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There is nothing funny about murder and banning the Second Amendment is not a laughing matter.

Comedian Michael Ian Black didn’t wait for facts after one innocent American was killed, and several others injured, by a murderer using a handgun in an Atlanta medical facility. He wasted little time in calling for the Second Amendment to be repealed – no ifs, ands or buts.

“Repeal the Second Amendment,” the comedy writer tweeted.

That was the entire tweet. But in subsequent messages, the comedian made more of his gun control wishes known. He also got something very wrong about who owns and is lawfully buying firearms today.

‘Radical Gun Control’

Black repeated his call for the Second Amendment to be repealed in numerous subsequent back-and-forth responses with commenters. If his goal was not explicit enough, he put it in other terms too.

“Personally I don’t want sensible gun control. I want radical gun control,” he said. ‘Radical’ would certainly describe repealing one of the country’s most foundational rights in the Constitution. A right that is exercised by millions of law-abiding Americans every year, including in Black’s home state of Georgia. Atlanta, in case Black is unaware, ranks as one of America’s most dangerous cities when it comes to violent crime. The murder rate per capita in Georgia’s largest city is even worse than crime-ridden Chicago. The right for law-abiding Americans to purchase and possess commonly-owned firearms includes for purposes of self-defense.

Self-defense, along with recreational shooting and hunting, are the main reasons that led more than 1,011,000 Georgians to pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) verification to purchase a gun since 2020, according to NSSF adjusted survey data.

Black hasn’t mentioned what he means by “radical gun control” but implementing stricter limitations on law-abiding Georgians wouldn’t stop evil criminals from committing heinous acts. Local news reporting revealed the murderer had previous run-ins with law enforcement, including for a domestic violence disturbance. None of those instances resulted in a felony conviction that would prohibit an individual from purchasing a handgun.

A Little Comedian Education

Plenty of people hold absurd views about extreme gun control. Plenty of Americans are uninformed about who is lawfully exercising the Second Amendment. No surprise here but count Black among the uninformed.

Responding to a commenter criticizing his call for repealing the Second Amendment, Black said, “So weird that the people most vocally supporting guns are flabby white dudes wearing dubious sunglass choices.”

Black is not alone. Mainstream media frequently gets it wrong, often broad-stroking and caricaturing the gun owner as an old, white guy stockpiling guns.

Facts tell a completely different story. Recent industry data showed April was the 45th month in a row of at least 1 million background verifications run by FBI NICS for the purchase of a firearm, and the third-highest April on record. During the two years of heightened COVID pandemic life in America, nearly 40 million firearms were legally purchased by Americans between January of 2020 and December of 2021. That included roughly 10 million first-time buyers. Approximately 40 percent of buyers during that blistering stretch were first-time buyers, and about 30 percent were women.

Black would be even more dumbfounded to learn NSSF surveys showed African Americans purchased firearms in 2020 at a rate of 58 percent higher than 2019. Hispanic Americans did so at a 49 percent higher rate and Asian Americans at a 43 percent higher rate, during the same period. The trend has only continued. NBC News highlighted the rise in African American gun ownership with a report on the National African American Gun Ownership (NAAGA). NAAGA’s president Philip Smith said, “There’s been an awakening.” Smith added, “Having a gun is OK as long as it’s done in the right way.”

The Cut headlined one article, “The New Face of American Gun Ownership – Black women are pushing against the (white, rural, and male) stereotype.” They described gun-buying among African American women, writing, “In recent years, story after story has furthered the narrative that Black women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners in the country.” Black, the comedian, should do some research.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Critics of Black who thought his comment was not only uneducated but sexist as well piled on to show their support for safe and responsible gun ownership.

The Babylon Bee’s Ashley St. Claire went beyond just replying and added a picture of herself in sunglasses holding a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR). Those are the most popular selling semiautomatic rifles in America with more than 24.4 million in private circulation since 1990. They’re also increasingly the popular firearm choice for women.

“I hate being a flabby white guy with dubious sunglasses,” St. Claire shot back.

Amy Swearer, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Second Amendment supporter, posted several pics in response to Black, including of her practicing at a shooting range. “So weird that I’m not even wearing sunglasses,” Swearer said.

Still another women gun owner wearing eyes and ears protection and shooting at an outdoor range put it simply for Black. “Gun rights are women’s rights!” There were no shortage of additional of examples of women and minority gun owners clapping back at Black’s sexist and bigoted tweet.

