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Three out of four ain’t bad.


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    • If I could double the number of legal Mexican migrant laborers into this country I would, in a heartbeat. My farm is desperate for their work. the same goes for all of the contractors and construction crews in my area.
      Because Americans don’t work. I have to go through the process of hiring Americans to do farm work every couple of years just to have them stay for 2 weeks and then quit because, and get this, not because the work is too hard or because they’re paid too little, because they are lonely.
      I’ve worked with the same Mexican family for 30 years and they show up, work hard, get the job done, and don’t make excuses. It is the rare American that can compete with them for simple work ethic. It didn’t used to be that way, it is now.

  1. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Chiraq, New York, NY – all have beautiful sites, and things worth seeing, just like Mexico. I’ll go back and see them when they’re no longer dystopian, socialist hellholes. If I live that long.

    • ‘Zactly. And Baltimore, Milwaukee, Newark, Norfolk, Ashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, the list is shameful and damn near endless.

      Progressives are nothing more than parasites, invading a host, killing it, gutting the carcass, and wearing the bloody hide as a trophy.

    • I firmly believe that in order to graduate from high school, a minumum of three months needs to be spent in a third world country. Don’t care if it’s with a church mission, Americore, helping Doctors Without Borders, whatever.

      Seeing how the third world actually lives day to day, (shitting in a hole the woods, seeing raw sewage running down the gutters of what few paved roads there are, seeing flies crawling all over the ‘fresh’ meat in the mercado,) would be a real eye opener to the spoiled brats coming through the school system.

      I helped crew a 50′ wooden hulled boat from St. Croix to Seattle back in the 80’s. One of the sons of the buyer in Seattle went along, and brought a friend of the family along to be one of the cooks. Really pretty / cute blond gal from the Seattle area. She’d never been out of Washington State. Another gal helping to crew spoke fluent Spanish and had spent 5 years living in Mexico City. Built like a brick outhouse, and probably could have changed tires out on a VW bug without using a jack… Super sweet gal, though. Anyway, we made landfall in Colon, Panama, and the cute gal wanted to go ‘look around.’ With the other gal to keep her out of trouble, we weren’t especially worried. They came back, and lil’ cutie was going on and on about naked kids playing in the street, aforementioned sewage running open in the gutters, etc.

      Yep, a far cry from your sheltered Seattle life, eh?

      • Amen.

        I spent time in Argentina, which parts of would be 1st to 2nd world at worst, and spent a lot of time in 3rd world parts. I have always loved the US (I grew up a kid in the Reagan 80s hating the commies), but after time in SA I KNOW this is the greatest country in the history of humanity. Name another country/society that has done more to improve the quality of life!!

        My daughters this summer spent time in the West Bank/Hebron, Israel, Croatia, and North Europe. They loved the time there, but they now know why I always say the US is the greatest country in the world.

    • “If I live that long.”

      I fear it’s going to have to get even worse before it gets better. Though I’m not sure what it would take to make people change their voting habits.

  2. I travel to Mexico two or three times a year to scuba dive. The resort areas are quite safe. You can wander around at night with no fear of being mugged or attacked. The government wants to encourage tourism, an important part of the economy.

    That being said, the reason it’s so safe is because the Federal police and Naval Infantry Corps are a notable presence. They stand around on street corners or ride around in trucks with mounted M60s, each man carrying an M4 and wearing a black mask. Any disturbance is dealt with immediately.

    Very nice place to visit, but I would not want to live there.

    • You could say the same thing about Chiraq. Except for the federales. Many thousands on the lakefront for Lollapalooza right now. Sitting ducks🙄

      • As I said, I wouldn’t want to live there. Niceties such as the 4th and 5th amendments do not exist. It’s best to stick to the tourist areas and hotels. If you are suspected of illegal activity (i.e. drug use and/or smuggling) they’ll haul you off to some dank, dark cell with no guarantee of a phone call to the local consulate or embassy. Likewise, lewd behavior or public drunkenness can get you 24-48 hours in the slammer.

        • We barely have the 1st amendment here anymore. If we don’t shape up we’ll never have a real election again. They’re about to put Trump in jail while he’s running, stealing the election before it happens this time. They want him as the front runner for maximum chaos later. I’m big on the Steve Deace train here, we have to let him go, the enemy took that ground already, it will just be unnecessary casualties to continue. Sad but true.

