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Bless his heart.


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  1. I sometimes hear this in my head when Sacramento, Newsom, and CADOJ press their next attack on our rights here:

    They have taken the bridge, and the second hall.
    We have barred the gates, but cannot held them for long.
    The ground shakes.
    Drums in the deep.
    We cannot get out.
    A shadow moves in the dark.
    We cannot get out.

    …They are coming.

  2. Yeah my grandfather got up locked in a loony bin. He probably needed xanax or lithium long ago. Maybe a bit of haldol.Oh my older brother thinks Biden won fair n square-is THAT crazy?!? The definition of insanity depends on who’s in power…

    • The definition of insanity depends on who’s in power…
      EXCACTLY why it says, “…shall not be infringed

    • FWW,

      I was my Uncle’s guardian for a while…full on schizophrenia, hallucinations, voices, the whole enchilada. My brother and 3 of my 4 sisters all believe Biden won legitimately. But they all live in New Jersey. The 4th sister got out of Jersey a decade ago, and I got out 30 years ago. She and I recognized the steal.

      So it seems that living in NJ causes hallucinations, leading one to think Biden won.

      • “So it seems that living in NJ causes hallucinations, leading one to think Biden won.”

        Yeah, my good nephew from the New Jersey branch of my family saw the signs, and is now living in Utah, where he can now carry, and own NFA ‘toys’.

        He’s much happier… 😉

  3. What’s the difference between having random thoughts, and hearing voices? Never got an answer from a psychologist I asked…

  4. By law you are not obligated to answer that question.
    Refusing just stirs up more questions.
    ” My Rights”, to the phych’s just means your delusional.
    ” Not that I’m aware of.” – – Is my answer to most any questions from most anyone.

    • It is important to understand: Crazy people as a general rule don’t know they are Crazy. My wife’s uncle was schizophrenic and heard the voices, but he was smarter than most people, not violent and far from Crazy.

      • Bullshit. Some “crazy” people understand their issues, or the way they perceive things and that it’s considered crazy, they just don’t care and think the rest of the world is crazy for not thinking like them…

        Mindfuck if you really wanna travel through that wormhole…

    • Yes, he is. But if you think about it, that’s actually one of the great things about storytelling and acting — inferior clay can be a temporary vessel for something truly amazing. He may be a Hollyweirdo POS, but he did give us Ron Swanson.

      • Only funny with the included context. Can’t even watch that shit anymore cuz he revealed what a POS he truly is.


  5. any history of mental Illness in your family ?, well we all thought our service and sacrifice would protect freedom, and that because of that our constitution would remain intact…. we never in a million years would have believed that the attack would come from within. and the hands of our own government would some day be populated with Communists, instead of representatives of “WE THE PEOPLE” !

    • Yep Southern Cross, That would most definitely count as mental incapacity…. keep them locked up in kalifornia. and don’t send them money to help with taxes….

  6. Those of you who continue to claim Trump had an election “stolen” are delusional.

    Governments are the most incompetent organizations ever created. The couldn’t organize a CF with 10 whores and a fraternity. But you think somehow they managed to change the votes in enough states to change the election results? And none of the hundreds of people it would take talked?

    You need to step away from the crack pipe.

    Trump lost, despite support for many of his positions, because he’s an egotistical megalomaniac who insisted every moment of every day being devoted to feeding his fragile ego. If he was half way competent he’d have won.

    • Yo, there, delusional! Serious question, here. Did you see the videos of the criminal activities at various ballot counting stations in several states? Or was that censored by the news sources you consider? Did you catch that hundreds of thousands of ballots were cast in certain areas which were for Biden only, no other candidates considered? Or was that censored by your news source? Have *YOU* ever voted for the presidential candidate only, and left the rest of the ballot blank? Funny how all such ballots, the presidential vote was for Biden, none for Trump. Biden criminally stole the election and most everybody knows it, you might wish to alter your gloating to more like “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, we cheated and lied like all hell, and you couldn’t stop us!!”

    • well there AR librarian, I guess you missed the video of berry O’dingle, saying after 2012 ,” of course we cheated, how do you think we win? ”
      and of course you have missed the videos and reports of Dominion machines that have been Erased ?,
      And Of course you cannot read the reports of ballots that were completed, Ala Xerox copier with all the bubble’s having the exact same error a small crescent within the bubble ?
      and you missed all the county’s across the country where they had 110 -125% voter turnout?.
      Buddy you better put down the crack pipe, and if you cannot blame it on altered state of mind due to drugs, you better seek REPUTABLE mental help….

    • AR Libertarian If you think there has ever been a fair election in this country you are the one that is delusional. There are counties in Texas that still talk about how LBJ stole the election for senator (66+ years) and then help steal the election for JFK and himself (60+ years). The DemonRats these days are just being a little more careful about leaving a trail.

  7. avatar Bumper sticker on a state police car, “gun control means using both hands “ !!!%. Red state!

    Those blue states just need more gun free zone signs! Oh but they have to have more than a third grade education to read them! Can you say lemmings?

  8. Yep, there’s a few in my family as well. Mainly cousins that live in Libturd Sh*tholes like Denver.
    10 years ago, my little sister asked me to stop by. Her and her hubby then asked me to help get them in to shooting, I was pleased as punch to do so. They both are now CC holders and regularly go to the range as well as support SAF and FPC. Couldn’t have been a prouder big brother in the country after that.


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