Philadelphia’s Soros-Backed District Attorney Tells Citizens, Visitors Not to Worry About Violent Crime

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Philadelphia’s District Attorney is pushing back on the notion that violence is on the rise, despite the more than 500 people murdered so far this year — insisting that there is a gun violence crisis, but not “a crisis of violence” in the city.

“We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness,” he said.

During a testy exchange with reporters during his weekly gun crime update Monday, Larry Krasner pointed to the fact overall violent crime in the city is down about 3% compared to last year.

“As we report on a true crisis when it comes to gun violence in the United States, or also in Philadelphia, I think it’s important that we don’t let this become mushy and bleed that there is a big spike in crime,” he said. “There isn’t. There is not a big spike in crime — that is not true. There is also not a big spike in violent crime, either.”

— Tom MacDonald in Krasner: Philly doesn’t have a ‘crisis of lawlessness.’ It has a crisis of gun violence

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  1. The first thing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania needs to do to get violent crime under control in Philadelphia is arrest Larry Krasner for obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting fugitives from justice.

    • Needs or already had? Either way needs to go if anything will ever improve and the replacement will have a lot of hard decisions to make that will piss a lot of people off.

    • A Soros stooge is poised to become head of the FCC.

      Gigi Sohn has close ties to GS.
      The Soros Open Society Foundation pumped over one million dollars into her organization.
      She’s listed as a “leadership in government” fellow in that Soros foundation.

      If this Marxist becomes head of the FCC, places like TTAG will be shut down because it doesn’t advance the progtard propaganda.

    • “This George Soros idiot needs a frontal lobotomy.”

      I believe his communist predecessors did just this kind of thing, from behind with a pistol.

      If we can manage to turn this around, these folks will run out of fodder and begin to eat their own.

    • did this moron take an oath? did he cash his paycheck? IF he did not keep his oath, that is called fraud. He needs to be arrested, like all other oath breakers in gov’t.

  2. The communists could say the sky is purple, or the sun rises in the west, or men can become women, and half the population would believe them. “Don’t believe your lying eyes!”

    During the Russian Revolution the revolutionaries purposely freed criminals and encouraged lawlessness to sow chaos. They then said, “we have the solution!” and cracked down. The useful idiots, todays “environmentalists,” and “feminists,” and the rest of the special interest groups, were the first against the wall.

    • And I thought Marx said “joos” and capitalists were one and the same.

      Says something about Tsarist Russia that “joos” would join the bolsheviks.

      • Oh, MY, but 1930s Nazi propaganda dies hard, doesn’t it?

        Out of 21 members on the 1917 Communist Party Committee, FIVE were ‘Joos’ judging by genetics, certainly not by religious criteria. The other 16? Well, they weren’t ‘Joos’. Lutherans, maybe.
        Here’s another little secret: ‘Joos’ were not universally loved in Czarist Russia, and didn’t become MORE beloved in Soviet Russia. All of the more entertaining pogroms carried out by paramilitary forces in both regimes were against ‘Joos.’

        ‘J3wish Talmudic blood ritual’, my a**.

        But don’t let US stop you from believing all of the blood libels from the 20s and 30s. Fire up that tiki torch, Dieter. There’s windows to smash, and synagogues to burn!

      • this country became a democracy (mob rule) in 1865. 660 000 citizens dead, the rest were enslaved to the Den of Corruption. NO, you are NOT free in Amerika

  3. Being told that there is no violence by people telling you there is violence is very easy to understand when you consider that it comes from people that get confused by looking at themselves naked in a mirror.

  4. Why hasn’t the “justice” department indicted Soros? Especially when Trump et all could have? How’s it working out here & in Chiraq?(Hint: murder has passed 1000 in Cook county).

  5. ‘Extremely disturbing’: Philly approaches 500 people murdered in 2021 >

    “With six weeks still left of 2021, Philadelphia is close to matching the highest number of homicides it’s ever recorded in a one year period. Philadelphia lost 500 people to homicides in 1990 and the city is just under that number as of Monday.

    At his weekly gun violence briefing, District Attorney Larry Krasner called it “extremely disturbing.”

    “It’s extremely concerning,” he said. “It’s terrible. It’s just a very, very, very difficult situation.” ”

    but in this article source here at TTAG

    “… despite the more than 500 people murdered so far this year…

    There isn’t. There is not a big spike in crime — that is not true. There is also not a big spike in violent crime, either.””

