St. Louis McCloskey Kim Gardner
Mark and Patricia McCloskey, stand in front their house along Portland Place confronting protesters marching to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's house in the Central West End of St. Louis. (Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP, File)
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What began with serious felony charges against the two St. Louis attorneys has now finally been settled as a far less serious matter. Mark and Patricia McCloskey became infamous last year when photos and video went viral showing the couple confronting a crowd outside their home when marchers trespassed in their Central West End neighborhood.

As St. Louis’s NBC station KSDK is reporting . . .

Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to a count of fourth-degree assault, which was filed in court Thursday and is a Class C misdemeanor. He was originally charged with unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence — both felony charges.

Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment, which is a Class A misdemeanor charge that was filed last month when a count of tampering with physical evidence was removed. She also was originally charged with unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence.

The couple had previously pleaded not guilty and were set to go to trial on Nov. 1.

The plea deal calls for Mark McCloskey to pay a $750 fine. Patricia McCloskey was fined $2,000 to the courts and ordered to pay $10 to the crime victims fund. Both of the weapons pictured in the viral photos and videos were ordered to be turned over to the state and destroyed. 

A judge took the prosecution of the husband and wife out of the hands of St. Louis’s highly politicized prosecutor Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner after she used the case to raise funds from contributors. This final plea deal was reached by a court-appointed special prosecutor, former US Attorney Richard Callahan.

In accepting the plea deal, Callahan said he took several factors into consideration, including “the age and lack of a criminal record for the McCloskeys, the fact they initially called the police and the fact that no one was hurt and no shots were fired.”

Last month Mark McCloskey announced his candidacy for the US Senate seat that Sen. Roy Blunt will vacate when he retires after his current term.

After the McCloskeys were initially charged with felonies by Circuit Attorney Gardner last year, Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced that he’d pardon the pair if they were convicted. The plea deal appears to make that unnecessary.

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  1. Well, I suppose it’s for the best. I note though that they were required to surrender their weapons for destruction. Just one more link in the chains of domination by the communist bastards.

    • I noted this tidbit:

      In accepting the plea deal, Callahan said he took several factors into consideration, including “the age and lack of a criminal record for the McCloskeys, the fact they initially called the police and the fact that no one was hurt and no shots were fired.”

      So the lesson here is apparently: even if you have no criminal record, you are a senior citizen no longer in your physical prime, you called 911/police for help, and you never fire a shot…you will still be convicted (or forced into a plea deal) on charges as you protect yourself and your home from interlopers who enter your private area and verbally threaten to kill you, take your guns, and burn down your home.

      Got it. Message received loud and clear. The police and D.A. will not help you.

      You’d better believe anyone planning a future “protest” heard that message, too. Stay frosty.

      • “interlopers who enter your private area“

        A moments casual research would show that no one entered their property, the protesters were moving through the neighborhood on Portland Place Assn Property, who declined to press trespassing charges.
        There was no verbal altercation until the McCloskeys exited their dwelling pointing firearms at the protesters and yelling.

        I look forward to the day when most POTG understand that aggressive gun owners like the McCloskeys set the cause of gun rights back every time they display firearms in a threatening manner in the public view.

        • Hey, Miner League…

          I choose my words, if *you* will take a moment to casually re-read what I wrote. I said “private area”, because the entirety of the area within the gated walls was private and not open to the public.

          It doesn’t matter if the mob is within a private residential area or is on the public sidewalk…if they approach your home and shout verbal threats to kill you, take your guns (which would then make them armed murderers on the loose), and burn your house down, they are then a clear and present danger to you.

          But you know this already.

        • How long have you been a stinking anti 2nd A democommie? I presume your entire life…right?

        • Miner comes back for this story alone.


          This isn’t a win for your prog yard based agenda, you just refuse to acknowledge the shit the left gets prosecuted for and the crime and chaos they cause. Pull your head out of your ass kiddo.

        • “I said “private area”

          Now you’re just making shit up, there is nothing in any legal doctrine, law or statute that gives anyone any sort of rights or privileges based on the concept of a “private area”.

          What a bunch of hokum, you just can’t admit that the McCloskey’s are belligerent, gun wielding assholes who got what they deserved.

          And there is no legal doctrine that authorizes any private citizens to utilize firearms to protect the homeowners association property.

