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  1. I would at least cover the coffee table with a heavy piece of cardboard before I start with the cleaning solvents and the lubes… Actually, I do my maintenance at the dining room table..

    • careful not to contaminate your dining surface with lead and other potentially harmful compounds. the cardboard probably catches most of everything but it’s a little too close for comfort especially if you have little ones around. I’m sure a crazy post-apocalyptic character like yourself probably DGAF about a little lead supplementation.

      • I was born in ’67.

        Means I probably have enough lead in me to use my fingers as #2 pencils. Still, not bad advice

      • You don’t get to be a crazy post-apocalyptic character like me by not giving a fuk about some things. Lead poisoning from ANY source is on my list of things to avoid at all costs

        • Yep, I remember when gasoline didn’t stink like it does now…watch out for MTBE exposure also, that is nasty stuff too, just a lot less bad than the lead that was in gas for the first 16 or so years of my life.

    • I have an old table in the corner of the garage where I do my cleaning and fiddling. I don’t like the chemical stink the solvents leave in the house.

      When I was between wives I lived in an apartment. I put the cardboard on the counter between the kitchen and the living room. When I was done I opened the doors to let fresh air in. Love my guns. But that solvent stink was never a favorite.

      • I’ve probably innocently lost a few brain cells to those fumes over the years. I kinda like them in a similar way to gasoline etc… #trueammosexual

        • That’s why I mainly use Ballistol. Years of refinishing furniture with poison wasn’t good. And a little skin cancer sux. Lost plenty of brain cells in my gettin’ high daze too(40-50 years ago)…

      • Try Sweets 7.62 solvent. It lingers in the place for ages.

        Why I clean guns at the range when possible.

      • @jwm

        Table down in the man cave covered with that (slightly) padded shelf liner like they sell at Lowe’s / Homie’s. Exhaust fan in the window pulling air through the house assures a good air exchange. For the past half-dozen or so years I have been using Bore Tech products to clean. They are great! They have virtually zero odor. Mature Gal in Montana can’t tell when I’m cleaning. As far as lead contamination…I simply replace the padded surface and shop rags a couple of times a year. My last Blood Lead Level test was at 4…down from the 17 it started at two years ago. Be aware that most States require Docs / labs to report BLL’s over 5 to the county / State. When the lady from County called I told her that I was an electronics hobbyist as well as a leaded glass artist…there’s your damn data points lady.

        • Montana, I always call up my buddy and suggest I come over for beverages and a big gun cleaning session. Gets him all excited, gets me out of the house and keeps his pad stinking like solvent instead of mine. Drives his old lady insane.

      • I’ve been using G96 Gun Treatment, cleans and lubes at the same time smells like cloves, still need ventilation and keep it off your hands. Good stuff.

      • Shootet’s Lube has virtually zero odor. My wife always complained about my gun cleaning until I switched to Shooter’s Lube. Now, she doesn’t complain about it at all.

  2. The ‘4 Boxes Diner’ is reporting something interesting :

    A west Virginia man had charges of obliterating a serial number thrown out. The judge ruled gun manufacturers could be required to have serial numbers, since that was interstate commerce. He apparently believes the end user could obliterate the numbers.

    If true, that’s a powerful argument against gun registration laws.

    Can any of the TTAG lawyers comment on the potential implications if true?

    • Could be useful when arguing against laws requiring you to run your home built guns through an FFL.

      • On the upside, it makes gun registration impossible, on the downside, you can never prove a gun stolen from you is yours…

        • Precedent, precedent, precedent. Otherwise, the ruling is only at the moment useful only in the District where the ruling took place.

          i.e. Don’t go filing off your SN’s just yet.

          Still, it’s a surprisingly good and correct ruling from a known left leaning judge. NYSRPA v. Bruen, the gift that keeps on giving.

        • you can never prove a gun stolen from you is yours…

          I mark my handguns with my initials inside the grips and ARs/AKs inside the mag well.

