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This one got an actual, out loud chuckle from me. A literal LOL.


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  1. Jeremy, please explain it. I’m familiar with both brands, but it’s just not clicking with me. Please don’t use big words, my brain is reving at only 700rpm.

  2. not all that mind bending. a taurus is most like a smith and wesson that a 12 year old opened up and tried to copy, not very well done and materially inferior parts….

    • So, I own a number of Taurus guns. A 5 screw 66 from Bangor Punta period that will beat the performance of my no dash S&W 686, a 24/7 gen1 in 45 that I still carry and hasn’t missed a beat on well over 2500 rounds of +p loads, and a nickel 92c I used to carry , now used as a truck gun. I also have traded off a few others along the way and can honestly say that none were bad guns… I’ve certainly owned a few dogs from the more highly rated manufacturers, a Colt Delta Gold Cup required FOUR trips back to the mothership, the final one being a one-way.

      • No doubt your right. Taurus makes good guns, its just the odds of having a bad one are a bit higher with Taurus than a few other companies.

        The internet really magnifies the law of averages. If .01 of Taurus guns are bad (just grabbing number outta my ass) and they sell 100,000 guns, then a 1000 are bad.

        Before we sent to factory, got um fixed, moved on. Now everyone screams about it on the internet and soon you have a rep for crappy guns. 1000 screaming unhappy gun owners can make a lot of noise.

        • If .01 of Taurus guns are bad (just grabbing number outta my ass) and they sell 100,000 guns, then a 1000 are bad.

          Might I suggest a remedial math course for your ass… 1% of 100,000 is 1000… .10% would be 100… (.01% of 100,000 would be 10)… I’m pretty sure any manufacturer of ANYTHING would be overjoyed to experience only 10 defects in every 100,000 of whatever they make…

        • It’s true that . 01 PERCENT is 10/1000 ; however, .01 as stated (NOT percent) equals 1/100, so the original statement is TRUE – which is why percent is generally submitted as whole numbers.

  3. Interesting. My Taurus has never F****d up. I have a couple at the may not be a pretty and a Kimber or the Para, but they go bang every time you pull the trigger and the bullets go where you aim. Maybe it’s because I am a Taurus (But I drive a Dodge).

  4. Brand snobs always miss out on some pretty good shootin irons! Lot of us can’t even afford to look at Kimbers and the other “high enders”! Got a couple Taurus’s that work every time I want em to, clean and oil!!

    • Even a brand snob can miss out; funny you should mention Kimber. I bought a Kimber Rapide in .45 and it has been rather problematic in the reliability department. The 10 round Kimber magazine springs (3 of them) collapsed after sitting loaded for a few months, to the point that the slide would not lock back any more. I had consistent stovepiping and failure-to-eject problems every few mags until I replaced the recoil spring and extractor with Wilson parts. It runs OK now with CMC mags, but I had to dump time and money in it to get to this point. Et caveat emptor at almost any price point.

  5. I always wonder why exactly Taurus has such a bad rep. I’ve had about 6 of them on and off the years and none of them had an issues in terms of quality or malfunctions. I know that they have some issues in the past but so have many other brands. But Taurus seems like it has a bad rep that goes beyond what other brands with comparable issues.

  6. My only Taurus is the original TX-22. I wholeheartedly recommend it over the Glock 44. Cheaper, more accurate, feeds everything reliably…and it comes with a threaded barrel (not a $170 extra purchase like the Glock)…oh yeah, it holds 16 rounds v the Glock’s 10….and the grip is comfortable.

  7. I have four Taurus firearms, and my TCP 738 has been reliable, as has my TX-22. However, my G2C did eat its recoil spring assembly at 500 rounds, and has given me light primer strikes on certain brands of ammo. My 709 has been completely unreliable with light primer strikes on all ammo save Fiocchi. When I sent it to Taurus, it came back with the front sight loose in the box and still not firing reliably.

  8. Over 250000mi on a Taurus (Sable actually). Good car.

    Would not want a Taurus gun as a gift.