        • Well well, if it isn’t the resident shitlib who constantly shills for the Neolib/Neocon establishment criminals. If you would take Joe Biden and Chucky Schumer’s di*cks out of your mouth for more than a half second maybe you would have something mildly coherent to say. Keep on slobbing on globalist criminal knob. You aren’t even a smart, entertaining and fun fa*ggot like Tim Dillon (a title he good naturedly assigns to himself *before someone starts up with reeeee homophobia)
          But, there’s actually a good possibility you are a degenerate child grooming pedo like the Biden men and I’ll bet if you play your cards right Hunter Biden will invite you over to share some crack, a foot job and an Eiffel towering with his niece. Or maybe even some time with one of the toddler Chinese sex slaves Hunter was provided to rape and abuse while in China by his good buddies in the CCP .
          I don’t give a F*uck, the gloves need to come off with you shitlibs, you people are all too happy to sell the American people up a river to globalist scum. You are a totally morally bankrupt stooge for the crony Washington and big tech elites. Have yourself a nice long walk off a short pier.

        • And the prize goes to blueboy today, for being the first to employ Homo-erotic slurs on TTAG!

          We are all grateful to blueboy for sharing his deepest fantasies.

          While I can’t say I share his interest in Homo erotic sex acts, I do admire his uninhibited joy in speaking of his Homo erotic desires in public, you go girl!

          “the toddler Chinese sex slaves Hunter was provided to rape and abuse while in China by his good buddies in the CCP“

          Where do you come up with this? You’ve lost grip with reality, you seem to take a malicious glee in repeating some baseless rumor you heard on the Internet.

        • Oh. Isn’t this a PRIVATE, GATED COMMUNITY? Hmmm.. If so, then as soon as these “protesters” entered the community it was TRESPASSING!

        • “a moment’s casual search” can be no search at all. While the site may be a bit reckless with opinions, a google search brings up photos of the front entrance to McCloskey’s property. They also show the pedestrian gate broken down. When protesters start breaking gates, or anything else to gain entrance, it’s no longer peaceful.

        • It was private property and gated. The rioters broke down the gate to enter illegally. Just because the neighborhood association declined to press charges does not mean the rioters were there legally. They were not otherwise there would have been no need of the neighborhood association to refuse to prosecute (obviously out of fear of being targeted by the rioters). They then marched in and proceeded to threaten the homeowners.

          Every single one of those rioters should have been arrested, charged and prosecuted. The two homeowners should have received a thank you from the city.

          That didn’t happen because facts don’t matter in a left-wing government. Instead they used the standard tactic of threatening to file bogus felony charges knowing that the victims will be forced to plea bargain down to lesser charges to avoid the time and expensive wasted in fighting a corrupt state legal system. The state gets to claim they put the slap down on crime against the socialist agenda and punished the people who dared stand up to the liberal terrorists. Meanwhile, the only two innocent people in this whole thing still have to deal with all the headaches and costs that come with their misdemeanors all while having to accept that their country let them down.

        • so to you, a rattle snake shaking his tail is a threat? Don’t poke the Grizzly bear. Don’t tread on US.

        • You got me miner49r! Bro…I have to admit it. I’m currently (by choice) an unemployed police officer. Who, may be very possibly, the biggest raging fa*ggot ever to post comments on TTAG. I also have Asperger’s Syndrome, this could also be a bullshit diversity “record first” on here. I am now surviving by being an exotic dancer under the name “Blue Badge Bunny Detective Slippery Nipples”. But, at least I don’t suck evil globalist co*ck nor am I kiddie raping globalist scum. Also I can, and am willing to provide the “receipts” with the Hunter Chinese child rape. It was ALL on the laptop hardrive. I have tried to report the data many times, but the the corrupt .gov folks aren’t allowed to give a f*uck, and have done absolutely nothing. I find it interesting, miner, that you didn’t even try to refute anything about Hunters niece. You have presented yourself here for years, like a Neolib/Con authoritarian and liberty hating enemy of freedom. You seem to truly feel like you are better than everyone else. You exhibit disdain and borderline loathing to any folks you label right wing. I frankly don’t even understand what it is you want to accomplish here. I don’t believe you to be sincere. Find some purpose in something that doesn’t involve acting like a souless big government corporatist troll.
          *discaimer, some of the above content may be slightly exaggerated for satirical purposes…however, I really do have Asperger’s. That wasn’t a joke. Yes, I got accepted into the police academy, I graduated and currently have a peace officers license and passed all exams including the MMPI and related interviews.

