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Apparently we have Dead Air Silencers to thank for this great meme. Find ’em at Silencer Shop and check out my reviews on Dead Air’s Nomad-LT, Nomad-Ti, Wolfman, Odessa, Nomad-30, and Wolf-9SD.


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      • @Xennial 83…..I’m a so-called “boomer”, born by one off the veterans of WW2 D-Day the Screaming Eagle 101st Airborne 1/506th Currahee that jumped into France; Sainte-Mère-Eglise drop zone C area, as they say the Greatest Generation! And I immediately new what the picture of zucker’fucker meant!

  1. Four Silencers.

    One of those silencers is criminal.
    One of those silencers has a face.
    One of those silencers wants to silence you.
    One of those silencers is poisonous waste
    And should be rendered into a poisonous waste space.

    I wanted that to be funny, but his despicableness was just too overwhelming.

    • Then there are those of us who have never used Lizardberg’s platform, and use browser add-ons that block any FB tracking…and therefore aren’t under his Gorgon Stare.

      Eat rocks, Lizardberg

  2. Well done to TTAG for getting right on to the “meme of the day” suggestion.
    TY Jeremy!

    A laugh a day keeps sanity in play.
    (At least for me.)

    And, FWIW, I have been on the fence over which rimfire suppressor to buy.
    Seeing the shoutout from you to Dead Air for providing the meme just sealed my decision.
    Dead Air Mask for me!

    See corporate America, THAT is how you conduct business.
    Listen to your base, react to their simple needs, ditch the political correctness, and have & express a sense of humor.
    Viola!, everybody wins.

  3. I thought they were called “Suppressors”.
    Three of them look cool and suppress loud noises.
    One of them is ugly and suppresses any sounds it doesn’t like.

  4. LOL, that meme was funny. It took a bit until aha, that’s Zuckerberg.
    I’ve never used facebook. Let me rephrase that.
    I’ve never let facebook use me.

  5. 3 are suppressors
    1 is part of a Fascist Nazi Wannabe Clone Org,
    Regardless of M O the intent and goals remains the same.
    Silence that which Does Not Conform and allow Their Hate to Remain.
    Rewrite the History and Indoctrinate the Young
    Destroy the Nation to be Rebuilt in their Form
    When the Final day comes and come it shall
    Who will be left to stand as a crowd
    Those who loved a Great Nation in all it’s Proud Glory
    Or a Mob of destroyers Hell bent on their Social Orders to Conform
    The answer does lay in the days that are to come
    Will any remember from which whence it did come
    A good people remembered or pounded to dust
    For the Victor shall write the end to this Quest

  6. Funny?

    Hilariously unfunny.

    Also, you forgot Twitter twat and about 3,000 (probably more) other elitist pricks.

  7. Speaking of big tech silencers, try this experiment. Google “Sean Parnell for senate” or such, and it won’t find his site parnellforsenate dot com. If you search for parnellforsenate it will find his site, so they have indexed ir. Other search engines, like DuckDuckGo, Bing, or Yahoo have no problem finding it.

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