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Every few years they rise from the dead and come for our guns.

I don’t know if they made it or not, but the meme was found on Soldier Systems’ Instagram account.


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  1. Because gun control zealots TRULY believe if guns are gone (and along with their former owners), crime will disappear, equality and equal opportunity will flourish, hate and anger will be vanquished, and utopia will be achieved.

    All pigs fed and ready to fly.

  2. It would have been a lot funnier if you had made DiFi up to look like a zombie, and not use a stock photo of her. Oh, wait, never mind.

  3. David Chipman is good with disguises , he almost looks like he has a shred of sanity in that picture.

    • Them cataracts I had I was blind, I’ve never valued being able to see as much as I do now. Used to never wear eye pro when shooting, I do now.

      • Same with me, Possum, it’s pretty cool beans.

        I keep safety glasses in reach now as I go about my day…

  4. You know, I bet that if you bought up a bunch of that Hornady zombie ammo they were selling a few years ago you could probably turn around sell it for 3, maybe 4 times what you paid for it now.

    • If you go to opticsandammo (dot) com, they have it in stock…

      • I bet they’re charging 3 or 4 times as much as they were a few years ago.

  5. Was watching a video, one young guy interviewing other young folk at some seaside resort.

    Q: How many minutes in a meter.
    A: Ummmmm….83, I think.

    Q: In what country is Italy located.
    A: Is it Paris?

    Q: In what country is Tokyo located?
    A: I think it is Viet Nam.

    Q: Where is Europe located.
    A: South America.

    Zombies are real. They walk among us…and they are not very good at geography.

    • There was a gal in my sister’s senior year history class who couldn’t understand why Vietnam was such a hard war to win. The girl’s confusion stemmed from the fact she seemed to think Vietnam was located on the map that is actually occupied by..wait for it…Baja California.

      True story, folks.

  6. Saw it at a glance and had to do a double take. I thought that Democrat look familiar.

    Lol夙ood one

  7. That’s the first flattering picture I’ve ever seen of that ghoul..I mean girl. Nope, I meant ghoul.

  8. Watch out, if she gets close enough she’ll try to eat your guns to take them away from you and to get rid of them…. or maybe she’ll just bite the bullet.

  9. Some might note that putting honest zombies in the same class as the senator from California is an unwarranted insult to the a fore mentioned honest zombie.

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