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Don’t attack the messenger, friendly TTAG boomer audience.


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  1. It could be worse; they could be the ones that tell you that if you need more than five rounds of .357 from a snubnose, your carrying in a war zone.

  2. As a boomer when I carry it’s concealed. Like in a pocket. With a Nemesis holster. Until I get a new wonder micro 9 it’s 7+1. Geez I traversed every awful hood in Chiraq totally unarmed ya sissies…🙃

    • I patrolled in Gary, Indiana, back in the day. In that city, you need steel cojones. Chiraq is a vacation spot by comparison! Nowadays, Gary is an empty shell. And soon, the whole US of A will look like Gary/Detroit/East St. Louis… Let’s Go Brandon!

  3. I would trust the 60 plus year olds More than I would any millennial prove me wrong. And I’ve always carried a double stack from either my old para ordinance Colonel 14 + 1 .45 to my newly retired Glock 19 to my new HK VP9.

    • I’m pretty sure you’re confusing millennials with gen z… millennials are like CEOs & stuff now… 🙄

      • As with any generation, you have about 5% who rise above the 95% who fit the stereotype. The Millenial internet moguls do not cancel out the millions who are still afraid to drive a car, demand Pizza Hut pay them a “living wage”, and blame their failures on those darn ‘boomers’.

    • I would try to prove you wrong, but this millennial hand-built a P-14 Commander from a Sarco casting and a seemingly endless amount of parts that needed to be hand-fitted. Building your own 1911 is something else, and if it wasn’t for the crazy jump in prices (+$400 for a pos Rock Island parts kit?!?!?!?) I’d recommend everyone do it.

    • Nah, Dude, don’t overlook the entertainment value. I particularly like the part where dacian the demented starts frothing at the mouth and screaming “argle bargle barr!!!!”. The boy (?????) is comedy gold!!

        • .50 GI, doesn’t fit the meme but there are options for a solid ACP compatible frame. With that said 460 Rowland is a lot of fun and is usually only a die set away for those that reload 45 which is good as I haven’t seen those on the shelves even before the pandemic.

        • Minor correction D.J; longer & heavier built.

          @Safeupstate Yeah, looks like Rowland will always be regulated to wildcat status. Hence, an uncommon specialty round best suited for reloader’s.

          Fortunately, as I think you know, and this is only general info for those unaware; SMC, Super, ACP will still work with even on the lower power versions, a simple spring exchange.

        • 9×39 for the moment the wife and I are all 9mm but I do help a friend out with feeding the acp/rowland loads and cool to learn re super. I took a glance at some of all that years ago then when covid hit we decided to go for a common caliber that everyone could use well. Later on something in the 45 family, 10mm, 44mag, and oddballs are on the table but till then need to get good with what we got.

        • @Safe

          I hear you. AG finally signed off on the dismissal of a bs charge of discharge in public while being pursued by a stalker, and with Rights restored I’m shopping in quite possibly the worst time possible to do so. Need a new carry for concealed, and with an imminent threat present… Wunder 9 it is.

          Not much choice in the matter. Get, & get good with as priority, as you said.

      • Heh 😀

        I got the joke, though it should be noted for those who don’t, .460 is a good deal more powerful than .45 Super.

    • I have heard of .50 GI but never seen the ammo in real life. Neat idea but the only 1911 enthusiast I know swaps between .45 acp and 460 Rowland. I think there is also a 45 super but for me falls under .50 GI.

  4. I’m in my mid 30s and I carry a full size 1911 with 8 +1 rounds. I’ve found it is the best gun to carry after starting carrying at 21, carrying a multitude of different guns. Revolvers, plastic fantastic 9s, even a .40 at one time. I don’t think I’ll go back to carrying anything else, outside of when I carry my .44 mag. (Hunting/camping/hiking ect…)

    • Thin single stack can be comfortable to cc, may not be the most space efficient design or caliber but that hasn’t stopped it from working quite well at putting people in the dirt. Also 45 has a lot of reloading options if you want to get into playing mad scientist so may not be my first choice but mostly because of economic tranquility at home.

