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Can confirm.


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  1. “Nobody needs an AR15” says the person who doesnt own one, shoot one, or been assaulted by several persons. How could they even know?
    “No one needs a ‘handgun'”… remember that?

    • “You otta see palmetto bugs in Florida.”

      You stole my thunder, GF. 😉

      And the mosquitoes.

      We have ‘skeeters so big down here, the ‘air dogs’ on the ramp at MacDill AFB initially started to refuel them with JP-8 (Jet-A to you civilians) before trying to swat them…

      • When I was a kid (along the Texas Gulf Coast), I had to stuff rocks in my pockets to keep the mosquitos from carrying me off as a war trophy.

        But seriously, folks . . . .

        • It’s the *exact* same climate in central Florida.

          Winter is quite pleasant, in the summer, A/C is life support… 🙁

    • Believe that you mis-typed 55MPH. And all of those hybrid cars? In the cities? Yeah, they don’t need to go over 25MPH. For safety reasons. Make the Uber Commuters *really* regret it.

    • By his own words oldshtforbrainsgeoff is the biggest roach of all. He sneaks around leaving trails of evenly spaced poop………All intended to make him look Gun smart, fascist hater and mr. trustworthy. That ship sunk by his repeated slandering of POTUS DJT and his voters so the evidence confirms oldsht is a democRat Party lint licker and all the things he claims to disdain.

      After being confronted by me on many occasions oldsht found himself in a corner and suddenly out of the clear blue he claims he voted for POTUS DJT in 16, 20. I responded by calling him a blatant liar for claiming to have ever voted for POTUS DJT. Time after time the oldsht never once denied lying, instead he responds exactly like a corned spinning democRat by saying I was going through old bat age related changes and lines of insane guesswork that were signs of desperation and a pervert in serious need of mental help.

      • Trump is going to cost us the next election, due to his incompetence at handling classified documents.

        And you, brain-dead-dingbat-deb, will be personally responsible for putting a Leftist Scum (TM) in the white house… 🙁

        • Sorry geoff – that is the 998th lie by the fascist Dems – each indictment comes the day after JB nd HB revelations on taking bribes comes out. Trump didn’t handle anything improperly, but JB had boxes of docs in his garage and other fully open locations.

          There was no ELECTION in 2020. There was massive election fraud – but hundreds of radical left judges and DA refused to take any of the cases with obvious evidence of fraud. Like the documented FACT that in just Pennsylvania alone there were 18,823,148 official ballots mailed out, and (somehow! such a miracle for dementiaJoe) 2,589,242 were returned. Or 766,094 fraudulent ballots shipped in from NYC at midnight to select precincts (as stated in a sworn affidavit by one of the truck drivers). Dem judges blocked all investigations into this one (of many) instances. This same fraud was present in six other key states – all had the same mystery midnight “shutdown” till 0300 (with most people forced to leave) and FJB suddenly leaping ahead after being well behind. Joe “received” about 31 million more votes that registered voters.

          Such fraud requires a 2nd Am solution (like the movie Purge).

        • Courtesy of Kipling, my mods:

          by Rudyard Kipling

          It was not part of their blood,
          It came to them very late,
          With long arrears to make good,
          When the MAGA began to hate.

          They were not easily moved,
          They were icy — willing to wait
          Till every count should be proved,
          Ere the MAGA began to hate.

          Their voices were even and low.
          Their eyes were level and straight.
          There was neither sign nor show
          When the MAGA began to hate.

          It was not preached to the crowd.
          It was not taught by the state.
          No man spoke it aloud
          When the MAGA began to hate.

          It was not suddently bred.
          It will not swiftly abate.
          Through the chilled years ahead,
          When Time shall count from the date
          That the MAGA began to hate.

  2. Big cockroaches in TX? Pshaw.

    We have huge ones in Florida, and as a bonus — they fly!!

    • And the best-fed bats in America live in Florida, just from the mosquitoes…

    • “Red Head Centipedes. Shudder.”

      All the better reason to keep wearing my NAA mini-revolver neck holster…

      • oldshtgeoff…I much prefer seeing your disdain for me in your newest, forever changing moniker. The original misleads the politically inept into believing you are a wise old fart who gets it when reality is you are by you own repeated slandering of POTUS DJT and his voters a democRat lint licking pos. And it clearly indicates you are a full fledged pervert who gets his jollies imagining himself beating women without repercussion. I suggest you make burial arrangements and a last will before you try it.