Michael Ian Black and his closed-minded views on gun rights and gun ownership in America today are far too common, with activists and talking heads preferring to limit rights instead of holding criminals accountable for their crimes.

The Second Amendment is colorblind and for all law-abiding Americans. That’s no laughing matter.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.


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      • He is certainly a willing volunteer for lil’d’s Caravan of Death.

        He might be the one who betrays lil’d for being too soft.

    • Well, I guess he identifies as a comedian. He has the most tragic non-career I’ve ever seen. Looks like his lifetime high point was the puppeteer and voice actor for the sock puppet dog.

    • He may be trying for a spot hosting one of the Late Night shows.

      Being funny is apparently no longer a job requirement (unless you’re Gutfeld).

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  1. I’m old. I’m white. But I’ve been working out. Getting buffed for my 69th birthday this month. Also gotta a gorgeous brown wife. She could kick this boy’s azz without a dreaded gun🙄 Are you a comedian if you’re NOT funny???

  2. When someone establishes themselves as colossally ignorant it is impossible to start an intellectual conversation. That said the place to start with that funny nazi is with a swift kick in the pants and a ground and pound:)

    • Debbie,

      First, thanks for finding another comment to post.

      Second, no, as the old saying goes, “You can’t reason someone out of a position they arrived at without reason.”

      I find it fascinating that the most ardent “anti-gunners” are typically the most ignorant about firearms. How do you have an opinion about something you know nothing about?? Well, OK, we do have dacian the demented and MajorLIar as instructive examples, don’t we?

      But, you are not wrong.

      • “I find it fascinating that the most ardent “anti-gunners” are typically the most ignorant about firearms.”

        Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah?

        I know all I need to know about guns: people get killed through the use of firearms; guns make me scared. Get rid of guns.

        Guns bad. Gun owners bad. Orange Man bad.

  3. “…that led more than 1,011,000 Georgians to pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) verification to purchase a gun since 2020…”

    That led people to submit to the unconstitutional Government-imposed process of assuming their guilt, and thereby requiring proof of innocence, before being granted permission to exercise their Natural right the Government’s own founding document expressly forbids the Government from hindering. An unconstitutional (read, unlawful) process the NSSF repeatedly mouthpieces in nearly all its articles.


  4. There is nothing funny about the spokesorifice of the gun mfg industry calling for “common sense” redflag laws either, yet here Larry Keane is….

  5. Really, y’all got your panties in a wad because some comedian somewhere wanted to outrage the audience?

    The proverbial nothing burger.

    A much more interesting story is that for the first time in history, a past US president has been found liable in a court of law by a jury of his peers for sexually abusing a woman and ordered to pay her $5 million.

    • You sound surprised, don’t know anyone who thought a jury in Manhattan would let him off without something, it will be overturned in the appeal process, she won’t see a dime… But you hang in there, don’t give up ALL hope, they’ll keep going after him… I heard something about a possible unpaid library fine from 1976 they are looking to make a felony just for Trump…

      • miner has become a mockery of himself. He must have realized he is on the wrong side of history. But he can’t afford to give up the soros bucks.

    • “… by a jury of his peers…”

      Did not realize that there were that many living former Presidents. Like your so-called Ghost Guns, I think the jury must have been made up of former Democrat Ghost Presidents. FDR, Truman and Johnson are still on the official voter roles and just keep haunting D.C. (Kennedy would be a Conservative by today’s metrics).

      I would like to see Clinton dragged through the legal system for his numerous substantiated rapes (some while serving as governor and then as President) and Obama charged and prosecuted for illegal drug use (he proudly admitted that as the leader of the Choom Gang that he used cocaine on numerous occasions. His confession is found in his “autobiography”). Shall we even mention Biden charged and prosecuted for treason for receiving money from a hostile foreign government while sitting as President. All he has to do is steer official inquiries away from China by using his power to misdirect and obfuscate.

      Shall I continue…?

      • Everyone ignored Reade coming forward at the tail end of the me too movement because they don’t care when powerful Democrats rape women. #BelieveAllWomen

        A former neighbor of Reade’s from the 1990s, Lynda LaCasse, corroborated Reade’s version of events to Business Insider on Monday.

        “I remember her saying, here was this person that she was working for, and she idolized him,” LaCasse said. “And he kind of put her up against a wall. And he put his hand up her skirt, and he put his fingers inside her. She felt like she was assaulted, and she really didn’t feel there was anything she could do.”


