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Dear benevolent overlords, a retweet isn’t an endorsement. Though they make a valid point!


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      • Fascist, Socialist, communist, Progressive Dementiacrat. All pages of the Marxist playbook. All with the same goal of power and control over us peasants and serfs.

        • Back in 1975 I had a Government teacher (Gary Hollenberg) in high school that said the United States would become closer to the way the Soviet Union was at that time, because the Freedoms passed down would loose their luster if they weren’t fought for and continually reinforced in the education system. Seems he was correct.

      • Nope, “fascist” is EXACTLY the right word. Senile Joe is a fascist. Malig-Nancy Pelosi is a fascist. Schmucky Chucky Schumer is a fascist. Get the idea?

  1. When the Government runs out of money and the printing presses finally break, it will be easier for them to seize the wealth of unarmed subjects than to fight armed citizens. The masses of illegally armed criminal goon-thugs will be deputized to help their handlers refill the empty coffers.

    • The printing presses won’t break…they’ll just run out of room for all the zeroes.

      Meanwhile, everyone who already stocked up with soup, silver, suds, and shooties will be in a better position than those who didn’t.

      • Soup?

        Sacks of wheat, sugar, 5-gal jugs of veg oils, and cases of hard alcohol for barter.

        Never trade your ammo, they’ll just use it to rob you of everything you have…

      • Haz,

        In Brazil, the currency in 1942 was called the real, just like it is now. However, there were six currency changes to get to today, each devaluing the currency at least 1,000 to 1. In the end, a real from 1942 would be worth 2,750,000,000,000,000,000 reais today.

        If things get really bad here, they can introduce the “New Dollar”, which knocks off three zeroes of the old dollar. Then after that, the New New Dollar. And so on and so forth.

        • True, but that has been done by several governments undergoing hyperinflation. It doesn’t fix the underlying problem; it only buys some time.

        • Hence the reason the Biden administration is promoting the digital dollar. Google or use DuckDuckGo. Modern Monetary Theory to better understand what the Globalists have planned for the world economy.

    • They will take every cent the citizens have without a shot being fired. Why do you think they’re trying to make us a cashless society?

  2. I always liked the “you’ll need more than your AR’s to fight a tyrannical government” argument as a banners talking point.

    Pretty much a straight admission of what their plan is along with a little “just give up” sprinkle for good measure.

    • They forget two very, very important things in their shortsightedness. We know where they live for one. Also, American’s blend in perfectly in America. If they thought Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan gave them a friendly fire nightmare, just wait…

      My favorite is the nuke threats. Such is their hubris, they think even the most die hard true believer won’t turn against them after watching their children, parents, grandparents, and friends die from radiation exposure. Fools, all of them.

      Let’s go Brandon, meant in every conceivable way.

    • If you actually apply math to that claim the Lefties clutch their pearls like a barnacle holds on to a ship’s hull.

      Entertaining way to get banned from Reddit for a 6th time though.

      • Fun fact, ditched my main account last year due to shadow ban’s almost bi-monthly. Got tired of appealing to the Anti-Evil team, successfully every time, mind you.

        They and their Chinese overlord’s abhor any discussion of freedom, especially how to retrieve freedoms lost.

        • One piece of advice on an easily detecting shadow bans without using an automated service that may or may not track you.

          Set yourself a bookmark to your own homepage for quick reference. If shadow banned, & you aren’t logged in, the page will show an error stating the user doesn’t exist.

    • Yeah that’s nuts now that you mention it. Why wouldn’t they say something like you don’t need weapons because there wouldn’t be a reason to fight?

    • “I always liked the “you’ll need more than your AR’s to fight a tyrannical government” argument as a banners talking point.”

      They want your AR, but forget that the one firearm they consider among the least threatening, “grandpa’s single-shot scoped deer rifle”, in the hands of someone who know how to use it, is far more lethal than a standard AR at a distance…

      • Elephant guns too. Ever seen what even the smallest, .460 Rigby does to Lvl IV? Much less 700 Nitro Express?

        Most won’t penetrate, but the amount of energy dumped into the torso is still quite fatal.

  3. Biden has made it perfectly crystal clear and in his own words who he sees as his opponents. There is no ambiguity here. He has states it in plain english black and white so if you still dont get it then your just not paying attention.

    Every voter really needs to consider this when casting their ballot.

  4. The globalists know they cannot disarm us. They will use economic collapse, food scarcity, energy scarcity, fear, poisoning, and mind control (it ain’t mass formation psychoses, it is mind control) to disintegrate society and have us kill each other. Then, when we are fewer and weaker, they take what they want.

    Become self-sufficient.

