Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

A new report released Monday by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) offers ample evidence that two extremist gun control initiatives, along with additional legislation pushed by Democrat lawmakers has failed miserably, and should be repealed, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“WASPC data released Monday showing a 96 percent increase in homicides since 2019 is damning proof that billionaire-backed gun control measures were, as we predicted, false pie-in-the-sky promises,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Passage of Initiative 594 in 2014 and I-1639 in 2018 have accomplished nothing other than to create massive impairments, which we believe are unconstitutional, for law-abiding Washington citizens. 

“While the billionaires who bankrolled both initiatives were saying these measures would reduce crime,” he recalled, “we were telling people the truth, and the WASPC report vindicates our arguments. WASPC says last year’s 394 murders is the highest number of homicides recorded by the group since 1980. 

“And we’re more than one year out from passage of a ban on so-called ‘large-capacity magazines,’ which was a pet project of Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson,” Gottlieb added. “Guess what, murders went up last year by 16.6 percent over 2021. 

“At this point,” Gottlieb said, “it is fair to ask what good has any of these laws accomplished? These gun control measures have only helped make people less safe, and it should be clear to voters they’ve been deceived by the gun prohibition lobby, which will no doubt try to spin the new report to suggest even stricter measures are necessary. 

“In private business,” he added, “if something repeatedly doesn’t work, the plan is scrapped and the company tries something else. If the people responsible refuse to let go, they might be fired. But the anti-gun crowd invariably doubles down, only making things worse. It is time to hold these people accountable, and for the Legislature to acknowledge that gun control extremism has been an abject failure. Restrictions created by I-594 and I-1639 can legally be repealed, along with Ferguson’s 2022 ban on magazines and this year’s ban on so-called ‘assault weapons.’ Washington citizens deserve better and it is time for a change of direction.”

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    • According to their ‘logic’ it’s working as planned, now they have an excuse to introduce even more restrictions. As this snow ball grows bigger their working on total bans, hello China (USSA). As a side note these leftest have big plans, see agenda 2030.

      • Exactly, create the problems they will need more power to save us from every time all the time.

    • The problem is that blaming an inanimate object for its misuse is infantile. And when it comes to being infantile, Democrat legislators excel. Before the FBI became corrupted, they said keeping criminals in jail reduced crime, and it went over the legislator’s heads.

  1. Put up another GFZ sign……….maybe the criminals will see and perhaps obey just one more.

  2. I had an FFL in King County (surrounds Seattle). After the billionaire financed regulations were voted into place the King County Sheriff required each FFL to go to the Seattle downtown office to have finger prints taken yearly with the annual re-application (not renewal) for a state FFL. Yes, annual finger prints for each person with an FFL and those acting as responsible persons and no system for renewal.

    The state imposed as many barriers as possible to impair FFL’s and Concealed pistol permit holders. Thankfully, you can wear a pistol from where you park to walk to the county courthouse where they have storage lockers because it is a risky walk with all the homeless and addicts.

    • One reason that, although I live near DC and Baltimore, I will never again go there. Recently an Afghan Translator, who escaped the Taliban was gunned down in DC by some street … er hoods, who were captured on video, but not apprehended. There are technologies that can track the criminals in a whole city (see Gorgons eye) yet they would use it to track me because I have a ccw from a n adjacent state and believe me there is a national database!

    • Relocate to a town just outside of King County.
      I remember when Seattle demanded a special “sin tax” on sales of guns and ammo. State Supreme Court of Corruption deermoned such a tax was “legal” so it stuck. The owner of Seattle’s largest and best gun store marched himself on into a city council critters pow wow and informed them that if they DID pass that tax he would shift his gun store to a new location outside Seattle City Limits. They thougth he was bluffing until he bought a much larger property and moved his store there. Not only did the Seattle Eedjits NOT get the extra tax revenue they were demanding, then LOST all the Sales and Use taxes from the business that used to be had inside Seattle, They had predicted a net gross gain of around Mn$2 After the first year, 2AF demanded to know the revenue figures for the first year of their new “sin tax”. They refused. Two year fight to force revealing the actual numbers. Total net on the tax turned out to be about $125K, and that does NOT calculate the LOST revenue from all the sales that now happened outside Seattle City Limits.

      I wish there were a way to take some moster machine, cut a large hole around Seattle and perhaps the close-in part of King County, pck it up, and slide it into that deep part of the Suund just west of the ferry docks. Give the honest hardwroking folks (all thirty two of them) opportunity to exit safely.

      The biggest problem is that Seattle voters essentially run the state.

      • “Not only did the Seattle Eedjits NOT get the extra tax revenue they were demanding, then LOST all the Sales and Use taxes from the business that used to be had inside Seattle,…”

        The point was never revenue, but harassment…

  3. If you want to build slave shacks and concentration camps Gun Control is where it starts…History Confirms It.

    • Your doctor has medicine to make the ‘change of life’ easier.

      Perhaps that will make you less perpetually cranky, constantly attacking the good people here… 😉

      • A woman went to the doctor and was worried because she was pissing out nickles, quarters , dimes and pennies.
        He told her it was nothing to worry about she was just going through her change.

  4. Working as intended. More roadblocks and limitations for the lilly livered tea tottling law abiders while the criminal element just goes on doing what it always did unabated.

    The system is setting things up so only criminals will survive and thrive. Act accordingly.

  5. “While the billionaires who bankrolled both initiatives were saying these measures would reduce crime,”

    the two biggest lies about laws are these:

    1. they reduce or prevent crime.
    2. they are for public safety.