      • ‘sTaY fRoStY’. Writes the coward who will be among the first to surrender and comply. What a joke.

        • Derision from the coward that will not say what he did on 1/6. True a sad little joke of a man.

      • Message is that once the government is involved you are going to get punished regardless of the facts. They just can’t let go.

      • While I love the Second Amendment, what the McCloskey’s did in waving around their firearms in public is more accurately called ‘brandishing’. Since they were never physically contacted by any of the rioters, this move of theirs was unnecessary. Of course the rioters had zero right to enter onto what is the McCloskey’s community property–those rioters should also be getting charged for breaking the law

    • I assume, NOT having been convicted of a felony, they can pay the meager fine (which they can easily afford), surrender their guns and just go out and buy better guns.

      Oh, and take some self defense lessons that don’t include waving a pistol around like a flashlight.

      • And who knows? The Governor still may pardon the misdemeanor conviction, securing their firearm rights…

        • Being that the McCloskey’s plead to a misdemeanor, they cannot lose their gun rights over this

      • Did u see the crowd they were flashing?

        Fuck em. And their threats.

        They should’ve been mowed down by a SAW.

        • Well you can use a saw, I’ll use a sickle bar mower, now all we need is one more and we’ve got ourselves a militia.

        • “Did u see the crowd they were flashing?“

          No matter what the crowd looks like, one is not authorized to flash them with weapons because you feel uncomfortable or belligerent.

        • Despite what one person here keeps going on about. They were verbally threatened by a large group of younger people. Suppose if they did not have those firearms and the crowd decided to be arrogant and vicious and physically harm them as they claimed they intended on doing. I guess for the liberals it would have been okay for the McCloskeys to be beaten, raped and even killed and then excused by Nancy Pelosi or proclaimed as a victory by some scumbag moron with BLM or ANTIFA.
          I would have made it clear to them they were trespassing and then once I received a threat I would have said, “Okay then, let’s see how far you get”. And I would have stood there with dogs and weapons and warned them to keep walking and not to dare step foot onto my property. There is no reason for anyone to cower and wait to be physically assaulted by punks. The only reason they were so arrogant is because they had an advantage and they know the media and politicians will take their side. Many of them were given incentives to protest…. those bums were not paying for rooms or buying their food out of their own pockets.

    • MISDEMEANOR: Isn’t that still a CRIMINAL charge/conviction?
      Doesn’t that now prevent them from buying/owning a gun? [It does in the Socialist Republic of Maryland!]

  2. Well there you go, that seems about right.

    Misdemeanor assault and harassment, appropriate. If they hadn’t been such belligerent assholes, they could’ve smiled and waved as the protesters walked by and there would’ve been no problem.

    • Yeah, and the “protesters” could’ve gone around the neighborhood instead of breaking down a gate & trespassing. THOSE belligerent assholes are lucky they didn’t get shot. These “protesters” have worn out their welcome almost everywhere, even in the most “communist” and “woke” areas of the U.S.

      • “breaking down a gate & trespassing. THOSE belligerent assholes are lucky they didn’t get shot”

        Video evidence shows the gate was broken long after the protesters initially marched through the neighborhood.
        And if the protesters had been shot, the McCloskeys would’ve had a murder charge to deal with.

        • miner49er they better stay away from my area of Fl we have laws against trespassers especially if there are no trespassing signs up they come in my yard they are screwed and especially somebody like you but my yard is fenced and gated and posted so stay away and here you can stand in your yard with a gun as long as you are not pointing it at anybody and those people were holding in a non-threatening manner no matter what you say I guess you would of just climed under your bed shacking in fear until they left

        • “…my area of Fl we have laws against trespassers especially if there are no trespassing signs up they come in my yard they are screwed”

          Little ‘minor’ will do no such such thing, keyboard commandos like him never do… 😉

        • “video evidence”

          Lol. What a fucking troll. A video that starts AFTER the gate was fucked up and a mob of people are already threatening the home owners.

          Can’t wait til the day you have to defend yourself. Cuz it’ll be your last day on earth. And we love our earth. Would be a much better place without people like you.