  5. In truth both the European Nations and the U.S. understand history and are not going to let history repeat itself.

    Just as no one bothered to get tough and stop Hitler after he invaded Czechoslovakia, Hitler, (like Putin) told the world exactly what he intended on doing and everyone ignored Hitler. This time the world is not ignoring the mad dog dictator Putin.

    If you want WWIII let Putin take over the Ukraine because he will not stop there and he has said he will not stop there as he intends on taking back all of Eastern Europe and enslaving it under a Stalinist Dictatorship.

    • You hitlerites can’t abide that can you. One group of social-lists fighting another group of social-lists.

      It would be funny if not for the folks getting ground up in the machine.

        • Pretty much. It isn’t that people get the gov they deserve but more like people need to suffer for their abject and inexcusable idiocracy. Fuck em.

    • The Poles, Czechs, Slovacks, Bulgarians, Hungarians, and Germans don’t want to live under Russia’s boot heel again.

      And as for Russia’s and Ukraine’s “shared history and special relationship”, the latter view it as a violent and dysfunctional relationship and are glad to be independent. It’s why the Ukrainians are fighting so hard. Certainly harder than the Russian soldiers are willing to fight.

      • The Russia-Ukraine thing is a sink hole for money and weapons. At best, it’s a distraction. It’s a large meat grinder at worst. We can discuss how hard they fight but the simple truth is that they can’t do much of anything without support from other countries.

        • Still the cheapest war against Russia. And at least we are supporting an Allie who actually wants to fight for their freedom, unlike the last two operations.

          If it wasn’t for nukes, I would rank Russia outside the top 25 military forces.

        • The expensive part comes when the US taxpayer funds the rebuilding of the devastation which they also funded. A select few will make a fortune from it.

        • Keep in mind the reason bitme sends money to Ukrain is he gets kickback from them. He doesn’t give a flip about them.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Gee, I would think a Leftist/fascist idiot like you would be CHEERING for Vladimir. I mean, hell, he’s a Communist, he’s a fascist, he’s an authoritarian dictator . . . everything you love!!! If you say you support “freedom of the Ukranians”, I’m going to call you a liar, because you sure as HELL don’t support freedom of Americans.

      Go back to your circle jerk, idiot, you’re raving again (still).

  6. Something that gets forgotten by the gun grabbers/disarmament crowd. There are some of us out here in flyover country that can build our own weapons if we have too. Most prototype firearms of nearly all modern weapons were built using hand tools or manual milling machines. Can’t program the CNC mill or 3D printer without the measurements and specs. Easiest way to get those numbers is to have a working model.
    While I’m not a prepper or survivalist, I am someone who has the skills to live off grid and produce the majority of the food and other things we need right here on the homestead farm.
    If I, or a family member doesn’t have the skillset for something, we know someone who does. I’m not a weaver, but a friend of mine is. I’m not an herbalist, but I know someone who is. I do have some skill as a blacksmith and machinist.
    As the song says, a country boy will survive.
    Something else the disarmament crowd forgets. Those who beat their swords into plowshares will be doing the plowing for those who kept their swords.

  7. why do we insist that Russia has to be our enemy? why couldn’t we accept the fact that the Cold War was over, the Soviet Union is no more, and Russia isn’t the USSR? Why did Bill Clinton insist on waging war on ethnic Slavs in the former Yugoslavia to aid the same Islamic terrorists who attacked us on 9-11? why did NATO have to expand relentlessly eastward to include former Soviet republics? Why did Hillary have to invite a coup in Ukraine to overthrow a Constitutionally elected leader? Why did America have to ignore the fact that Ukraine has been waging a genocidal war against Ethnic Russians in Eastern and Southern Ukraine? Why did we ignore Ukraine’s overt threat to acquire nuclear weapons during the 2021 NATO summit if NATO didn’t admit Ukraine as a member?

    This is from a former, hard core Cold Warrior.

    • How did those ethnic Russians wind up in eastern and southern Ukraine. Did they just remove the bodies of the millions of Ukrainians the Russians cleansed and then occupy their houses?

      As for NATO? What right does Russia have to decide what other nations do?

      Ukraine is not a hero nation. But all this could have been avoided if the Russians had stayed home.

      • The territories that you refer to have been the homes of ethnic Russian peoples for centuries. Stalin redrew the borders of Ukraine to include those territories confident that they would remain part of the USSR. We had the opportunity to allow Ukraine to remain a neutral, multi ethnic country, but Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland with the consent of Obama could not accept that.

    • Elmer, I’ll tell you why: because everyone is full of sh!t and will immediately hold dear as gods own truth the first thing the media says if it suits their bombastic pride and multiple biases. This regardless of years of calling every media organization they know of as being fully bought and sold, lying, pandering slaves to the devil. Rinse. Repeat. Shamelessly and with zero self awareness. There, hope that helps.


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