  5. Almost 70 I have been carrying a 45 with two seven round magazines since Vietnam. FMJ wasn’t “training” ammo in Vietnam. I chuckle when I see training ammo on the white boxes.

    With marksmanship skills and tactics I don’t need a polymer pistol and a bucket of bullets.

    As Ron said I change it up when I’m in the mountains. 44 magnum.

  6. Or… Telling someone under 40 that you’ve made it 60+ years and never needed a 9th round.

  7. 115 +115=230, why carry more ammo then you need.
    And I just betcha a.45 would knock down a brick wall a whole lot faster then a 9mm.
    Plus a .45 boomers louder

    • That’s an interesting take. Comparing muzzle energy: one 230-gr pill produces about 400 ft-lbs while two from a 9mm produce about 700 ft-lbs combined. Of course there are lots of other factors involved in this thing called “stopping power”, but it definitely got me thinking. Which, if I’m being honest, generally doesn’t happen with most of possum’s posts.

      Just kidding, buddy. Kind of.

      • “stopping power” is a myth in terms of common personal weapons. The myth of “stopping power” is that there must be a “best” above all others.

        Bullet kinetic energy and shot placement is what we want to refer to as “stopping power”. Considering modern day self-defense ammo (ammo made for defense) there is no one round type or caliber that holds the spot of the one and only proven stopping power. All commercially made self-defense ammo can be used to effectively stop a threat cold.

        The kinetic energy of a bullet is the energy transferred to the target when hit, All things must expend energy to some degree and all things acted upon by an outside energy have some degree of energy transferred to them, even the human body. Muzzle energy which is the (potential) kinetic energy of a bullet at the moment it leaves the barrel. Muzzle energy is used a rough indicator of a bullet potential of damage. The heavier the bullet and the faster it moves the higher its muzzle energy and the more damage it will do.

        You can demonstrate this very simply with, for example, a few penny’s and your finger. Place a couple of penny’s flat and side by side touching each other, and a few inches away place one penny flat with your finger on top. That one penny with the finger on it, don’t your finger yet. The penny on the table under your finger at that point has a potential kinetic energy that is not yet realized, then with a sudden motion launch the penny at the center of the other two with your finger. At the moment that penny leaves touching your finger its potential kinetic energy becomes realized, this is what muzzle energy is in terms of the physics involved its that moment of realization of that potential kinetic energy. When the penny strikes the other two they move to some degree, this is that kinetic energy being transferred to the two penny’s. Now do it all again but this time use a quarter under your finger and flick it faster at the two penny’s, notice how the the target penny’s seem to move away father or faster when hit.

        • “That one penny with the finger on it, don’t your finger yet. ”

          should have been

          That one penny with the finger on it, don’t move your finger yet.

      • “…but it definitely got me thinking. Which, if I’m being honest, generally doesn’t happen with most of possum’s posts.”

        Not everyone’s a rocket scientist, dude.

        I happen to like the Possum’s posts just the way he is, muddy paws and all. He’s a whole lot sharper than too many that comment in here… 😉

        • No, dacian is not a rocket scientist – compared to dacian everyone else is a rocket scientist 🙂

          not disputing anything Possum wrote.

        • Until I started commenting on TTAG, I had been unaware that my spirit animal was a possum. Ugly, mean little b***ards, but you can’t question their evolutionary success. possums will outlive the Apocalypse.

    • Then again, most of us who engage in defensive shootings, aren’t trying to break up brick walls. We are shooting at live targets who can move from one place to another. I carry a 9mm with 18 rounds. I’ve yet to need even one of those rounds. I am prepared though, should I need them (I carry an extra clip for that 9mm)

    • I find the best way to deal with a brick wall is to shout “HEY, KOOL-AID!!!”

