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I mean, I get it. It’s good to have a focus for your collection!


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      • France was bled dry in WW1, mainly because of poor generals and terrible tactics. The Hard Men were nearly exterminated. The French military in WW2 was weak genetically and also very woke, for the time. Don’t be too hard on them.

      • “Only dropped once” is probably his best selling t-shirt. I own one.

        About 1.4 million Frenchmen died in WWI and it was after they were shot that they dropped their rifles.

        People love to bag on the French and their firearms b/c of the failure of the Maginot line in WWII but, don’t forget, the French invented smokeless powder and pioneered the centerfire, spitzer bullet rifle cartridge. Next time you take a deer by firing a cartridge with a nice pointy bullet that doesn’t leave you standing in a grey cloud and isn’t rusting your bore to dust, remember to thank Paul Vieille.

      • I was actually excited when I was able to add a Nambu specimen to my cartridge collection.

    • Jethro the Janitor you never cease to make a complete fool and ass of yourself.

      In reality Ian McCollum wrote a book about the history of French Rifles because there was a dearth of such information about them in book form.

      What firearms books have you written Jethro the Janitor??? None of course. You did not even finish High School and you dare to criticize a famous firearms author. You are a joke on this forum.

      • @dacian

        “What firearms books have you written Jethro the Janitor??? None of course. You did not even finish High School and you dare to criticize a famous firearms author.”

        What books have you written dacian?

        However, some people did write a book about you dacian. Its called “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” and is published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

        • Booger Brain your reading comprehension is very low. I was not the one attacking Ian McCollum, rather it was are know it all Jethro the Janitor.

          And Booger Brain you are a fine one to mention mental illness your nut case far out posts peg you as a prime candidate for the looney bin,

        • High five. He’s only pissed at me because I’ve told the truth about him.

          Call a fascist mental case a fascist mental case to their face and they get ever so angry.

        • dacian. You fascists are famous for a lack of a sense of humor. Reread my first comment. I was not attacking gun Jesus.

          You did not even know who he was until you sought a way to attack me.

        • Cut the bullshit Jethro. Millions of people know that the nickname of Ian McCollum is “The Gun Jesus” and that he has written a book on French Rifles. We all knew who you were talking about.

          You do not even realize that you were projecting your own ignorance on everyone else when you tried to claim we did not know who the Gun Jesus was.

          You never cease to try and lie your way out of everything.

        • @dacian

          My reading comprehension is just fine. Why, I even copy-n-pasted what you wrote so you would understand it.

          “Booger Brain your reading comprehension is very low. I was not the one attacking Ian McCollum …”

          But you failed, once again, on the reading comprehension part. I never said anything about you attacking Ian McCollum. If you had some very rudimentary form of reading comprehension you would have seen I was making fun of your inane comments indicating one needs to have written a book to know anything about a subject or to make fun of a subject.

        • to booger brain

          your own quote———-What books have you written dacian?———quote

          Your slick lie failed and your own quote proves it. Again you attacked me for not writing a book but I was not the one who was attacking Ian McCollum’s book, Jethro the Janitor was.

        • dacian. Once again your lack of education is showing. I was talking about you, not millions of ‘we’s’. Of course Ian is known by millions. That made it easy for you to look him up because since you are not really a gun person you had not a clue who he was.

          And once again. You Fascists need to grow a sense of humor. Anybody that actually knew who Ian was would know I was not knocking him.

    • I was and still am a history buff. The World Wars. The Wild West. The Zulu Wars. The list goes on. If I had to, was forced to, pick a rifle from history as a favorite it would most likely be a variant of the Lee Enfield.

      I’ve had a bucket list of historical firearms and have ticked most of them off. Shooting them, that is.