    • I don’t go anywhere that wants to put me in jail for carrying my own preferred means of self-protection, outside OR inside the US… Mexican “Federales” and the military are only loyal to the highest bidder… Not the Mexico I enjoyed in the 70s

      • I’ve never had a problem and I think it’s worth the risk for a week or two at a time. I just wouldn’t live there.

      • I’d rather go to Tulum or Cozumel than Atlanta, or Philly, or New York, or San Fransicko. The former two Mexican destinations are far safer than the latter four American Demscum run cities.

        • I’ve always wanted to visit a temple where the priests cut the hearts out of innocent human sacrifice victims, and kicked the lifeless bodies out of their way, to cut another heart out. NOT!!!

          That is Aztec history, as well as Mayan history. That is Mexican history. Is it any wonder that Mexico is a no-class shiphole?

    • This is always what comes to mind when I hear some lefty go on and on about the worldly virtues of travel. They always go to resort destinations and areas that are either filled with money or filled with white people or both.

      Like when Trump called Haiti a shithole and all the celeb libs posted selfies in exclusive resorts as evidence to the contrary.

      Everywhere and anywhere is safe and nice as long as you’re surrounded by a wall of wealth, power and western civilization. Like a green zone for vacationing elitists.

  3. At least the muggers in Mexico are using classic firearms. Not HiPoints or turkish junk. That’s an old Mauser pistol in that photo.

        • “…it’s a 1914 Mauser in .32. More of a collectable than a street gun.”

          More importantly, .32 isn’t considered a ‘military’ caliber in Meh-he-co, unlike 9mm… 🙁

  4. It looks nice, it may be nice, it could be nice, but there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna go there
    They won’t miss me and 3 outta 4 ain’t bad.

  5. Since 2020 this is looking more and more the the US. It’s part of the problem with an open southern border.

  6. No. Above, some folk have cited the safety of the tourist areas. Probably true. They have been there, and I have not. However, I try not go anywhere that restricts my right to defend myself and those whom I love.

    Occasionally, I have to visit relatives in NJ. And several times a year I have to take my wife to her specialist in CT. Business trips? I weasel out of most that require me to go to states without reciprocity. So, sometimes I cooperate with the enemy. But I have selected my blade of grass. It is a nice blade of grass…I like it a lot and it never gets mowed….never.

  7. Tiresome, irksome, quirksome. Selected for ‘moderation’. Funny…no one has ever accused me of being moderate. So, I guess the selection is an honor of some sort.

    It won’t work.

  8. The cartel wars in Mexico long ago claimed as many lives as the Vietnamese war. Let’s not whitewash the drug wars, alright?

  9. ATF just BLINKED and they’re SCARED AS HELL… On EVE of Alito stay expiration, ATF throws Hail Mary. (note: although not a legal analysis, this is what it basically is. The temp stay expires today at 5PM – I think it was 5 Pm but it does end today unless SCOTUS extends it and if it ends the vacature goes back into effect nation wide and the ATF is done unless they come up with something else).

  10. The article mentions Mexico, and several comments mention other third world locations.
    No reason for me to go to any of those places anymore. Been there etc.
    I agree with the comment that all high school graduates should do some sort of required service. You want the benefits of living in the USA, you should have to give something back. And some sort of service in another country would more than fit the bill. Make a small difference in poor, undeveloped, poorly governed countries. And see just how well off and how good you have it. See first hand the realities of Marxist governments. See first hand what real poverty and racism are. See first hand how the horrible things these youngsters complain about are no more than minor inconveniences.
    And learn the world doesn’t owe you a damn thing and the world doesn’t care a bit about your feelings.

    • The world certainly doesn’t owe me a damn thing. By that same token I don’t owe the world or any government in it a damn thing either. If I choose to do some kind of service it will be on my own terms and to whom I choose and when I choose. Take your required totalitarian service and shove it. Government steals enough of my money already. Thank God it didn’t steal a year or 2 of my life on top of that.

  11. The first pic ain’t bad now, but they would take you up to the top
    and cut out your heart for a sacrifice to their gods back in the day.

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