          Lol. The funny thing is how serious you take this. All of this. My comment alone triggers you. The rest of your day is spent dwelling on this shit. Loser.

        • “Little ‘minor’ will do no such such thing, keyboard commandos like him never do… “

          I’m not the one making the threats from behind my keyboard, I’m just helping you understand the jurisprudence system here in America.

    • They would pull that in Texas it would have been completely different. It’s different when you live behind enemy lines.

      • “They would pull that in Texas it would have been completely different.”

        Texas ‘After Dark’ laws in the unincorporated areas is something that should go nationwide… 😉

    • Why am I not surprised you are on the side of “protesters” who broke numerous laws and who never should of been in that private neighborhood in the first place. This couple should be given an award. What a messed up world we live in. Sending the message criminals have more rights than you do sends a very clear message and typical progressive thinking.

      • “Why am I not surprised you are on the side of… “

        I am not on anyone’s side, I’m just pointing out the facts of the matter.

        As opposed to most of the other posters, who are making vicious personal attacks upon me for my opinion, including calling me a bitch, azzhat, coward, etc.

        I’m not really offended, most 14-year-old girls use a similar vocabulary so it is par for the course here on TTAG.

    • You are about as stupid as stupid gets. They were defending their property and their lives against hoodlums and thugs.

      • The McCloskey’s were defending nothing–fact is the AR was unloaded & the pistol was non-functional. I love the Second Amendment but applying it legally to this issue just isn’t gonna happen because the McCloskey’s were in no danger from the crowd–unfortunately they didn’t realize this

  3. It is at once a victory for the McCloskeys and a loss for the right of self-defense.

    When a defendant is in this position: about to go on trial for a felony, and then is offered a plea deal as “cheap” as this, one can understand the defendant copping to the plea. The process is the punishment.

    The McCloskeys would have been better off had they remained inside their home. Yes, their home would likely have suffered some damage, but the cost of repairing that damage would have been less than that of defending themselves from the courts.

    Short of the threat of arson, one’s position – legally – is much better inside the home than outside. And this they probably did not understand. Nothing short of a thorough education in the law of self-defense will do in making the best tactical decisions.

    • “Short of the threat of arson, one’s position – legally – is much better inside the home than outside.”

      gonna have to change that. a mob, assembled for reasons readily associated with looting and violence, should not be granted any presumption of benignity.

    • “Yes, their home would likely have suffered some damage“

      A flawed assumption, no other home in the neighborhood was damaged.

      “And this they probably did not understand”

      I’d say they would be completely familiar with the law, both are multi millionaire attorneys with decades of experience litigating in the courts.

      And they were completely familiar with the property law regarding the neighborhood, they have been in multiple legal battles attempting to claim property that wasn’t theirs.

      They copped to the misdemeanors because they knew they would not win in court, it was purely a legal decision that they had the training and experience to make.

      To pretend they were naïve, innocent victims who were railroaded by an evil court system is ridiculous.

      Why POTG would want to get behind elite millionaires such as these suit-happy attorneys is beyond me.

      • I cant speak for the others Miner49er, I’m not behind a rich suit wearing lawyer, I’m behind someone who said ,” Get off my lawn”, and brandished weapons while doing it, got arrested.

        And that puzzles me. Most see these peaceful protesters as thugs and what not. It appears in that vicinity those doing the protests are not very “street savvy ” at all. Thugs and what not either skedaddle or yank out gunms of their own, when gunms come into play. These people argued like Karen’s, to coin a phrase. Other locations may vary?

        • Oh, I reread what I writ. I’m defining thug differently. I’m seeing weight lifting, gold chains, dark smoke filled rooms thug.

        • “I’m behind someone who said ,” Get off my lawn”

          They weren’t on their lawn.

          That’s why the McCloskeys were charged with a felony, they were menacing people that weren’t on their property.

          Do you think two multi-millionaire lawyers with decades of experience litigating in that city would roll over like little puppies if they weren’t guilty of a felony?

      • “…they were menacing people that weren’t on their property.”

        The thing you’re missing is that a group of several hundred angry people doesn’t have to be literally on your personal property to menace you and your property. And they clearly had no legal right to be there.

        But were they really a menace? That’s arguable. Were the McCloskeys justified in warning them off with an armed display? That’s arguable.