      Works every time…

    • Agreed, Geoff. It was meant to be a tongue in cheek jab at the marsupial. Hope it didn’t come across as anything otherwise

  8. I’m quite happy with my 5 shot .357 snub. The .45 is a great round and the 1911 a great gun, but my LCR is far easier to conceal and the .357 round more than adequate for most situations.

  9. This old boomer is quite happy with his 10+1 HK45C backed with an extra 8 mag. 45+P+ power on the waist and in the hand.

  10. I have considered carrying my .45 mil-spec due to the recent cases of bad guys being ventilated with 9mm and still standing/walking. I have 147g HSTs in my EDC (Glock 19) and I wonder about effectiveness and then court if I have to shoot to slide lock.

    Any suggestions for IWB holster? (as an aside, I still have not seen anyone open carrying here in SC since the new law was passed allowing…weird)

    …and I’m a young boomer so I probably need to get with the program anyway according to this meme.

    • Holsters can be a tricky one for IWB, I have found crossbreed and safariland to be quite comfortable and galco barely tolerable but a similar sized colleague hated all three and swore by we the people. If possible try before you buy or buy from a larger store that allows returns until you find something that works for you.

    • Manse,
      Everyone has their holster preferences. Mine is for leather holsters for comfort iwb with a point of belt contact on either side of the firearm. I also like leather belt loops as I’ve had metal clips scratch leather car seats and my steering wheel as I turned to climb out of my car. My current holster is a tt gun leather slim iwb. Also I’ve found a full size 1911 bottoms out on seats for me, taller people probably don’t have that issue.

  11. “Gun Meme of the Day: Because They Don’t Make a .46 Edition”

    But you can give ’em a .90 if you pull the trigger twice on a .45

  12. Apparently now a days if your not carrying a striker fired polymer 9mm, with at least 1 spare mag, red dot, WML, fixed blade, folder, handheld light, tourniquet your fuc$ed. Way to much emphasis on what your carrying. There fn’ing tools. Use what fits you, your circumstances and just be proficient with it. If you can’t use your tool, doesn’t matter how many rounds you have or don’t, what caliber or what auxiliary sh#t your carrying.

    • My main EDC is a Glock 22 .40 cal. I have others I sometimes carry including 9mm.

      Did not always carry more than one extra mag and many times in the past carried no extra mag at all but I do carry two spare mags now all the time each and every time, that’s three 15 round mags total counting the one in the gun.

      Started doing that after I shot the two guys who were assaulting my wife trying to abduct her to rape her, they probably would have ended up killing her. One was armed with a hand gun, the other with a knife. Long story with all the details so I’m skipping a lot that would give the total picture, but why I carry two extra mags now; there was a lot of moving around to get into a position to more accurately engage them and they were not leaving so I’m moving and making shots on the move as they expose their selves while they are trying to get back to my wife. Had already wounded one and he was bleeding a lot but still on the move trying to get at my wife who had managed to escape them when I arrived as they turned their attention on me. But in her escape she got trapped between them and could not get out of her position unless she ran into one of them. I was moving across about 30 yards. My wife screamed at them “you sons a bitches are gonna die. He is going to kill you.” Also needed was suppressive fire from me to keep one of them from getting back to my wife at one point as he was the closest threat to her as I advanced in my engagement to get to her and take them out to remove the threat they still presented to her, the other one was trying to move back towards her also and managed to get within 8 feet of her before he went down. An engagement with advancing and moving direct engagement fire, return fire, and suppressive fire uses up ammo more than a normal one-on-one direct engagement would. Had one 15 round mag in the Glock and one more on my person at the time, I had to change mags and fired all but three rounds in the second mag but both the bad guys were finally down and my wife was safe. Had I needed to fire those three rounds and both of them were not down by the last round my wife and/or I may very well have been killed. Cops rolled up after its over.