    There is no law that any government can put on the books that can prevent the free will desire to comitt a crime or criminal violence, period.

    laws have two modes in nature:

    1. ‘regulatory’ in some fashion e.g. something you can not do or must do or they give something or take something.

    2. ‘punitive’ on some manner for violating #1

    that’s basically it, and sure there are nuisances but it always comes back to those two natures.

    laws do not provide ‘public safety’ or reduce crime or prevent crime for if they did, in this article context, Washington would be the safest and most crime free place on earth.

  6. My wife just explained how we can get on the “good side” of gun controllers. Let’s simply redefine what it is that we’re buying. They aren’t “guns”. They are “cordless hole punch machines”.

    Of course, if we push that through, we’ll be required to post warning signs, erect safety barriers, and observe load limits. No more than five persons can get on our asses about our hole punch machines at the same time.

    I dunno – – – maybe I’ll just stick with my “pistol”, “rifle” and “shotgun”.

  7. I live in Washington and they don’t give a hoot about crime, they want to disarm us. They know good and well gun laws aren’t going to do anything! They lie and the mainstream media follows along like good puppy dogs spewing the BS lies like they are supposed to. The rule for the media is, don’t think, OBEY.

    Why on gods green earth wouldn’t they lock criminals up, have high bail and get serious on crime if they wanted to reduce crime? The sad truth naturally is that nothing is going to stop a mass murder. They can take away all the guns, all the knives and if someone wants to commit a horrific crime, they will. There are a multitude of ways to inflict mass casualties on the unsuspecting, vulnerable and unarmed and that’s just who the sickos target.

    It’s easy for these goof-balls like Attorney General Bob Ferguson and our idiot Governor Jay Inslee to push gun bans when THEY THEMSELVES are protected by armed security.

    • And Sideshow Bob is planning to run for Governor of Washington State to continue his brand of insanity.

    • And Sideshow Bob is planning to run for Governor of Washington State to continue his brand of insanity. Lord help us.

  8. ““At this point,” Gottlieb said, “it is fair to ask what good has any of these laws accomplished? These gun control measures have only helped make people less safe…”

    Absolute hogwash. Every “high capacity magazine” that gets removed from circulation makes politicians and their henchmen just a little bit safer.

    That is what was accomplished, a marginal increase in the safety of representatives and agents of the State.

    The secondary upshot being that your politicians now sleep a bit better and you don’t want poorly rested tyrants, do you? I mean, who knows what a poorly rested tyrant might do! They might get all tyrannical or something if they’re tired and cranky.

    • rest assured these tyrants are already poorly rested. They HAVE to be. How else COUND they be considering their twisted and perverted minds, their constant fear they might “set someone off” with their tyrannical “laws” and then have to wake up in the wee hours of the night at the slightedt sound outside their gatelocked sequestered guarded homes….?

  9. So under Attorney Gen Bob Ferguson, Here in Washington I can own an AR15 “Assault style” rifle, but I cannot buy one, import one or build one. How does that pass muster. This is pure lunacy. Please can someone explain how this is not a 2nd amendment infringement.

    • He tried hard to make things so we could not even keep what we have already acquired, but someone quietly informed him that would be “ex post facto” and, in a fit of weakness, he removed that part.

      If it were HIS call there would not be one firearm left within the State of Washington.

    • I think some gun control org- probably Bloomberg’s- convinced Ferguson and some putzes in the Washington legislature to pass their wishlist, not because they thought it would all stand, but because they want them challenged to find out which ones would be struck down and which ones wouldn’t. When they find out what the courts allow to stand, they will try to get those sections implemented nationally. They are using Washington State as a test case.

  10. Well the definition of crazy is continually doing the same behavior over and over without changing the result. So this explains quite clearly why Democrats continue to promote these failed laws. Its proof they are crazy!!!!!!!

    • Much like a certain nearly extinct p0litical ide0logy. After a century of experiments with the same results you’d think they would have a confirmed conclusion.

      But they keep promising different results every time.

  11. I could have told everyone this without this report. Just look at the crime stats!

  12. Law enforcement reports failure of Washington.
    Chocolate chip ice cream and dreams of little girls.
    JRB in 2024👍

  13. They don’t care how ineffective these laws are.

    The laws are intended to be a great big middle finger to us proles.

    The billionaires are telling you that THEY control the government and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

  14. California is the model, and as has been shown by their march to totalitarianism, there is no stopping it. It just progressed much faster in Oregon and Washington than any of us could have expected. The only thing short of really ugly stuff, that will somewhat save these states, are favorable SCOTUS rulings. But that’s only for guns. The tax the population to death model (also perfected in California) is seeing no cessation in Washington either. Even if guns get fixed, it’s still going to be a hellhole to live in.

    I buy everything I can out of state, and I get my gas on the Indian reservation (yes, out of my way) so I put as little as possible into inslee and sideshow bobs pockets.

    FWIW, the Indians pay the stupid state gas tax, but get 75% of it back, so I’m holding out on the state as best I can. And I dont mind helping the Indians out either.

  15. Gee, bans, restrictions and regulations don’t work as advertised? Oh no!!
    One would think the prohibition of alcohol a century ago, the war on drugs going on for decades, and the hug a thug catch and release programs of the last few years being spectacular failures would prove the point that outlaws don’t obey the law and the politicians only care about themselves and their power and money.

  16. their goal isn’t to reduce crime….it’s to disarm you…crime is just the excuse they use to do it

    • yes Washington state, your politicians and the anti-gun industry are literally trying to kill and injure you.

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