    • The serial numbers were unintentionally obliterated because it’s one of the gunms they found scattered among the many that he had jettisoned going downhill to the mountain lake when the brakes gave out on the Ford , to do some trout fishing.
      The judge ruled the obliteration of the serial numbers were unintentional and dismissed the case. In a counter suit Fred is suing the Elf Bee Eye for creating the high speed race to his favorite fish hole.

  3. Also many people are deaded each year from accidental inhalation of DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE. Apparently it’s present in the majority of homes in ‘Merica. Some areas, the atmosphere is saturated with it.

  4. MAJOR 2A VICTORY: Federal Court declares Federal Gun Control Law UNCONSTITUTIONAL >

    A Federal District Court in West Virginia threw out a criminal charge under 18 USC 922k because the law violated the Second Amendment. The US Government failed to demonstrate an appropriate historical analogue reflecting that the modern gun control law banning the possession of firearms with an obliterated serial number. Thus, criminal charge was dismissed but court did allow criminal charge for being a felon in possession to move forward.

    US v. Randy Price decision is here >

    • “MAJOR 2A VICTORY: Federal Court declares Federal Gun Control Law UNCONSTITUTIONAL”

      Yep, you see this is a “MAJOR 2A VICTORY”, always good when a killer and thug gets a break from a ‘law & order’ judge, right?

      From your link:

      “At the time he allegedly possessed the pistol, Mr.Price had been convicted in Ohio of the felony offenses of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated robbery. [ECF No. 1, at 1]”

      Interesting to find POTG on TTAG are thrilled when convicted felons are given a break so they can be back out on the streets sooner, bravo!

      Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative Republican.

      • Wrong on two counts dumb ass.

        1) Judge Joseph R. Goodwin is a lefty, more lies as per usual eh idiot. Appointed by Clinton in 1995. His son was appointed by Obama as US Attorney Southern District of West Virginia in 2010. Get schooled:

        2) Who in the world would be surprised at a wannabe authoritarian tyrant such as yourself wanting the accused to be convicted of a non-criminal action? Absolutely no one.

        • As an addendum, he is still charged with a felony count of being a Felon In Possession.

          As is proper post for a violent felon, and I quote: “Mr. Price had been convicted in Ohio of the felony offenses of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated robbery”. Cited from the ruling itself.

          More diarrhea of the mouth from Minor moron. As per usual.

      • Thus, criminal charge was dismissed but court did allow criminal charge for being a felon in possession to move forward.

        Okay Minerva, guess you missed the part that could still get him ten years in prison AND a $250,000.00 fine. No one is applauding that this POS might get off (hint: he won’t) but the ruling opens the door to a defense for EVERY individual who builds his own “un-serialized” firearms.

        • “but the ruling opens the door to a defense for EVERY individual who builds his own “un-serialized” firearms.”

          Exactly why he is pissing himself in abject fear in the other thread seeing those illegal executive proxy BAFEces rules circling the drain before his very eyes.

      • MajorStupidity,

        NO, you stupid a@$$clown, he was NOT “turned loose”, he is STILL being charged as a “felon in possession”.

        STOP F***ING LYING, MajorStupidity. You suck greasy puppydog nuts, you lying, Leftist/fascist propagandist.

    • Really, this is a great decision!

      Possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number is not a crime, fascinating!

      This will be really convenient for thieves who steal firearms from lawful owners, just obliterate the serial number and you’ve got yourself a completely legal gun with which to ply your violent trade.

      This should really encourage burglars and thieves, a free pass for the possession of a stolen gun just by obliterating the serial number, how clever of the conservative Republicans! Good Times!

      • A gun with a serial number works the same as a gun without one. The key to protecting society from criminals is to catch them and lock them up for as long as possible. The key to empowering criminals is to allow them to commit crimes in the first place, and then let them go with a slap on the wrist.

      • minor moron
        it’s not about removing the numbers it’s about not being forced to put them on a homemade gun. None of big brothers business what I make.

      • This will be really convenient for thieves who steal firearms from lawful owners, just obliterate the serial number and you’ve got yourself a completely legal gun with which to ply your violent trade.
        Because the gun was illegally obtained (stolen, by your own words), it cannot be “legal”. In this specific case, the defendant was also charged with a felon in possession of a firearm, which was NOT thrown out. As others have stated, a serial number on anything is not a magical talisman which prevents illegal deeds. It is merely the identifying information in the police report after the deed has been done.

