FN 502 Tactical .22LR
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FN America, LLC announces a safety bulletin for the FN 502 Tactical .22LR pistol. The company has become aware that a very limited number of FN 502 Tactical pistols in the field may have an improperly installed manual safety. In these cases, the external safety lever will not function as designed and may result in unintended firing. To ensure the pistol’s safe operation, FN is asking owners of the FN 502 Tactical to suspend use of their pistol and perform a function check to verify the manual safety is operating correctly, following the function check guide located here.

For more information, please see the FN 502 Tactical safety bulletin at fnamerica.com/customer-support/fn-502-safety-bulletin/. For assistance in returning a firearm, please contact FN Support at [email protected] or call 1-800-635-1321, ext. 145, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

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  1. Ok, mines not covered by this. Never noticed an issue with it but haven’t used it in a few weeks so will check again.

    • My first thought reading the headline was to chuckle at anyone talking about a tactical .22 LR with a strait face. I mean no offence, but one being owned and used regularly (tactically?) by our own distinguished Mr. .40 cal is the icing on my ironic cake.

      • I suppose when you can launch 40s from your nose all you need a sidearm for is guard-dogs and streetlamps.

      • I carry a glock 22.40 cal. The FN 502 is just for run on the range and the raccoons that show up and sometimes general fun plinking out in the woods.

        Its part of my overall collection, 30 + hand guns.

  2. Everyone I personally know who has an FN “Tactical” pistol in any caliber uses it for show and tell. They won’t run a whole box of ammunition through that thing in 25 years.

  3. Just pretend it’s a Glock and dont pull the trigger until your ready to shoot. Safety’s are a thing of the past.

    • IMO…If Glock would not have painted themselves into a corner by selling their Trigger as Safe they would have already offered a Glock model with a real working safety to grab a larger market share. After all they have added all sorts of other customer wanting improvements to what was originally deemed to be, “Perfection.”

      • But if they did that on their full range they’d be up to model 94 and wouldn’t have hardly any room for new models before they hit 100.

  4. I don’t know about anybody else but that’s one of the first things I do with every gun when I’m out back shooting is to put it on safe and pull the trigger to make sure the safety is doing what it’s supposed to do

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