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Gotta stay hydrated out there!


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  1. My wife and I have a running gag between us concerning vehicles of all shapes and functions. “Yes. But does it have cup holders and how many?”

    • That’s why we started buying Subaru’s and Toyotas 45 years ago…they had ergonomic controls and cup holders. The Big-3 still had inconveniently placed controls and “what is this cupholder thing of which you speak?” mentality…to be fair, US auto manufacturers have upped their game as far as ergonomics and creature comfort over the last 40 years.

        • We have 9 Hondas among our family of auto mechanics. Now, you can take that one of two ways, but I’ll tell you straight up that it’s because they tend to be better vehicles. Although my next one may be a Toyota Highlander or Sequoia. I’ll likely buy a Tacoma or Tundra whenever it’s time to retire the old Ranger.

        • Due to frequent travel, I have rented a lot of cars. Always glad to get back to my Forrester. Liked some of the Nissans I’ve rented but had concerns about durability. Liked all the Ford and Dodge trucks. Years ago, I put 184k on my Corolla, but have only owned Subarus for the past 7 years. One caught fire while I was driving; overheated wheel bearing. That made me think twice but I replaced it with a used Forrester. Money was really tight at the time. That one only made it to 146k, but I knew it had issues when I purchased it.

          If my 2008 Imprezza ever dies (my mechanic says it is healthy as can be) I am going to replace it with an F150 to go with my collection of cowboy hats.

        • @jwm

          November 1982 I purchased a 1983 Toyota SR5 pickup. In 2010 I sold it to purchase my 2010 Tacoma. Because the ’83 still had full leaf springs all around it was a desirable model (I guess) it sold for almost a third what I paid for it in ’82. Saw it about 3-4 weeks ago still running around locally…still with the same topper that I put on in 1984. That’s 40 years, 275,000 plus miles (estimated), three transmissions (that I know of) on the original 22R engine. The 5-spd manual transmissions were the Achilles heel of that model.

          Both of our current Toys are doing well (2009 and 2010)…barely into their adolescence. Added bonus: Montana allows vehicles in their eleventh year to be permanently plated for a one-time nominal fee that is only slightly above the yearly renewal fees…great incentive to hang onto a healthy, older vehicle.

        • JWM!

          Mrs Haz and I both have Toyotas, both bought new years ago, paid off fully years ago, and running strong. We joke with each other about the cupholders, too.

          Hers has five. Mine has…drum roll, please…

          …thirteen. Yep. Toyota thought of everything. 🙂

        • I had a 23yo 4runner with 300 grand on it. My wife had a 20yo volvo with high mileage. In 19 we bought her a new Corolla and me a certified pre-owned rav4.

          Generic vehicles. Millions just like them on the roads. Gray man.

        • After buying my little Honda and a Rav4 for my daughter we will never buy anything but Honda or Toyota again. My wife has an old S10 Blazer but I have had poor service from every Chevy or Ford made after that.

        • Toyota 4WD Sequoia built in the first month of the first production year. 300K+, untouched dual air-conditioners, never left me on the side of the road, and body and interior leather still look great. Essentially just oil, plugs, and brakes for 20+ years.

  2. “Tasty Beveridge”

    Someone overruled or ignored the cursed spellcheck prompt again…

  3. Well at some point you get tired of asking other people to hold your beer at the range.

  4. How did a bunch of winers get the name he brews?
    Desert Eagle, never seen one.
    50 caliber Burrowing Owl, nah
    50 caliber Frilled Lizard, nope.
    50caliber Sidewinder, that’s a missile.
    50 caliber Gila Monster.
    By gawd that’s it.
    a gold plated 50caliber Gila Monster stuck in your pants,that’s impressive, have a drink, it’s there on the side of my gunm.

    • That’s why the cup holder was needed. To balance out the offset optic on the right side…

    • I know an individual who used coronavirus as an excuse to miss work and skip his PO meetings.
      Some laws of employment do need to be changed.
      It’s not easy being greasy.
      Recidivism rates might, might?, drop. I also knew an individual that during an interview for an early parole stated he had a job upon release and when ask what kind of employment stated , ” Stealing cars.”
      I do not have the numbers however there are a lot off ex convicts who do want to become productive members of society. Common sense gun control, yeah okay. I’d like to see some common sense Prison reform.
      Let’s just take housing as an example, after running a back ground check not many land lords want to rent to you, cant legally get in a low rent HUD , the job you did land wont pay for a renter home if you find it. If you truly went clean that means you’ve lost all your old friends and new ones are hard to make.
      ” No crashing here man, my ole lady n kids n stuff , you know.”
      Out on the streets, trying to hold down a job.
      And that’s a very very shallow step into the problems of life after time served.

  5. LoL now that’s a safety feature, since you never have to say “hold my beer” bad things can never happen..

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