        This whole incident is a real-life Rorschach test on political leanings and self-defense.

        Loud but peaceful protest vs. potentially violent mob… violating and damaging private property vs. gaining rightful access to a public official… self-defense/deterrent vs. needlessly provoking/assaulting… What you see depends on your political values, personal principles, and most of all, your preexisting assumptions about the types of people involved.

        This is why I’ve kept my own comments on this incident to a minimum. The cognitive distortion surrounding every single aspect of it is just too strong, and everyone is screaming at each other for no good purpose. And on its own merits, it really doesn’t matter very much. There are SO MANY other things we could more profitably be arguing about and really should be angry about…

        • “Were the McCloskeys justified in warning them off with an armed display?”

          You mischaracterize their behavior, this was not about “warning them off”, they pointed firearms at humans who were not on their property. That is felony menacing.

          The protesters were peacefully marching by, taking no notice of the McCloskey’s residence, until the McCloskeys exited their home and pointed guns and yelled at the marchers.

          Felony menacing, you can’t start the altercation and then claim self-defense.

          Both of the McCloskys are Multi-millionaire trial attorneys with decades of experience in the court system in Missouri, they weren’t some naïve innocents, railroaded by the corrupt court system.

        • The question at hand is were the McCloskeys were justified in their behavior?

          They clearly felt they were acting reasonably, but based on the evidence available to us and the many factors in play, it’s not 100% clear that they were. If they weren’t, *then* felony menacing becomes a possibility.

          But like just about everyone else in this comment section, you believe you know the answer, so you’ve let the question go begging. And mistakenly assumed that anyone who doesn’t parrot your own opinion is wrong and needs to be educated yelled at.

          Rorschach test.

        • “anyone who doesn’t parrot your own opinion is wrong and needs to be educated yelled at”

          I have not yelled at anyone, I haven’t used profanity or called anyone a profane name, I haven’t accused any posters of deviant sexual practices or Satan worshiping.

          I think most of them object to my clear, dispassionate recounting of the facts of the situation because it puts the lie to their delusions.

        • No, they object to you being an asshole. You’re intelligent, I’ll give you that, but you’re not some infallible, truth-dispensing machine, and the people you’re talking at aren’t delusional morons (99% of them, anyway; there’s always someone, no matter where you go). Stop acting like a smug jerkwad, start arguing/discussing in good faith, and you’re less likely to get yelled at.

        • They are millionaire elite trial attorneys with decades of experience.
          Because of their wealth, they have the resources to pursue any legal advocacy that they would care to, as well as the experience to personally Shepherd their claim through the courts.

          The fact they rolled over like little puppies and copped a plea to a criminal act is clear evidence that they knew they would lose in court because they were guilty of a felony.

    • “It is at once a victory for the McCloskeys and a loss for the right of self-defense.”

      It was about the best outcome that could be realistically expected, considering the charging jurisdiction…

  4. So, how many BLM thugs received any penalty for the billions in damage to property and injury to person they caused last summer?

    These misdemeanors still constitute persecution and harrassment since the left can burn, loot, and murder with abandone while citizens who defend their property and persons are persecuted.

      • They are damn sure thugs and if you defend them then you are a thug as well. Had the McClosky’s not been armed, the hoodlums and thugs would surely have ransacked and burned their home because that is exactly what them trash said they would do.

        • Not sure if you’re a newbie, but ‘ol possum is known for his sly humor and subtle sarcasm.

        • …and IHAQ is known for his lengthy, irrelevant posts along with being a yellow bellied coward who skipped out on 1/6 Freedom Day despite having the means and motive to be there.

        • “Had the McClosky’s not been armed, the hoodlums and thugs would surely have ransacked and burned their home because that is exactly what them trash said they would do.“

          No homes in the neighborhood were damaged, much less ransacked.

          The McCloskeys foolishly exited their home and pointed guns at protesters, while screaming at them. The protesters were not on their property, and were no threat to the McCloskeys.

          It’s interesting that no one on this list wants to research the actual facts of the matter, they would rather call the protesters thugs and hoodlums even though these posters have no personal knowledge of the situation.