        Two Florida residents have pleaded guilty to stealing the diary of Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden’s youngest daughter, and then selling it to right-wing activist group Project Veritas, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

        From Ashley’s diary:
        Hyper-sexualized @ a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).

        I have a daughter. I had to bathe her and wash her hair, without mom around, before she was able to do it herself. Guess how many showers I took with her? None! How old was Ashley if she remembers that? She was writing about that in the context of why she’s messed up as an adult, but let’s all (current power structure) just ignore that so we can keep gettin’ while the gettin’s good ($$$). Priorities!

        • And how often do federal agents bust in someone’s residence to retrieve a stolen diary?!? What’s the federal law regarding that? Since when does any LE care about a missing diary? US Security State=DNC cleanup crew.

        • I can think of one particular ex-aunt (non-blood related) that would not have been a traumatic experience at all lol. But I’m a dude, and I was probably older (I hope) than poor Ashley when my uncle married her.

    • “Really, y’all got your panties in a wad because some comedian …”

      Liar49er, as I posted above:

      He’s supposed to be funny.

      He failed.

    • Miner49er, I get it now…the reason for your unhealthy mental illness obsession with Trump … is…

      You’re life is so pitiful you have nothing but obsession for the man you love and he didn’t pick you.

    • minor49iq…You would be the one to celebrate a frivolous lawsuit. Of course it will be appealed which means money stays put.

      She could sue you for the same thing. All she would have to do acuse you with no evidence to back it up like she did to POTUS DJT. Actually you and that skank deserve each other.

      Now if she had evidence against you like women had evidence against the rapist bill clintoon you’d be in the poophouse married to a lifer named Bubba.

    • MINOR Miner49er, I am sure you think this is a “nothing burger”, after all aren’t you actually one of the people proposing that we repeal the 2nd?
      Over my dead body! You Leftists have ZERO chance of ever repealing the 2nd.

  6. caricaturing the gun owner as an old, white guy stockpiling guns…

    Meh… Guilty… Don’t know about the questionable choice in sunglasses though, my prescription bi-focal aviators look pretty fuckin cool…

    • Hmm collecting guns is easier than bikes and/or cars. The latter are too expensive and take up too much room.

      • And if you store a bike or car for a while because you don’t want to use it it can really degrade them. You have to take much more preps with storing a vehicle than you do a gun.

        I like cars. But I rapidly gave up having more than a couple. It’s a lot of work.

      • I don’t “collect” guns, I have four main guns a pistol for short range a shotgun for short to medium ranges an AR for moderate to 100 yards or so and a “sniper” style piece if I really need to reach out and touch someone, then of course I have a number of “backups” in various calibers for each category… I do collect motorcycles and have enough cars/trucks that I can go a couple of weeks without driving the same one twice… I find that a short cruise at least once month keeps them in operable condition and a basic maintenance program once a year keeps them happy…

      • “Hmm collecting guns is easier than bikes and/or cars. The latter are too expensive and take up too much room.”

        Amen to that.
        Picking up my 2023 Ducati DesertX on Saturday.

    • MAXX,

      You do you, bro.

      When I was a younker, eye and ear protection wasn’t “a thing”. I have tinnitus. Perhaps there’s a connection.

  7. Rich guy in a gated Connecticut community of other rich guys has an opinion. I better listen.

    I’s be more likely to hear him out if he was talking as Captain Monterey Jack.

  8. Repeal the 2a. There is a mechanism in place to do so. Between now and then I expect my civil rights to be respected.

  9. As is evidenced by this fool’s desire, the ultimate goal of the gun-control crowd is to impose control and the best way to do that is to eliminate resistance. They know they can’t do that if people have the means to fight back so, step one is to remove the most effective means of resistance the populous has. Unless you are a fool, you should be able to recognize that, were they able to do that, their next goal would be to remove the second most effective means of resistance. Then the third, then the fourth, then …

    The ultimate goal is, obviously, no resistance. That goal is, of course, unattainable but, comprehending reality is not this type’s strong suit.

  10. He’ll hire a body guard soon, one that carries a firearm, you know, because of the NRA’s guns nuts. Maybe the clown should find another job, because he sucks at comedy.

  11. Michael I Black was an unfunny progtard back when he was with “The Kids in the Hall” comedy troupe.
    Same as he ever was.

