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Gotta weed ’em out quick.


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    • Rad Man,

      Agree, wholeheartedly. If you want/prefer a 9mm, you’ve got plenty of good optioins – Hi-Power (now being manufactured again), Beretta M9, the SIG M17, or the generic Glock and Glock clones. Why bastardize a perfectly good gun? If you don’t like the .45, buy a 9mm, don’t castrate a 1911 by making it a 9mm.

      That is akin to making a Colt SAA clone in .357magnum – sure, you COULD do it, but . . . why would you???

    • U-Bozo,

      I tried eating my belt, once. Boiled it for 3 days before it was soft enough. But that buckle…never did become chewy.

      • “My men can eat their belts, but my tanks have gotta have gas”

        A nameless legionnaire in Caesar’s 10th Legion

  1. I chuckled at the meme. But it made me think about how people really do that speed-dating thing. I wonder how successful that really is.

    Me, I met my trophy wife at church. She was a parishioner who worked at a local hospital, for which I was also a part-time chaplain. I had already decided on exiting, and she was (and still is) beautiful, smart, and principled. Never had to go searching. There she was.

    BTW, she shoots 22LR. Mighty good at it also, considering she only started 8 weeks ago.

    • You are far more likely to meet a good woman at a church than at a bar. I don’t have any statistics to back that up, just common sense and experience.

      .22 is a good time and cheap. I think .45 Vs 9 mm question is in regards to self defense. Either. Both. 10 mm. .50 S&W. I don’t care what y’all decide to carry.

      • “…far more likely to meet a good woman at a church…”

        I can vouch for this too. Although (sotto voce) there’s a few sharp-tongued old bats in there too. Not more than in the general population, but it’s hard to filter them out, what with free will and original sin and grace and all.

        What’s that Dear? No, just chiming in on that old 45 vs 9mm debate. Yes, I’ve told ’em before how well you can shoot, and that you favor heavier calibers (sotto voce) and laser eyes too.

    • Lifesavor:
      “Me, I met my trophy wife at church. ”
      Well, that you and I have in common. Sadly, she has now passed away after more than a half-century of happy marriage.

  2. Question for the crowd, only tangentially related to the meme.

    If a fairly large gun gear company wanted to get off PayPal, what payment processors, preferably openly 2A, are actually competent to handle a large number of credit card transactions? Such a processor needs to be capable of navigating reasonably large .gov orders.

    Anyone have experience with a good payment processor that’s pro-2A and can handle a reasonably hefty load?

    • i can find lists of alternatives but i’m not yet familiar; i don’t need to know much about googoopay to dismiss it out of hand. not going to link the forbes article, i default to the first couple dozen hits as untrustworthy.

    • Different industry here, but we use Micamp Solutions. A lot of it is finding a good guy to write your deal, and we found one. He reduced our monthly merchant services cost by an honest 60%. Now, half of that savings is by doing a surcharge deal that adds a 4% charge to a swiped card transaction, that the customer pays and that goes to Micamp, who then pays all the fees. Micamp sells it as a “cash discount” program. We got tired of financing all those Cabela’s card points. The other half of the savings is just simply better rates.

      • Not enough history to show competence is the problem there.

        Dan Bongino’s done a good thing, no doubt, but losing a business over a processor related issue isn’t an option here.

  3. All of y’all have signed up for trump’s dating app, right?

    “Users of a right-wing dating app founded by former Trump staffers have reported that they’re receiving calls from the FBI after answering one particular question in their dating profiles.

    The app in question — The Right Stuff — has already been dubbed a failure after next to no women signed up and the app’s invite-only system made it almost impossible to join.

    But now, a third complaint is emerging from users — that answering a profile prompt question that asked “January 6 was …” has led to them being contacted by law enforcement.“

    Please, continue to sign up and confess to participating in the planned insurrection on January 6, it will streamline your investigation, indictment and conviction.

    But the funniest part is:

    “next to no women signed up“

    “Overall, the app is only sitting at a 2.5-star rating in the Apple store, with a large majority of the comments complaining about the lack of women.“

    Maybe you can join the 22-year-old incel who planned to slaughter 3000 women because they wouldn’t have sex with him.

    • i can list 3k women who’ve refused to have sex with me. i’ve got two kids so i got a hit every 1500 roofies.
      keep looking lonely thing.

    • A planned insurrection that brought no guns in a nation where everybody has a gun?

      What we have here is a Fascist .gov that is making political prisoners out of dissenters.

      Just remember, miner, you guys are setting another precedent. You guys made the scotus abortion ban possible and now you’ve established that locking people up for dissenting is a thing.

      There will be a Nuremberg 2.0. And you will have an invite to the proceedings.

      • “You guys made the scotus abortion ban possible“

        No, that was Mitch McConnell abandoning the Senate’s Constitutional duty of advise and consent on the presidents nominations to the Supreme Court.
        He and the Republican leadership claimed no justice should be confirmed in an election year, and then he and the Republican leadership confirmed Amy Coney Barrett on October 26, one week before the presidential election.

        Sorry Jay, you and the Republicans own this court and the loss of public confidence is your responsibility.

        • Ignore the fact that you guys made privacy a non issue with your invasive permitting and back ground checks. You’re comfortable with and have stated many times that permitting and required training to exercise a basic human and civil right is OK with your side and you.

          The scotus simply acted on those principals. And now, at a time when it surely appears a red wave is coming, you have voiced your support for weaponizing the doj and the other alphabet agencies against the American people. You support openly phony insurrection charges and gloat over demonstrators being made political prisoners.

          I hope you have the stomach for what comes next.

      • Amusing but unsurprising that miner is still sitting in his mom’s basement searching for dating apps.

    • MajorStupidity,

      To quote Buzz Lightyear, “You are a sad, strange little man.” DJT may, or may NOT be, the Republican candidate for President in 2024. I can’t see where Senile Joe makes it that far; I don’t think they can cover up his senile mental collapse that long. Show us on the doll where the Orange Man hurt you, MajorStupidity.

      Or, go forcefully compact crystalline sodium chloride into your anal cavity. You couldn’t get laid with a Times Square hooker if you had benjies falling out of your pockets. Your daily circle jerk is as close to sexual fulfillment as you will ever get.

      Pro tip: Get the f*** over the fact that DJT was President, may be again, and is actually fairly popular (certainly moreso than Senile Joe). You don’t like DJT, we get it. Not my favorite politician, either . . . but 1,000 X better than the drooling idiot currently occupying the White House. You’ve become a caricature of an idiot, anti-Trump Leftist. Your beloved Dimocrats are going to get the pluperfect s*** kicked out of them come November – they’re going to get curb-stomped. Deal with it, and cope harder, loser.

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