  5. I usually don’t respond to our resident troll but you are an azzhole minor69er. Their private enclave was invaded by BlackLootersMurder. I was never on their “side” but they had every right to shoot the crowds of lowlife punks who broke in their hood…

    • “they had every right to shoot the crowds of lowlife punks who broke in their hood… “

      I must disagree with your statement, it would be murder.

      No one was on their property, and there was no verbal altercation until the McCloskeys exited their home, brandishing weapons and yelling at the protesters as they passed by.

  6. I am glad this case was resolved with minor penalties. Their actions matched the statutory definition of menacing, which is a felony. They may not have survived a Democrat judge or Democrats on a jury. I do hope the pair will obtain training in firearm home defense, safety, handling, and law.

        • Now you are grasping at straws, I have never posted under any other name besides Miner49er.

          You are wrong about the facts of the case and you know it, that’s why you stoop to personal attacks.

  7. Shouldn’t have gone outside, or allowed themselves to be seen.
    Shouldn’t have taken the plea deal.
    This is not a win, this is a statement that if you attempt to defend yourself then you will be convicted of something.

    • “if you attempt to defend yourself“

      They were not attacked.

      No one trespassed on their property.

      People said rude things to them.

      In return, they pointed guns at them and threatened to shoot them.

      Felony menacing.

      • You are an absolute liar and thug yourself. The hoodlums and thugs broke their gate down and were yelling they would burn their house down and kill them. Seems like maybe you were one of them thugs huh?

        • No, the gate was not in the McCloskey’s property.

          The gate belongs to the Portland Place Assn, it was broken after the protesters initially went through the open gate on their way to protest at the politicians house.

        • No, it is clear that you did not know that the charge of felony menacing existed before today. I’m glad you’ve learned at least one fact today.

  8. The Governor needs to Pardon them both in any case. Zero sanctions of any kind should have been visited on these folks.

    Kim Gardner on the other hand and her staff need to be held accountable for tampering with evidence and for ethics violations.

  9. I’ve heard “I’ve got your back.” before, however the governor said he’d pardon them if it went through. They know more about it then I do, I’d have probably told them ” Screw your plea bargain.” ? And trust what the governor said. Whew, trust a politician.
    Pretty damned sad when a bunch of people are chanting ” We’re going to burn your house down” and you get shafted for stopping them.

    • “bunch of people are chanting ‘We’re going to burn your house down’”

      they were? hadn’t heard that. if that’s the case then 1) the verbalization plus 2) one step forward constitutes an actionable threat.

        • “Pretty sure I read somewhere… “

          And there we have it, an impeccable source who’s credibility is beyond question!

        • You are right, the hoodlums and thugs did say they would burn their house down and kill them. Reading this tread, there are some of the same hoodlums and thugs on here as well.

        • They said that and more. Threatened to come back later when they were sleeping.

          Miners Google isn’t working…

        • You see.
          Even when someone admits their statements may be wrong but has a strong feeling they may be right Miner49er attacks the person’s ignorance. He doesn’t politely correct them.

        • “Miner49er attacks the person’s ignorance. He doesn’t politely correct them.“

          Are you kidding me? I’m the only one here who isn’t cussing and bitching, and attacking me personally.

          And yes, I am politely corrected those who do not know the facts of the case.

  10. I’m sure none of you people live here as I travel past the CWE (central west end) everyday and there are gates that are open where there are $$$$$$$$ mansions and yes I don’t believe they broke the gate and hell those people were better fortified in their mansion. And I’m sure people say a lot of shit they’re not gonna do. I know I have said I’ll kill or burn this mf down but I didn’t. People emotions get involved and shit get said. This country is full of pussies who resort to violence over words. Now if they say it and then make a move that’s a different story.

    • So, don’t take threats serious? You’ll do just fine in self defense…

      Throughout 2029nwe saw “mostly peaceful” crowds gathering and where did the molotovs come from? The front? Or from behind, the cowards hiding behind the idiots up front, or, the distractions if you will. The ones who ran their mouths and made threats while their buddies behind them tore into storefronts, burned down buildings, cars, beat people, etc etc..

      Who’s the pussy? The mobs who attack and run. They’d never go one on one, and the mckloskeys called their bluff. One shitty little .38 and an old school M16. Lol. A whole crowd of pussies who got “offended” cuz they couldn’t damage property or intimidate the community. Be real, their not peaceful. The intention was to intimidate. What army do you know that marches for peace?