        • Geoff,

          Cut Dimwit Deb some slack – she can’t help if she’s fat, ugly, stupid, uneducated, and her mother dresses her funny.

        • Debbie; Trump, as much as he may have been the better choice of the two available, was not and is not the savior. He did some good and bad things and did not do some good and bad things. People on both sides are so opposed to him that he simply couldn’t get a lot done, and if reelected will be so opposed as to continue to be stopped.

          Geoff, the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen. Trump is so far out ahead in the primary that unless there is betrayal he will be the R candidate. And the left will steal 2024 unless treachery replaces Trump with some sackless RINO. Likely even then the left will steal it anyway. And that is not Trump’s fault, that is just how commies work.

  3. @Hush:
    When cars went faster than a handful of mph, cops would chase them down (on foot) and cite them.
    When people became convinced by ALL of the available media, they stripped them and showered them with cyanide gas.
    NOW I’m a disabled, Purple Hearted Veteran and felonious crime survivor. I’m being told that ALL the available media sources NOW AGREE to stripping me of my God-given rights to survive an encounter with government supported fascists or lone psychopaths.
    I actually READ the history books in high school, then LIVED the history in Viet Nam.
    No chemically dependent, sexually confused, non self-actualized TV/Facebook addict has the right to pretend to know better than I do what is best for my family or for me.

    Taking my rights away is VIOLENCE.
    It is a Capitol Crime!

    Hate mongering against sidearms is really psychosexual hatred of Penises.
    So get your hand out of my pants!

    I have spoken.

    • I need an AR. Fat boy prickster eliminated cash bail in ILLannoy. Not in a jovial mood🙄

      • That ain’t nothing. He just signed legislation to allow Non Citizens/Illegal Aliens to become law enforcement officers. In direct violation of Federal Law.

      • Welcome to the purge, Chicago edition.

        Put up some cameras and watch the livestream.

    • Thanks for your service, protect your family and be safe. There are many of us veterans and non-veterans that are not going to permit this Government to strip us of our Constitutional Rights. So don’t think for a moment you are alone. The difference between us and the socialists is that we try to solve things by going through a legal process. They try to get their way by bullying, intimidating, and intentionally disobeying the law. No way they are going to get away with that. I live in a small town and we did exactly what the Country Singer said in his song who is now being castigated for it. BLM and Antifa came here and were met by Sheriff’s Deputies on horseback and a multitude of residents. They gave their speeches in our park and then asked the Sheriff’s to escort them out despite the fact that no one threatened them with any violence. They had their say and left peacefully because they had no other option.

  4. Been using my AR’s as varmint control for decades. Just seems to be more varmints presenting themselves as donkey’s.

  5. No other civilized nation on earth permits its citizens to own weapons of mass destruction i.e. the assault rifle. At the very least they should be put on the NFA list and the Tax stamp fee is totally out of date as $200 back in 1933 is worth $3,654 today. As you can see the tax fee for the permit to buy a machine gun back then kept them out of the hands of most people and would do so today if the tax stamp was updated and it would get around 2A by not banning them either.

    And Joe Biden was correct when he said no one needs to own a assault rifle as a shotgun is just as deadly to defend your home with. As a matter of fact back in 1899 when Jackbooted U.S. Stormtroopers invaded the Philippine Islands the Stormtroopers preferred the shotgun to all other small arms rejecting both the pistol and even the service rifle of the time.

    The madman Paddock in Los Vegas would never have been able to kill 62 people and cripple 420 from over 400 yards away with a shotgun or pistol but he mowed them down with the assault rifles he had.

    • @Dacian

      “No other civilized nation on earth permits its citizens to own weapons of mass destruction i.e. the assault rifle.”


      First, the term ‘assault weapon’ is a false terminology for normal semi-auto firearms. The terminology ‘assault weapon’ in relation to ordinary civilian ownership firearms is literally a ‘contrived’ terminology that was created by Josh Sugarman in 1988 with the prompting of Joe Biden and others and the terminology is literally intended to deceive the public and Josh Sugarman even stated as much in his anti-gun propaganda work.