  12. Fake name, like most people in showbiz. His real last name is Schwartz. Born in Chicago, raised in New Jersey, schooled in New York City. That’s about as anti American as you can get while living in America. No wonder he thinks what he said is popular.

    Curious what makes these mentally inbred city slickers think they’d be safer if they’re unarmed?

  13. I used to watch “The Kids in the Hall” back in the day. Is he the g@y one? Or were they all h0m0sexu@ls? Gun control and g@ys seem to go together alot. I thought the show was pretty funny.

    Murdered San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk owned a gun. And he said everyone should own a gun. It’s too bad the anti-civil right g@ys dont take his advise.

        • James, I found that same article when I was doing a search.

          Have to read past the opening sentence:

          “The new show will have eight brand new episodes, featuring all five of the original Kids in the Hall members: Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, and that guy who directed Drop Dead Gorgeous. Okay, yes, that’s a joke, a comical mishap in which I “accidentally” listed members of a different ‘90s sketch comedy troupe instead of the actual Kids in the Hall. Everybody knows the actual Kids in the Hall was a ‘90s sketch show on Comedy Central and the early breeding grounds for Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Amy Sedaris, before they went on to create—okay sorry that joke wasn’t funny the first time and I have no idea why I did it a second time. I am sorry, and I promise I won’t keep this nonsense going with a Vacant Lot reference.

          The real Kids in the Hall, of course, are Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, and Dave Foley, and their original show was broadcast on CBC, HBO and CBS between 1988 and 1995.”

        • Thanks for the clarification. 👍
          I could’ve sworn he was a member.
          Knew a few people who like it, tried to watch a few episodes. Found it unwatchable.

  14. Considering the stunningly high black and hispanic crime rates against Whites, you might want to reconsider touting their record firearms purchases.

    This ‘big tent’ republicuck BS is a why the FUSA is taking ‘The Big Swirly’ down the drain.

  15. Domestic violence although a misdemeanor does prevent a human from purchasing a firearmn from a licensed dealer.
    Repeal the second amendment, why? The powers that be have infringed its true value away.
    According to its text we the people have the right to pocess assualt weapons.

  16. ” ‘Radical’ would certainly describe repealing one of the country’s most foundational rights in the Constitution.”

    Stop right there –

    Using the amendment process to change the constitution is not, cannot be, ‘radical’. Using simple legislation to evade the constitution is ‘radical’.

    I applaud anyone who endorses following the prescribed procedure for altering the constitution.

    • Sam,

      Agreed, using the Constitutional process to amend the Constitution is not “radical”.

      On the other hand, what does amending/repealing the 2A have to do with my INHERENT right to defend myself and my family?

      Enquiring minds want to know. Amend anything you want – I’m still going to defend my family, and equip myself with the best tools available to do the job. And any idiots, like this @$$clown, who think the can prevent that are in for a rude surprise.

      • “On the other hand, what does amending/repealing the 2A have to do with my INHERENT right to defend myself and my family?”

        That is a different issue, a different conversation; power vs. authority.

        Govt has the unstoppable power to ignore the constitution, and do what it wants. The constitution declares it does not have authority to use that power to subjugate the population.

        Repeal a constitutional restraint on government, and the govt has both power and authority.

        It is comforting to declare that “we” will defy the govt, and do as we see fit, when it comes to defense of self and family. When the govt is given both power and authority to end our “right”, we must count the cost. Govt can interfere with you income, you dwelling, your employment, your ownership of property.

        Thus, when we say we will ignore repeal and replacement of the Second Amendment, in order to be able to defend self and family, what is the expected outcome when a person uses a declared illegal property (guns) to do whatever is necessary to defend self and family; status quo for the family while the now criminal is imprisoned?

        Count the cost.

        BTW, a former legal gun owner in prison is not available for the boogie, Lou.

        • Americans haven’t been free since 40 acres and a mule would not supply a family’s needs.
          We now are dependent on the giverment.

      • Enquiring minds want to know

        NEVER give a statement to the ENQUIRER it will come back to bite you on the ass… “INQUIRING” minds want to know..

        • These days, I’d be tempted to trust the National Enquirer more than I would trust a supposed “mainstream” media outlet.

          In the past, the Enquirer was known to perform random acts of journalism and scoop the networks and newspapers. IIRC they outed John Edwards who was hiding his out-of-wedlock child.

        • MAXX,

          It was just a riff on the old Enquirer TV ad (oops, I just revealed how damn old I am!). Grammatically, you are correct, of course.