    Don’t believe if voodoo BS.

  9. My neighbor has had a Taurus Judge for over five years and shoots it often. No problems. My other neighbor bought a Taurus 44: light primer strikes, and then the cylinder locked up.

    Taurus does have quality consistency problems.

  10. I work at a car auction. Everything from McClarens, too lazy to see if that is spelled right, lambos, ferraris and a host of other high end vehicles. Sold a G wagon, used, for 100 grand. The other side of the coin, especially with the shortages we have going on, is we sell a wide range of cars, trucks, vans, fleet vehicles. You name it, we sell it.

    All these vehicles, rich and poor, and it just confirms what I knew before I ever worked there. If you want reliable you want Toyota. Everything else is shit.

    • I agree, we have two Toyotas. Toyota is fighting a delaying action as best as they can concerning the Fed’s CAFE standards. The Fed’s and environmental zealots are determined to put us all in electric monstrosities. I will not go quietly.

      Since the meme included cars I’ll also include this from the wiki…not too shabby.

      “…The first generation Taurus SHO can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds[8] with a quarter mile time of 15.0-15.2 seconds. Car and Driver reported in their December 1989 issue a top speed of 143 mph (230 km/h)…”

      • The trouble with the electric vehicle mandate is that all of the lithium required for the batteries is imported , and is currently being diverted to the manufacture of King Dribblecup’s meds.

    • I have five operating Ford trucks, the oldest a ’64, the newest a ’17 and the rest mid-90s. Wouldn’t have a Toyota truck. If someone gave me one, I’d sell it – but might have a hard time doing that in my rural area.

      Have had three Taurus and one Sable cars from the 80s. One son was in Waco, came over a hill and I-35 was backed up. He successfully stopped. The truck behind him towing a travel trailer did not (he said “I looked in the rear view mirror and there was smoke coming from all the wheels.”). The Taurus was drivable, front end kind of crunched and no lights, no back bumper or lights (back bumper thrown in the back seat) and the trunk was about 18 inches. He pulled into the driveway just at dark (80 mile trip). He allowed that he was speeding because he knew he had no lights and needed to get home before dark. I asked him if people looked at him funny driving the car like it was and he answered not nearly as funny as when he passed them. We bought another Taurus.

      Still have a Taurus 66 which doesn’t get a lot of use any longer. Always shot well, as accurate as any 3″ bbl S&W. Only downside for carry was it was blued, not stainless and I still sweat a lot in Texas summers.

  11. My Taurus Tracker 357 mag will shoot with anything you can bring to the party AND when you are finished I still have two chambers stuffed and ready to go bang… My wife drove her Taurus to the tune of 245,000 miles sold it for $700 bought a new 2007 Mustang and it just turned over 280,000 miles…

    • I gave those a look this morning….Taurus Tracker 357 mag 4″. I think I can honestly say I’m in the market now, probably early next year. I’m not too much of a revolver guy but this one seems right. Thanks!

      • I have the 627 with 6.5 inch barrel (Not for EDC) w/ported barrel and optics mount. It’s comfortable, accurate and (for a 357) a pleasure to shoot… You are welcome…

  12. Had a Taurus Millennium in lockup for a while…traded up
    Worked on them at Ford in a former life…traded up there too

    They are middle of road good enough. If the owner is happy then that’s what counts. Feed it well and keep it in the ten ring. Personally, I will never have another PK380 but I know many have good luck with them. There are no Taurus’s on my list but in general they are ok (just like the car).

  13. Have 2 Taurus Spectrums. They will fire the first round for sure, and probably the second. Most likely the third too. After that it gets shaky. They have somewhat better reliability than my Ring of Fire collection (1st round only guaranteed). But nothing like my Glock, Springfields, Kahrs, or any of the milsurps, all of which function reliably all the time. The Spectrums got the same 500 round break in I inflict on any new to me gun.

    If you got a good Taurus I’m happy for you. There are enough reports of issues to indicate that not everyone does, and there is some kind of a consistent problem.


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