    I see what the problem is now and its not guns. Krasner is an idiot.

    • and when you see how many are not solved murder cases, it doesn’t take a criminal much brain matter to realize, “I just might get away with this”. or let out of jail by another criminal, that works for the (communist) gov’t. (corrupt judges)

  6. So there’s been a sharp increase in homicides but that’s been countered by a decrease of misgendering, questioning the results of the 2020 election, mask mandate noncompliance, and other forms of violence so it’s all good. It’s hard to win a war when you can’t identify the enemy.

  7. Criminal shootings, stabbings, beatings, running over people, kidnappings, etc. are all violent crimes. Stands to reason if a criminal can beat a victim with a bat then the criminal has what it takes to shoot a victim and vice versa.

    The criminal justice system and its revolving doors release repeat offenders until they get around to using a firearm in a crime and then comes larry krasner and his ilk blaming firearms and going after your rights. Actually there is little to no difference between those like larry krasner and the criminals he claims to disdain.

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

    • Because when George Lincoln Rockwell ran for president, he supported gun rights…

      This Nazis supported gun control thing is just not historically accurate. The Nazis rolled back Weimar gun control laws. But you’re divorced and don’t read books.

      Why can’t we just advocate for ourselves? Why do our 2A right have to be about “it’s good for Jews or blacks”? If gun control wasn’t racist- would you support it?

      It’s ok to advocate for your self.

  8. The people of the large Democrat cities have what they voted for, now we just have to sit back and watch to see what it will take for them to repudiate their mistakes.

    • Hey Rusty, it was red state taxes that paid to let the rioting criminals out of jail. Then bailed out the already demon-rat ran deficit $4it-hole cities and states. How much more abuse from the feds can you stand before you secede/separate from them?

  9. Dig deeper.
    Philly has be busy “reclassifying” many murders as “unknown cause” deaths.

    Find a murder victim near a streetlight with his head caved in by a tire iron? No witnesses?
    He could have climbed up the light pole and fallen off. 🙄

    Anything goes when it comes to keeping the reported murder numbers artificially low.

  10. A real nightmare here! Guns are jumping off of shelves, and escaping gun safes, to wander the streets of our nation’s cities. Interstate truckers have warned of guns blasting their way out of trailers, before they ever arrive at retailer’s stores! They wander in packs, searching for schools and churches to shoot up. They’ve been seen prowling around music festivals, sporting events, concerts, and even family reunion picnics. We’ve got to do something – ANYTHING. Please, gun owners, neuter your guns. Help us get the gun population under control! Sanitation workers have reported packs of guns taking refuge in big city sewer systems. The nation trembles in fear, wondering when and where the packs will strike next! President Biden is considering federal bounty on any guns harvested in the nation. Open season has already been announced, and hunters and trappers are harvesting record numbers of guns already.

    Please stay tuned for more from Messiah Biden!

  11. The General Assembly of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania needs to ABOLISH Krasner’s position in order to re-establish law and order in the City of Philadelphia.

  12. Crime is down because it’s easier to cook the book on a robbery than a murder. There aren’t any bodies in a robbery.

  13. One has to wonder if Philly separates crimes committed with guns, from all other crime reported.

    On the other hand, if you take out all the violence, Philly is a nice place to live.

        • Oh Lord you didn’t know? Parking wars for the tv show that depicts the more polite ones. If you have ever been to the Jersey Shore or the more crowded Delaware and Ocean City beaches it is sort of like that but with a lot more towing.

        • chickagoo towed 192 cars on the first night of winter parking restrictions.
          without a flake in the forecast.

  14. Haven’t you heard? It’s cool to be a victim of crime. Gives you that hip, urban cache.
    Seth Rogan expects wealthy poser kids from the ‘burbs will pay good money for that authentic city experience of being assaulted.

    • I work near there.

      Of course, I’m packing…

      Not sure Krasner could tell which end to point at the threat.

  15. The district attorney in Philadelphia is doing exactly what Libertarians Liberals and Leftists have been demanding for years. Stop Prosecuting victimless crimes. He and they have supported releasing “minor” criminals from the jail system. They say this will improve life in the community. So I’m not sure why these people are complaining?

    Do they believe there should be a “Law & Order Republican” in charge? Unfortunately a republican would not go along with the George Soros plan of legalizing all drugs.
    “So all the crime could go away.”

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