      Second, every nation on earth has a standing military force of some sort and size that is composed of that nations citizens and they do have actual ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and actual ‘assault weapons’. And every nation on earth has used, at some point in its history, that standing military force of some sort and size that is composed of that nations citizens and that do have actual ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and actual ‘assault weapons’ , against its ordinary law abiding citizens who are not part of that standing military force of some sort and size.

      No, Joe Biden was not correct and you are a liar just like Joe Biden.

      • In the Las Vegas event many of the injured and killed were done in by the stampede onto Las Vegas Blvd where many were injured and killed by the traffic on LVB. While the murderer was as guilty of killing them as ones he actually shot, the authorities have very carefully blended all injured and killed into one figure to make it seem like the murderer actually wounded and killed more people than were actually shot. Another case of figures don’t lie but liars figure.

      • .40 mostly correct – that bogus term was actually ‘invented’ by one Art Agnos who was a kaly state level CONgress critter. He tried a ban in the mid ’70s. josh ‘stole’ the term with specific intent to confuse non gun folks. It succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.
        Now if we could figure out who ‘invented’ the equally bogus term “gun violence” we could be a bit closer to reality

        • Yes, but Josh Sugarman was the first to ‘contrived’ the terminology specifically to deceive the public at large for a wide scale political purpose at the behest of Joe Biden and others.

          Briefly: The term ‘gun violence’ origin is murky as to if there was a single point that coined the term. Its thought to have been originated as a ‘political use’ term in the 1980’s Miami Cocaine Wars era although there were occasional uses of the term before that. So no one is really sure, but it was created-in-political-use as a means to tie ‘violence’ and ‘guns’ together because of the 1980’s Miami Cocaine Wars in which gun use was very common for violence by criminals.

          But in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s the left-wing trying to ban gun ownership and possession by law abiding people started using the term ‘gun violence’ more as a means to shift blame focus from the criminals to the law abiding gun owner, to make it seem as if because law abiding people owned guns there was crime which has never been true and thus the rise of today’s anti-gun false logic deception of correlation=causation.

          Under this deception the term ‘gun violence’ is used to encompass any event in which a gun is used OR present. For example, even though over half the annual ‘homicide’ numbers (that are not suicides) are the result of valid legal DGU for self/home/others defense in which criminals got shot they are called ‘gun violence’ by anti-gun who imply these were ‘murders’ when in reality they were not murder. Another example, even though around half of the often cited ‘44,000 annual homicides’ are suicides they are also touted as ‘gun violence’ by anti-gun who imply or state that they could have been prevented if guns were banned or not available when that is a flat out lie because no one can predict the future of what a person with suicide ideation might do to end their lives – plus, almost half of those suicides didn’t really use a gun but rather a gun was present for them to use in case their first choice of the drug overdose didn’t work out but the drug overdose did work out but because the gun was present when they were found the anti-gun interest in the medical community put it down as a cause of death and it gets included in stats as a gun suicide and then touted under the broad deceptive term ‘gun violence’.

        • another example of the ‘gun violence’ deception lie:

          around ~100,000 people annually in the U.S. use drug overdose as the method of suicide. When that happens its classed as a suicide’ but the reasoning behind it is ‘mental illness’ and the reason for the mental illness enactment of suicide is attributed to a driving factor of ‘suicide ideation’. Now, ‘suicide ideation’ is something that never goes away for a person who was intent on attempting to or will actually comit suicide – it can be suppressed for long periods of time, sometimes for the remainder of a persons natural life span, but it never goes away and all it needs is some ‘triggering something’ (no pun intended with the word ‘triggering’) to set it off. In other words, a person at risk of suicide is always at risk of suicide – no matter what method or ‘environment’ is available or not. The same applies to any other method used, its mental illness was the cause except when guns are used.

          However, if a gun is used to commit suicide the term ‘gun violence’ is applied by anti-gun as the ’cause’ when in reality the cause was mental illness.

          See the deception here – its mental illness as the cause until it comes to using a gun then suddenly it becomes ‘gun violence’ as the cause and its implied that the person would not have committed suicide if a gun did not exist for them which is a lie because no one can predict what a person with ‘suicide ideation’ will or will not do in the future or even then at that moment of decision to commit suicide – for example, of the ~100,000 drug overdose suicides annually ~74% had access to a gun but still selected drug overdose which means a gun being available is not a driving factor to commit suicide contrary to the anti-gun assertion that a gun being available is the only driving factor in gun suicides.

