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      • The shotgun was the Weaver’s/Ruby Ridge. This was the Branch Davidians in Waco. Similar shenanigans though with an equally excessively deadly outcome wrought by govt aggression and incompetence.

      • No, Waco was because a delivery driver saw deactivated hand grenades (to sell at gun shows to fund the self-sufficient religious community) while delivering gun powder to an FFL and decided to be a Karen about it.

        The ATF set up surveillance across the street, badly, and the rest is basically what everyone already knows. We were flooded with articles about child abuse to inflame the public’s opinion against the Seventh Day Adventists and they sent HRT in to burn the kids alive to save them from child abuse.

        btw – We know they don’t care about the (legal but icky) marriage in question, because Civil Rights “icon” Harvey Milk had the same type of relationship with a 16 year old which if brought up in a curriculum usually ends with government extortion to keep that quiet.

        • You should read the ATF affidavit for a search warrant on the BD compound. They mentioned lots of legal things to own, like an M-74 grenade launcher [the muzzle attachment for firing rifle grenades off an M-14 rifle, perfectly legal to own], and “M16 parts kits” without naming the parts that MIGHT be illegal. And oddly there is no mention of the “meth lab” inside the building the claim of which was later used to get the armored vehicles and military helos. Now I have written lots of search warrant applications in my 35+ years as an LEO, and I certainly would not fail to mention a meth lab in my search warrant where I also mention perfectly legal items. I also liked how the ATF public info officer said “our agents don’t carry machine guns because their MP-5’s only fire three shot bursts”. SAY WHAT!!! Stupid people don’t know their own laws!!!!
          Something stinks about that whole operation, worse than the debacle at Ruby Ridge.


    For the Fifth Circuit, anyways… :

  2. And, we have this :

    “Memphis Police Shoot School Shooter Who Couldn’t Get Inside Hardened School”

  3. Can you folks at TTAG please get rid of the spam from the middle east above in what ever language that is.

    • Lol no doubt. It wont let me type “socialist” half the time but the filters dont pick up swahili?

    • What? You wanna deny the webmasters their little share of Arabic internet grift?

      What are you, a hater or something?

  4. Rather than rule on Constitutionality of proposed “Rule” changes, I’d much prefer the Court decision that any changed must go through Congress and that the APA violates the Constitution.
    Put an end to Executive Overreach once and for all time.

    Not that I’m unhappy with the decision, just that the problem that necessitated the decision remains in place, and they’ll just keep trying to do this schit again.

  5. I would like to see the Supremes take up the whole question of presidential edicts. In Chapter ! of U.S. Constitution for Complete Idiots, it states that the U.S. government is divided into three branches, the legislative, the executive and the judicial. The legislative branch makes legislation. Okay, got that. The executive branch carries out that legislation. Okay, got that. The judicial branch rules whether what the legislative branch and the executive branch are doing is according to the rules laid down in the Constitution. Okay got that also. Did anyone see any mention of the executive branch making rules? Was I asleep when the prez was changed into some sort of royalty able to issue decrees as the mood moved him/her/it/other/undecided?

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