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A parting shot — yes, yet another one — at Mr. Baldwin as we head into the weekend. Be safe, fam.


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  1. How many safety classes do you think Baldwin has gone through in all the movies and TV shows he’s made handling a gun. And as a liberal piece of sh*t not one safety rule has passed through that superior head of his!

  2. In the end, it’s just sad. If he (and his pals) weren’t so busy demonizing the NRA, he could have learned how to safely handle a firearm and not taken a human life.

  3. Hopefully Alec “killer” Baldwin will never be in another shoot ’em up. The Rock Johnson neatlyly sidestepped those icky gunz by vowing to never use real ones in the crap he churns out. Rubber & special edu er effects…

    • “Hopefully Alec “lady-killer” Baldwin…”

      Fixed it for ya… 😉

      • Geoff celebrates that poor lady’s death. He uses it as a punchline for one of his many ‘jokes’. He is the biggest 🤡 on this site, and it’s not even close. And woo-boy, that’s saying something!

        • Not even close. You forgot about dacian and several others. Including yourself. Run along and melt somewhere else snowflake.

    • “ The Rock Johnson neatlyly sidestepped those icky gunz by vowing to never use real ones…”. So the “stars, and not the prop peeps make those decisions?

  4. He looks like a rude thoughtless little pig! That’s a throwback Baldwin quote to his own child. At least his second round of kids won’t speak English, you know, with his Spanish wife.

  5. This might be the first example I’ve seen of comedy actually punching down.

    Which is more of a sad commentary on Mr. Baldwin than anything else.

  6. But he was exempt from safe gun handling practices because someone said “no it’s cool, I get paid to do this”.

    • How could EddieEagle be able to help prevent a one in a trillion “misfire”, I mean geeze, three different people declared the weapon safe before dumbass shot and killed someone with an errant “blank” . What more could an additional cartoon character possibly have added ?

      • “ How could EddieEagle be able to help prevent a one in a trillion “misfire”,(?)
        Real deep thinking there, pal. “Eddie Eagle” can’t prevent or promote anything. Taking the training and adhering to the basic rules can make one aware of things they might not normally be familiar with, however.

        And then again, these memes are meant to be satire and often sarcastic.

  7. I’m not blaming Baldwin, nobody should hand an idiot a loaded gunm.
    I’ve rumors his next movie is Captain and Commander parts two.

  8. Sorry, but 100% Baldwins fault. Would any of you, honestly, accept someone else’s word before pointing a firearm at a human being and pulling the trigger? I’ll bet not.

    • I was talking to some friends. We agreed we would probably yell and beat each other’s ass and never talk again if we even pulled the trigger pointing at each other with a blue laserlyte screwing around. I don’t personally own a blue cerakoted glock but it’s not outside the realm of possibility if someone made me a deal. I know it’s not a big deal but it’s not the kind of habit I want to see in people I shoot with.

  9. Simple, first rule of gun safety, treat every gun as if it is loaded. If you just watched someone clear a weapon before handing it to you, would you put that gun to your head and pull the trigger, yea, I didnt think so. You and only you are responsible for safe firearm handling. Baldwin should be criminally charged.

  10. I remain amazed that gun owners support if not demand that actors utilize real guns as props when we know that the actors will:

    Treat every gun as if it isn’t loaded.

    Point guns at other actors or camera crews to simulate gun fights.

    Not only put their finger on the trigger but pull the trigger while they are simultaneously violating all the other rules.

    Completely ignore the other actors, camera operators and production crew that are in the line of fire.

    Actors should be restricted to utilizing either inoperable replica guns or real guns that have been modified with blanc firing adaptors or barrel constrictions that render them incapable of actually firing a bullet.

    • As anti gun as hollywood is they should self ban themselves from ever using any type of gun, real or fake, in any movie.

    • Movies use real cars to film action scenes. People can be killed just as easily with a speeding car as a bullet. However, people in the movie industry are familiar with cars and take safety with stunt driving seriously.

      Even if the reports of the mismanagement of the props and armorer departments on that set are true, if gun safety were taken seriously no one would have gotten hurt, much less killed. Apparently, Baldwin was practicing his draw. He didn’t need any rounds in the gun for that, dummy or not. Additionally, he should have picked a spot where on one was downrange.

      If someone is practicing a car stunt on a set, they will make sure conditions are safe around them when they are doing it. They will not drive at crew, they will work up to full speed, they will use camera tricks to make something safe look dangerous on film. All of that can be done for guns. You just have to take them seriously and not be a moron.

  11. Hollyweird sure beats the anti gun drum really hard.
    Telling everyone guns are bad and nobody except cops and military should have them.
    Then in the next breath it’s defund cops and let’s make the military woke sissies.
    All the while churning out crappy, unrealistic shoot em up movies.
    While hiding behind their walls and armed guards.
    Any true 2A patriot American that gives them even .01 cent deserves the infringements they get.
    Defund them all.
    Let’s go Brandon!

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