      • jwm, it saddens my ass no end that so many of those nice Enfields were butchered by Sporterizing™ them 🤮. My buddy has restoredish two of them, guess I gotta do mine now. Look up Fred Eaglesmith and his song about Enfields, good ol home grown BC boy…

      • Couldn’t agree more. At the age of 14 I joined the Local Army Cadets of the ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT and was trained on the use of the LEE-ENFIELD .303 and the BREN LMG, Bybthe age of 16 e when I joined the Royal Air Force as an AIRCRAFT APPRENTICE ARMOURER I was a qualified Marksman in both to the UK ARMY INFANTRY STANDARD and later in the RAF a paid Marksman -one of the few outside of the RAF Regiment.
        The best variant of the LEE-ENFIELD, to my mind, is the No4 Mk2* and probably the easiest to ‘tune’. With it I regularly shot ‘possibles'[10×10 Bulls] on the BISLEY LONG RANGES [600yards with an 18 inch bull] using ‘out of the box’ ammunition over iron [PARKER-HALE ISSUE] sights.

      • My first rifle that I purchased as a SMLE. Have had it for 25 years. Hope to do some work on it when I get home.

    • The BAR was a great shoulder weapon. A bitch to carry with loaded magazines but a very accurate rifle with its bipod, recoil dampener and shoulder brace. Careful trigger manipulation would allow one to squeeze off single shots and with the long sight radius, accurate ones.

  1. For a bolt gun of older vintage, yeah Lee-Enfield, probably. Reasonably accurate, fairly handy, powerful (enuff). 10 round mag fed quickly w/ stripper clips.

    • My friend had them all and then some.
      I could always out shoot him, and felt bad doing it too, because all I had was as bolt action .243,,, nothing fancy like all those gunms he kept trying.
      He was always buying different kinds of emu too?

  2. FN FAL (7.62) in heavy barrel full auto for static and in regular for patrol / hunting would be my first choices.

    Better balance than M14 in personal opinion.

    Lee Enfield in bolt action.

  3. Kid has every gun from CS (which is actually impressive and admirable to some degree).

    It always amused me how the stats on guns in that game could change so dramatically even though nearly half of them fired the same cartridge. More amusing was people getting into guns from gaming and then realizing this fact.

    • My son noticed that too. I had to tell him it’s for “play balance”, even though reality is different.

    • A fellow shooter at the club has a Syrian version of (french) MAS49 that is a very strange DI rifle design that Syria adopted. Who knows, maybe STILL use them, as it’s kind of ” shoot what you brought with you “

    • The AR platform is not true direct impingement. The bolt does double duty as the piston.

      This has been your Firearm Design Pedantry of the Day. 🙂

      • 👍
        The BCG also gasses the shooter.

        Why my AR platform rifles are short stroke piston driven POFs.

        • “The BCG also gasses the shooter.”

          Is that where the trolls get the idea that owners are Not-Zs?

        • Not that I noticed with my SP1. But I’m right-handed so my face wasn’t near the ejection port.

          Also never ran suppressed either.

  4. For a while, I had a sort of thing about collecting one each of the major battle rifles, and it’s precursor. So I have an FN49 and the FN-FAL, a Garand and an M1A, a CETME FR-8 and a G3 (yeah, kind of sketchy connection there….), etc.

    A favorite 5.56 rifle was the DAEWOO MAX1 – NIB for $279 back in 1986 or so.

  5. Been collecting for many decades now, so I have a number of military surplus rifles.
    Including a handful of French firearms. Although of the WWI types I still prefer the M1898 Mausers or the ’03 Springfields. Of the WWII rifles my choice is the Garand.
    Of the Cold War era rifles the choice for me would be the FN FAL or the US M-14. Just a matter of personal preference.

  6. Ian has a marvelous collection of French Rifles that all have historical value, and I understand his preference because at that time, France was in the cutting edge race in Firearm Technology. while Mauser may have done it better, Lebel did it first.
    I too would love to find a Lee Enfield that I could afford to my small collection. Unfortunately, being retired on a fixed pension that won’t happen anytime soon, especially under the current McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants Regime.

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