      Call 911 but don’t expect the police to suddenly appear and save you like the anti-gun people seem to think happens, by some Harry Potter hocus pocus magic I guess. Not being critical of police because its the nature and reality of the situation that police are not dispatched until they get notified, but by the time they are notified the incident is in progress or already over and the harm is done so they arrive after the fact. You are your own first responder and people need to realize that its pretty damn likely no one is coming to help before they or family or someone else can be harmed. Mine was an atypical experience but the lesson learned is you never know and need to be prepared so after that incident I started carrying two extra 15 round mags.

  13. It isn’t the caliber or the size of the gun or its capacity that counts. It’s whether you have it with you when you need it. I own a .45 ACP Gold Cup, a Performance Center 9 mm M&P and a 6 inch .357. For an EDC, I trying to decide between a Kahr CW380 with their extended magazine and a MagGuts kit (8+1) and an NAA Sidewinder (5 of .22 WMR). The Colt and the S&Ws are bigger than I want to try to conceal. The Kahr and the NAA aren’t undetectable but only gun people will notice the bulge from the pocket holster. (I notice stuff like that which makes me think other gun people do, too. Of course, unless the person I think might be carrying is behaving badly, I’m comfortable with it.)

  14. This “60+ year old” trusts his SIG P250 (12+1 or 15+1,) Taurus G2c (12+1, 15+1 or 17+1,) and his AR-15 pistol (20+1 or 30+1 of .300 BLK.)

    Or I did, before that tragic boating accident…

  15. I’m in my 30s but I don’t have a problem with the idea of people carrying 7+1. 1911’s and revolvers have saved plenty of lives. I usually carry more but I doubt I’ll need more than 8 shots.

    Maybe people in their 60s just don’t like arrogant people in their 20’s and 30’s insulting their favorite handgun.

  16. Calibers and capacity aside, you can shoot as many time as you want, but if you do not hit a vital organ or bone, not much that energy is transferred unless you are using hollow points or lead. More than makes up for the younger “pray and spray” age group.

  17. Going to be a contrarian (even though I AM one of those boomers) – the best carry pistol is the pistol you can comfortably carry, consistently shoot accurately, and feel comfortable carrying.

    I, in fact, prefer a 1911 as a carry pistol. I’m a large guy, so concealability isn’t a problem for me. My carry rig and pistol hold 8 round mags, so I carry 17 rounds of 200 grain Speer Gold Dot. If I’m ever in a situation where I need more than 17 rounds of that stuff, it was my situational awareness that failed, not my pistol. But that’s me. I’m large, I’m comfortable with recoil, and I like the feel of a 1911 in hand.

    If you’re more comfortable with a Beretta Bobcat .22, you’ll perform better with that than with a 1911. Or, probably, a Glock 19.

    Three questions for a carry pistol:

    1. Can I carry it comfortably with decent concealment?
    2. Can I shoot it accurately (including, if needed, follow-up shots)?
    3. Am I comfortable carrying it ALL the time (the best pistol in the world is useless if it it “back at home”)?

    If you can answer “yes” to all those questions, then your pistol is a good choice for you. Sure, if you can STILL answer “yes” to all those questions with a pistol that has better ballistics, go with that option. OTOH, questioning someone else’s personal choice for self-defense has always seemed kinda condescending and douchey, to me.

    If you’re insecure about your choice, reconsider. If you’re secure in your choice, ignore the critics. Why we 2A folks continue to have these arguments beyond the questions I listed is stupid and counter-productive.

  18. I’ll say what I said when I saw this posted on reddit’s gun memes-

    It’s cute that someone thinks they can come up with magic words to change the mind of someone after 40+ years. They have belts older than some of us, so they have a hard time taking our arguments seriously.

    Just smile then talk about how fun it is to shoot.

  19. the actors colt 45 did a remarkable job for a non defensive bullet. I’ve seen several experts explain that target loads are useless for self defense. tragic consequences that challenge accepted truths.

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