      • “One shitty little .38 and an old school M16“

        Your statement is factually incorrect, revealing your abject ignorance of the situation.

  11. I’m ok with this. I’m for self protection, but they didn’t seem to meet the standards. We’ve seen lots of stories here where people have incorrectly used deadly force when their life or the lives of others were not in immediate danger. Standing and displaying a gun is one thing. The McCloskey’s were waving their guns around and pointing them at people. Was every person the gun muzzled a threat at that time? Many seem to have just been walking by on the sidewalk, and not someone who was a capable or even showing intent to harm, or even facing the house.

      • “…the protesters went there to find trouble and they did.”

        *Ding!*… 😉

    • Yeah they broke through at least a gate on private property that was marked as such. They had no business being there period. So it’s ok to break into private property as long as you are “protesting”? What a joke this is truly bizzaro world.

    • You are an absolute pussy as well if you agree that the McClosky’s didn’t have a right to defend their lives and property after hearing the hoodlums and thugs say numerous times that they would burn their house down and kill them. I know damn well I would have done the same thing or maybe would have even shot me a few of them hoodlums and thugs if they threatened to kill me and my wife and burn the house down.

      • “the McClosky’s didn’t have a right to defend their lives and property after hearing the hoodlums and thugs say numerous times that they would burn their house down and kill them“

        Wrong, no one even spoke to the McCloskeys until the McCloskeys exited their home, pointed firearms at the protesters and started screaming at them.

        Many on this list seem to make their decisions based upon their ‘feelz’ rather than the actual facts of the situation.

    • What army do you know that marches for peace?

      These protests were not for peace, they were to intimidate. The evidence is all over 2020. Massive waves of evidence. Wonder why it ended so Swifty on areas where people were allowed to carry? That’s why Rittenhouse is being prosecuted, for saving a community that was mid flame. Not acceptable to the left. They didnt get anything free out of it. One car lot just wasnt enough…

      • Trump should have hung a medal around Rittenhouse as far as I’m concerned.
        I guess though, it’s all what you think your cause is.
        BLM/Antifa probably want him incarcerated for life.

    • Correct.

      They were appropriately charged with felony menacing, and because they are elite multi-millionaire attorneys who understand the jurisprudence system, they made the decision to plead to a lesser charge to avoid a felony conviction.

      I wonder what the underlying motive is for almost everyone on this list to support these elite multimillionaire attorneys over just plain people who are on their way to exercise their first amendment rights and petition the politician for a redress of grievances?

  12. The McCloskey’s fucked up. Low ready; keep your finger off the trigger. Stay at least partially concealed. Keep your emotions in check and keep your mouth shut. Only respond to a definite and immediate threat.

    • Breaking and entering, trespassing, destroying private property, exactly how long were they supposed to wait in your world?

      • Against a politically favored mob? Only when they themselves are physically attacked. There’s the law, then there’s reality.

        The REAL way to defend against this shit is to get the hell out of cities. You’re fucked whatever you do, so avoid the situation in the first place.

        • Yea, let’s just let them have everything they want. We already gave em an election. 2020 was proof they have us by the balls. Some people just don’t run, and some are boot licking party voters.

        • No it’s best to stay in the cities, you’ve got to fight to keep it. Name the many cities that have already done this that have now become decadent. Violence is taking your cities, dont let this happen to yours by fleeing like a refugee. Stand up for your chosen residence.
          …..This message brought to you by. .. .Critters Against Crowddation….

      • “Breaking and entering, trespassing, destroying private property“

        The McCloskeys did not suffer any of that on that day.

        Not one house in the neighborhood was harmed.

    • You need to be in a mental facility if you think they didn’t have a right to defend their lives and property. Tells us what kinds of cowards some of you are on here doesn’t it?

  13. “Patricia McCloskey was fined $2,000 to the courts and ordered to pay $10 to the crime victims fund.”
    OK – “The handgun held by Patricia McCloskey at her home in the Central West End was not capable of firing when seized by police.”
    I wouldn’t have taken a plea, especially the wife. You cannot hurt some violent mob with a “prop” gun.
    OTOH that gun probably saved the riotous mob from during more damage to their property or burning their house down.
    How many members of the “protesters” were arrested for destroying their property (the gate)?