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Well, this one could have gone in a whole ‘nother, much less family-friendly direction. Glad to see the chicken, though I think that’s a hen. At any rate, this is clearly a sign of holiday gun memes to come.


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  1. Looks like it was made by somebody that’s only see chickens as nuggets, on foam trays, or gutted and shrinkwrapped.

    • had to look that one up.
      how about a rooster and a telephone pole?
      52ft c*ck trying to reach out and touch someone.

    • I *think* it’s supposed to be “Cock with a Glock”, as a play on “Elf on the Shelf”

      Not really getting the comparison, but maybe I’m missing something too.

        • “Everyone knows I’m down with the chicks!”

          The fake ‘minor’ gets sex, unlike my demented troll that only gets his hand…

        • “…….down with the chicks!”

          Geoff’s troll is down too…..with the syndrome. 🤔

          Why did whiner49er cross the road?

          Because his d!CK was stuck in the chicken.

  2. My son had his 1st shoot last weekend. He was put into the deep end with a 200m match that had 2 sighters, 10 round deliberate (2 minutes for 10 rounds), 3 round snap, 2 round snap, and 5 round rapid (25 seconds). He was using my Ruger Scout in .223 with a Leopold M8 Scout Scope.

    He loved the rifle. And won the prize for the highest scoring visitor. He beat me by a point as he was prone off the bipod with a scope. I was sitting with iron sights. He said the recoil was noticeable but not distracting. He says he wants to do more.

    Thanks to the dry firing and handling practice he had done over the years he handled the rifle with confidence and did not get panicked or flustered as many first timers do.

    I’m looking forward to doing more shooting with my son at the range. I had just as much fun teaching as he did shooting.

  3. “Elf on the Shelf”

    Musta been Leftist Scum that cooked-up that ‘toy’.

    Teaching kids snitches are *everywhere*…

  4. Oh just fckn great, chickens with gocks.
    I hope it breaks its pecker with

    This buisness of chickens exercising their right to bear wings has to be stopped.


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