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From Future Forged . . .

Future Forged has released a unique grip that has been tailored specifically to the female shooter.

For decades, female shooters of the AR15 platform have suffered from outdated, uncomfortable male focused ergonomic designs that leave female shooters at a distinct disadvantage. At Future Forged, we believe that better ergonomics increase your personal shooting performance through better fit, feel and innovative material technologies.

After creating numerous custom fit grips for female shooters over a 3 year period, we set out to create the ultimate pistol grip for female shooters that would level the playing field and empower female shooters to unlock the warrior within and ascend to new levels of shooting performance and confidence with the AR15 platform.

Introducing the Virago Vektor-X pistol grip set. Designed from the ground up to benefit and excel female shooters through simple ergonomic design and light weight additive carbon fiber composite construction.

Specialized features include;

* Female optimized variable fit recurve front pommel and overall size
* Tight contoured backstrap with a more upright hand position for shorter length of pull settings
* Ample beavertail backstrap to bolster feminine contoured hands to a consistent trigger pull position.
* Exclusive “Virago” backstrap texture and styled thumb grip grooves.
* Mild surface texture to prevent abrasion while providing reliable all weather grip performance

By definition Virago means a woman of strength, spirit and encouragement- a female warrior. As with all Future Forged grips, the Virago has the ability to improve your shooting performance due to better ergonomics, superior hand alignment with the target and better trigger finger placement. The Virago is available in a variety of colors; Hot pink, Light blue, teal and two-tone black.

As with all Future Forged products the consumer always has the choice of purchasing a stock item or having their grip custom-made to specifically accommodate the size of their hand, using our proprietary biometric capture process.  Many styles, colors and textures are available along with custom engraving.

To find out more or to order your grip visit


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  1. Er, did I miss something? “Virago” means “unpleasant shrew” or “nasty woman.” Are they going to get Hillary as spokeswoman?

    • Rokurota is right! says:
      [ vi-rah-goh, -rey- ]SHOW IPA
      noun, plural vi·ra·goes, vi·ra·gos.
      1. a loud-voiced, ill-tempered, scolding woman; shrew.”

      This has to be the worst mistake in product naming since Nike named a sports shoe “Incubus”, which means a demon who rapes women in their sleep.

      • I disagree with it being the worst mistake in naming as it merely needs a bit of tweaking to the area of nagged to death.

      • I believe they were going with the old definition of Virago: ARCHAIC
        a woman of masculine strength or spirit; a female warrior.
        Such as Joan of Arc

      • And the original meaning of gay was “joyful.” But if I organize a Gay Day Festival in 2021, chances are I won’t be getting many kids.

  2. How much does it weigh?

    Can I use it if I have small hands, even though I have an outie peepee?

  3. Wait, I thought there were no differences between men and women. Also the whole world is male centric hence exclusionary to those women who aren’t any different.

  4. They don’t look any smaller or more petite than other grips. Bit pricey for some models too.
    Not trying to be negative. Maybe a picture with regular size grips and these would help.

  5. im pretty sure that 99 percent females that the word empowerment is a part of their lexicon would never even be in the same room as an ar15
    much less even touch it
    look for half off and bogo sales on these by years end

  6. This is the quite possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve seen for an AR. Right up there with sights made to look like hands, and fake suppressors. “It’s for a girl so we curved it different and made it pink!” An already light weight part now made of an expensive material that saves pretty much nothing, and then put out the worst marketing to support it. If I was a woman I’d probably be insulted. Instead I’ll just laugh at this.

    • That was kinda my thought as well.
      A standard, run of the mill, Magpul grip weighs how much? A: practically nothing. You save how much by going with expensive CF? A: even less than that.
      If you wanna make grips for women, or smaller hands, fine, but this is just kinda stupid.

    • I wouldn’t label them quite that way. Am I likely to buy this for myself? No. But there is a wide variety of personal tastes out there and the way I see it; we do need to attract more females into the gun world.

      I do completely agree that the way these are named could have been better.

  7. I’ve never been all that interested in the ‘skeletonized’ look. My personal tastes lean more toward a solid structure with some degree of heft ultimately conveying the feeling of strength that will last. This is with most things I own.

    I do find the overall size, shape, and angle of some of these grips to be appealing. Particularly the Vengeance Vektor 2 and the Calypso Vektor SG-2 Special Edition. I do like where these are going. Something that uses this with a rubberized overmolded ruggedized type of thing might drive my to it for sure. The Halex-S Foregrip looks interesting. Im just not sure yet if I want to use a hand stop foregrip like this from any manufacturer. I wouldn’t mind seeing these in G10.

    I know there is a market for this and certainly a large number of people pushing for lite weight parts. I do get the feeling that this is being marketed toward female shooters and that’s fine (we need more of them).

  8. Women’s amd men’s hands are a little different. Men’s ring fingers are typically longer than their index finger while for women its the opposite. This gives women a grip reach that almost equals a mans. You can test this on a soda can. So the only way this makes sense is if the person is tiny to begin with and then it would apply to women or men. I have lg to xl hands and had to add a grip sleeve to my P365 because it was too small to get a good trigger pull.

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