      • Hmmm, with the new breed of Liberal prosecutor what difference does it make? You arrest a guy for stealing a car and he has a gun with the serial numbers ground off so what do you do? He’s automatically going to walk in ANY Democrat run major city, so you are going to bust him for scratching the numbers off of a gun? Right.

      • No, AGAIN, @SSclown – a “felon in possession” REMAINS a “felon in possession” – 10 years, $250,000.

        STOP F***ING LYING, you lying Leftist/fascist propagandist!!

        And go forcefully compact ctrystalling sodium chloride into your anal cavity, you lying s***weasel.

  5. The original Hoppe’s No. 9 had benzine in it which was banned because it was directly linked to causing cancer. Its original stink was horrific when it had the benzine in it. The old style military water based bore cleaner was also very dangerous to use.

    I do use the modern Hoppe’s cleaners but I use rubber gloves when using it and it contains no benzine.

    Home witches brewed cleaners can also be extremely dangerous to use because they often contain cancer causing agents. At our club Ed’s Red is popular but it will damage the finish on stocks and contains cancer causing agents in its 4 part formula and I only use 2 parts of the 4 parts of the original formula which is transmission fluid and kerosene. I use it as a cheap wash out solvent for removing the burnt gun powder out of the actions of semi-auto firearms. Though kerosene alone would do it the transmission fluid has oil in it which keeps the gun from rusting while you are cleaning it or if you get called away in the middle of the cleaning process. One could substitute a good gun oil for the transmission fluid but that can get very expensive these days. Use your expensive gun oil after the firearm is thoroughly cleaned.

    Never use motor oil on any firearm as it traps moisture against the metal which will cause rust to form in a very short period of time. Decades ago I coated 50 some bullet molds with motor oil and they all started to get light rust in a short period of time. Luckily I caught it in time before pitting set in.

    I have used Break Free CLP for years and its an outstanding lubricant and it sticks on for a long time unlike many gun oils that tend to evaporate off after a short period of time. The U.S. military has used CLP for many years.

    One good test is to take a small unplated finishing nail and put it in salt water overnight after you have coated it with your current lubricant or grease. You will be shocked how many so called miracle gun lubricants let rust form on the nail overnight. But lets face cold hard facts the average far right indolent moron never bothers to test any lubricants he uses because they avoid work like the plague (oops the do not do that either)

    Although WD 40 is not recommended as a lubricant on firearms and will kill primers as fast as a cat can jump off of a hot tin roof it is a life saver if your gun gets rain on it or forms moisture on it when moving from cold air to hot air or vice versa. I was out hunting with a group of your average indolent gun owners who were as usual to cheap, stingy, indolent and lazy to ever put even a drop of oil or grease on their shotguns and we were caught in a real downpour of rain and sleet. It came down so hard even some of the grease that I had on my gun was partially washed off. Taking no chances when I got back to the car I drowned the shotgun with WD 40 and even sprayed the inside of the barrels. My moron friends had every one of their guns rust that day while my shotgun suffered zero damage. Naturally when I got home I then let the gun warm up to room temperature and later removed the WD and re-oiled and greased the shotgun.

    Don’t laugh but I had one moron tell me that since he only payed $100 bucks for his shotgun that he did not take care of it because he considered it to be disposable. I had the urge to beat him over the head with it but why bother these morons are more common than leaves on the trees.

    • lil’ d, I’ll be the first to point out that wearing rubber gloves offers little protection against DRINKING Hoppe’s – the effects of which are very apparent.

    • dacian the demented dips***.

      COOL STORY, bro!!! Make up another!!!!

      Any other bullshit you’d like to sling, dacian the demented??? By the way, we believe you about as much as we believe the senile Retard-in-Chief.

      Go forcefully fornicate thyself, dacian the demented liar.

  6. i clean my guns
    in the living room
    and sometimes
    i like to watch football while doing it
    for the times when i *dont* feel like watching foot ball when im cleaning my guns
    ill put the chicago bears game on

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