up to $2500 in tax rebates toward the purchase of firearms and ammunition, and an additional $2500 in firearms training.

    Nationwide concealed carry is a must.

    • Hehe…

      I always use this to argue with liberals… they keep telling me that we have a “right” to healthcare, so it should be free…

      I say, “we have a right to keep and bear arms… so I should get them free?”

  4. “Gallup: More Americans Turning Away From Gun Control as Crime, Gun Ownership Rise”

    That could be re-written as

    “Gallup: More Americans grow brains.”

  5. “According to the poll, 52% of U.S. adults say they want stricter gun laws”

    But a little over 60% of U.S. adults are gun owners.

    • no contradiction there – they want gun control for others.

      besides, “gun control” means different things like no handguns, no 15’s, no concealed carry, and/or other such, while “guns owned” may mean nothing more than a hunting rifle or bolt .22.

      • Or the twenty ARs and even full auto class III weapons that make up the arsenal of their private security team. These teams often work for companies with Class III status.

        I once read that Jeff Bezos travels in a black suburban, surrounded front and back by other black suburbans, all stocked with a well armed security detail. As many as 30 for a single event.

        He advocates liberal causes. Think he would let those gun-control laws apply to his security?

        Nope, but we do have to disarm those pesky serfs.

  6. “According to the poll, 52% of U.S. adults say they want stricter gun laws…”

    The “poll” answers the wrong question.

    Obviously, nearly all Americans want to live free from crazies or creeps seeking personal joy and notoriety by killing us in places where we should feel safe, which is just about everywhere.

    And nearly all of us believe these same whackjobs should not have access to firearms, nor vehicles, nor flammables, explosives, sharp objects, clubs, or any other item that can harm or kill. Of course, a big dude like the infamous Michael Brown could also likely have killed with his bare hands, so…

    The real question to be asked is:

    In light of the abject failures of the taxpayer-funded police and other security details to protect common Americans in their own homes, businesses and cities from rioting, looting, and general mayhem from known bad actors, let alone millions of illegal fence-jumpers at all of our sovereign borders, are you willing to surrender your firearms of any type and trust your governmental bodies; local, state and federal, to protect YOU from harm, or do you accept the responsiblity to defend yourself when the unthinkable is staring you in the face?

    The “stricter gun laws” most Americans seek are those aimed at keeping those who will wantonly use weapons against normal, law-abiding folk, not those aimed at people who always obey the law. There will be a fairly good percentage of elite Americans in the gated-type areas who would surrender, but I believe that the vast majority, say, perhaps, above 75% would answer that they’ll keep their guns, and their personal security. Worth a try…

    • “Obviously, nearly all Americans want to live free from crazies or creeps seeking personal joy and notoriety by killing us”

      yes. and to the left, you are the crazy creep. so they ask, “do you want to ban guns from crazy creeps?”, and everyone says yes, and the left turns around and tells you “see! the american people say you shouldn’t have guns!”

  7. I’d be interested in seeing how the question was worded. Seems like they might be throwing those who support stricter enforcement of existing gun laws in with those supporting ‘stricter gun laws’. Pollsters usually prefer being propagandists over trying to gauge public opinion and report about it honestly.

    • “I’d be interested in seeing how the question was worded.” Of course!

      “Seems like they might be throwing those who support stricter enforcement of existing gun laws in with those supporting ‘stricter gun laws’.” Ya s’pose?

      And remember- the primary reason for this type of polling in the first place is to create news where none actually existed in the first place. Were the Second Amendment really an issue with the majority of the American public it’d have been repealed 60 years ago. Now, it appears to be gaining huge momentum if current firearms sales to persons who never owned a gun before are any indication.

      THAT’S the real news.

  8. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval rating hit 36%. Which means that more than one out of three Americans approve of that addlepated old hair sniffer. Which also means that more than one out of three Americans has less common sense than the average housecat.

    • From one working for a state that likely makes up a sizable population of the people you describe please do not insult the house cats. They are well adapted for survival and manipulate their environments effectively to thrive.

  9. As others hinted, this poll result is fairly worthless.

    It is simply impossible to distill this controversy into a “bite-size” portion which pollsters can rapidly disseminate and tally.

    What do we know? A lot of people have clearly communicated their general position on firearm ownership-versus-disarmament in their ACTIONS. What “actions” are we talking about? Droves of people who already own firearms and ammunition purchased more firearms and ammunition. And the real surprise: droves of people who generally did not support firearm ownership as recently as two years ago have purchased their first, second, and more firearms and ammunition.

    That is much more useful and reliable information than this recent Gallup poll.

    • It’s easy to get a majority by asking ‘Should there be more laws preventing criminals and the violently insane from getting guns?” It’s harder when you ask specifics that affect them, like “Should there be a 10 day wait to get a gun?’

  10. My policy is to NOT RESPOND to opinion polls, period. This includes all of the phony fund-raising “surveys” that come in the mail. As far as I am concerned, opinion polls are designed to manipulate the public, and I, for one, will not participate. If everybody would adopt this attitude, opinion polls would dry up and blow away. And good riddance!

  11. I’ve heard from some people at the range the police and government are “concerned” about a sudden increase in firearms licence applications.

  12. I think people are starting to realize it’s their duty to be able to protect themselves! With what ever is needed ! Kinda like learning to swim on a planet that’s 76% water! FJB! LGB! FA, FO!!!


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