  17. There seems to be something in common amongst unfunny comedians, since they appear to believe that it is okay to disparage people for their age, and that gives them cart blanc to then demand that we give up our rights. If this sad clown wants to take my guns, he is welcome to try!

  18. hollywood made a movie about “radical gun control”
    its called “schindlers list”
    conservatives see it as a cautionary tale
    progressives see it as a how to manual

  19. I got three beers and a fist full of downs
    I’m going to get ripped and fuck that clown
    And that’s when the Devil farted and blew him over the cliff.
    He said:
    I do declare how did you get back there

    • I got three beers and a fist full of downs
      I’m going to get ripped and fuck that clown.. (so fuck YOU clowns)

      I’m mean ‘n I’m bad, y’know I ain’t no sissy
      Got a big-titty girly by the name of Chrissy
      talkin’ about her ‘n my bike ‘n me
      ‘N this ride up the Mountain of Mystery, mystery

      • MAXX,

        Good times, good times. I got rid of my bike, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I knew how crappy the average American driver is (and some of them I encountered actually hated bikes – I had a couple try to bump me when it was CLEARLY intentional). But . . . good times.

  20. A SEMI-AUTOMATIC Rifle is NOT a MODERN HUNING RIFLE it’s simply a MAN-KILLING machine which has no plcce as a HUNTING rifle.
    The TITLE of ”MODERN HUNTING RIFLE’ is absolutely nothing more than another MARKETING ploy by an industry that puts PROFITS before Death and Destruction and plays on the rather immature emotions of Americans especially those men who need something to demonstrate their supposd masculinity and there is NOTHING in this world as idiotic as some silly woman wandering the streets toting a semi-auto except a fat bearded overweight guy of indetermined sexuality living in the hope of slotting somebody uinder the pretense of SELF DEFENCE.

    • “A SEMI-AUTOMATIC Rifle is NOT a MODERN HUNING RIFLE it’s simply a MAN-KILLING machine which has no plcce as a HUNTING rifle. The TITLE of ”MODERN HUNTING RIFLE’ …”

      It’s “modern sporting rifle.” Asshole.

    • Having been in a group charged by several large hog, my response to All Hail…….
      GFY yourself subject.

      Every posted AH comment only further proves how stupid he is. 🤪

    • Prince Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      Thanks for once again proving your abject ignorance on all things firearm. The AR platform rifles are now pretty much the “go to” gun for hunting feral hogs, coyotes, and prairie dogs. You’re a complete ignoranus, aren’t you?

      Go fornicate a rubber duck and have bouncing babies, you abject @$$clown.

    • ALBERT, Please tell us what is a “hunning rifle?” I’ve never heard of this firearm? And you claim to have been an armourer for the RAF? For your edification, there have been many semi-automatic rifles designed for hunting. For example the Remington 7400, the 740, to name a few. It seems as usual, you don’t know what you are talking about.
      It seems your education has been sorely neglected.

  21. You said comedian. I seen him in somethings. He must have pictures of someone to get a job because he has never been funny.

  22. This is nothing but a poor, out of work D-list celebrity trying to remind Hollywood he is still faithful to the cause and available for work.







  25. @possum
    “Americans haven’t been free since 40 acres and a mule would not supply a family’s needs.
    We now are dependent on the giverment.”

    “We have met the enemy, and they are us.”
    – Pogo

    • Didn’t always vibe with Walt Kelly’s politics, but . . . that man could bring teh funneh.

      And funny is almost always only funny when it is true, just exaggerated. “Comedians” haven’t been funny for a decade.

      The funny part, to me, is that Lenny Bruce and George Carlin would be ‘cancelled’ by the modern Leftist/fascists – and they were almost canceled by the conservatives, when they were performing. Life comes at you fast.

      • “The funny part, to me, is that Lenny Bruce and George Carlin would be ‘cancelled’ by the modern Leftist/fascists…”

        Not sure why Bill Mahr hasn’t been cancelled, yet.

        • Sam,

          They’re sure workin’ on it, aren’t they? I think Maher is a smug, self-important jerk, but he has definitely become more of a “traditional liberal” in recent years. I hope that “red pill” doesn’t cost him his career.

  26. @Lamp
    “I think Maher is a smug, self-important jerk, but he has definitely become more of a “traditional liberal” in recent years.”

    Would like to see Maher become even more iconoclastic.


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