          The only common thing between all those suicides by any method, including with guns, is the ‘suicide ideation’ of the mental illness which is the cause of suicide attempt or actually being successful in carrying out the suicide.

          So overall, in other words, considering suicides and valid DGU in the ‘44,000 annual’ (I mention in, and in reference to, the other post I made above this one); The term ‘gun violence’ is used by anti-gun to falsely inflate the numbers and to falsely claim there is an ‘epidermic’ of ‘gun violence’ – or in short, the anti-gun deception lie – or to put it another way there is crime, valid legal defense, and suicide due to mental illness being lumped all together under the contrived and false ‘gun violence’ terminology and none of which is because a gun exists or once again as has been said before not ‘gun violence’ but rather ‘violent people’ (e.g. criminals), ‘law abiding people defending against those violent people’, and people suicides due to mental illness not guns.

          To bring it all together – there is no such thing as ‘gun violence’.

    • dacian the demented dips**t,

      Point the first: You wouldn’t recognize “civilized” if it feel out of the sky, landed on your face, and started to wiggle. No nation can claim to be civilized that doesn’t at least make serious efforts to guarantee basic INHERENT human rights – and, as shoddy as the US has gotten about that, we’re still the only country on earth that even comes close.

      Point the second: Make up your alleged mind – either the AR-15 is a death machine (in which case the citizens need it more than the government does), or it isn’t an effective defense weapon. Only an ignorant, stupid, illogical, uneducated moron could even make a passing effort to argue both points simultaneously – ah, but then we ARE talking about dacian the demented, uneducated, quarter-wit, aren’t we??

      dacian, you’re STILL an ignorant c*nt . . . work on it, would ya?

  6. I’ve said for a while the reason that concealed carry became popular in Florida was because of the fauna.

  7. Wasps in NE Texas were so prevalent and persistent that I bought a Wilson tennis racket at the Goodwill. Used my hat pretty successfully at the top of a 16-foot ladder wiring up the (really tall) garage, but on the ground, that ultra light racket was deadly to them. I wish I could take lessons from our older son. He shoots flies off the wall instinctively with a BB pistol. Maybe he would teach me for the right bribe???

    • “He shoots flies off the wall instinctively with a BB pistol. Maybe he would teach me for the right bribe???”

      You can put a red dot on a few BB pistols. Once dialed-in, start popping flies… 🙂

      • Good idea Geoff.
        He shoots instinctively. I wuz born blind. My eyes work well enough to be corrected to 20/20, but my resolution and moving object detection especially are sub-par. I haven’t considered the red dots (wasn’t particularly fond of them from shooting an equipped AR).
        I should re-invest some time and effort. Maybe I am in a bit of a rut. Thank you for the good thought.

    • Reminds me of the Crosman pellet target pistol I used to have. .22 caliber, CO2 charged, single shot. target sights. I used to pop Palmetto bugs off the walls with it when I lived in New Orleans back in the ’70s.

  8. “Armed 75-Year-Old Woman Goes John Wick On Armed Home Invaders In Oakland). (also, listen at 3:11 in the video – people are fighting back and ‘everyone’, according to the person talking, around there is armed. Also, apparently, from further research, they entered her bed room and when she fired that one shot the bad guys returned fire but then left her alone and ran off to escape. She repelled the threat successfully with DGU.)

    • If the bad guys had not ran off this woman had five more shots left after the one shot she fired (assuming she actually had six rounds in the gun). She probably would have needed an AR-15 with 30 round magazines to survive (or give her a chance of survival in) a protracted fire fight against two bad guys armed with semi-auto handguns.

      To the anti-gun idiots, you are always screaming about lives but then you want to disarm people so they can’t protect their lives then you embolden violent criminals and even facilitate them buy creating ‘justice reform’ where the least number are likely to face prosecution and jail time for their crimes … So I have one question for you… How much was this woman life worth and where were you when she needed help?

  9. Don’t know about the Tx roaches, but the first time I saw a Tucson “torito” come across the floor in my direction, I’d have dumped the mag.

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