Philadelphia Shooting
A Philadelphia fireman washes blood off the sidewalk at the scene of a fatal shooting on South Street in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)
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Research by John R. Lott Jr. highlights just how geographically concentrated the murder problem is in the United States. Of the more than 3,000 counties in the country, 52 percent had zero murders in 2020, while the 31 counties with the highest murder rates (the worst 1 percent) had 42 percent of the nation’s murders. Expand the focus to the worst 2 percent (62 counties), and these accounted for more than half (56 percent) of U.S. murders in 2020. Lott concluded: “Murder isn’t a nationwide problem. It’s a problem in a small set of urban areas …”

Yes, but what about “gun violence”? What about the inflammatory rhetoric of Democrats demonizing the National Rifle Association (NRA) as somehow to blame for America’s crime problem? Among other things, Lott took into account rates of firearm ownership, and found an inverse relationship between the prevalence of murder and rates of gun ownership: “According to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey, the household gun ownership rate in rural areas was 79% higher than in urban areas. Suburban households are 37.9% more likely to own guns than urban households. Despite lower gun ownership, urban areas experience much higher murder rates.”

So much for the correlation between gun ownership and crime. What do we know about the correlation between politics and crime? The five U.S. cities with the highest per capita murder rates are St. Louis (69.4 per 100,000 population), Baltimore (51.1), New Orleans (40.6), Detroit (39.7), and Cleveland (33.7). In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden got 82 percent of the vote in St. Louis, 87 percent in Baltimore, 83 percent in New Orleans, 94 percent in Detroit and 80 percent in Cleveland. In other words, the most dangerous cities in America are all Democratic Party strongholds.

These facts are not difficult to discover, if anyone is willing to do a few Google searches, but you would probably have no idea about any of this if your source for news was ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Associated Press. The so-called “mainstream media” seem to operate as a cartel, doing everything in their power to prevent the public from learning the truth about crime in America. Consider the simple matter of what counts as a crime story of national interest. The cartel media love to go into 24/7 coverage mode on “mass shootings,” but are notably selective in their choices as to which ones deserve such attention.

For example, did you hear about the mass shooting in Philadelphia last week? One person was killed and four others were wounded in an incident in which more than 50 shots were fired in a garage in the city’s Kensington neighborhood. According to WPVI-TV, this was the 84th mass shooting in Philadelphia since 2020, but how many of those mass shootings got so much as one word of coverage on CNN? Pretty close to zero, I’m sure.

The fact that Philadelphia has had more than 500 homicides in each of the past two years? CNN and other members of the media cartel ignore it, for the simple reason that the bloody carnage which has earned the city the nickname “Killadelphia” doesn’t help advance the preferred political narrative.

Most of the facts about crime in America don’t fit that narrative. According to the FBI, in 2021 there were about 23,000 homicides in the country and, based on data from 2019, about 54 percent of U.S. murder victims are black people, most of whom are killed by other black people. It is impossible to discuss violent crime in America without acknowledging that at least half of it involves black people, both as victims and perpetrators, despite the fact that blacks are only 14 percent of the U.S. population.

The national media clearly doesn’t want to discuss this — for reasons that are fundamentally political — and so the picture of crime in America conveyed by the media is distorted beyond recognition. This political distortion produces a yawning chasm between the reality of crime and its portrayal in the news media.

— Robert Stacy McCain in Why Do Democrats Think They Can ‘Win’ the Crime Issue?

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    • Let’s complete the math… 54% of the 23,000 murders in 2021 were blacks, mainly killed by other blacks, who comprise 14 percent of the population. Now lets consider that half of the black population is female and statistically not represented. So as a group, 7% of the population is committing the vast majority of murders, but it is “racist” to expect them to be held accountable? So when they are arrested and carring an illegal giggle-switched Glock, why are they set free, and why are MY guns the problem to be solved?
      The National Divorce is inevitable, and I seriously believe it will happen in my lifetime.

      • Let’s complete the math… 54% of the 23,000 murders in 2021 were blacks, mainly killed by other blacks, who comprise 14 percent of the population.

        According to the 2020 U.S. Census; blacks made up only 12.1% of the U.S. population. Perhaps the promise of reparations accounts for the sudden increase in the black population.

        • Not so fast Ragnar…Unfortunately you like so many see “Reparations” and do not know History Confirms the democRat Party is 100% liable for any and all Monetary Reparations.

        • ya know, I’ve seen that 14% nfigure a couple times recently and KNEW that was “off” Wonder HOW that “new” figure could have been recently trotted out? Hmmmmmm…. don’t let yer lyin’ eyes deceive you any longer.

          Twp percent ain’t much…… except when it it. so that means SIX percent of the US population are responsible for about half the “gun violence” for which “they” wish to punish and disarm the 94%. Have I got those numbers correct?

          Stalin, Lenin, Trutsky, never had so much “scuence” to back up their porgoms, did they?

          But WE’ve got the Mad Mommies, the Some-towners, the Hogg Boyys, and their bought and paid for stooges all slaving away to make US slaves. Not gonna happin dood…..

        • The 14% of population is a number I’ve heard since the 1980s.

          So it may need to be updated.

      • Does anyone expect Blacks in problem areas who continually vote for the party of their slave masters to be playing with a full deck?

        From a historical perspective…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

        demoCrap…Try replacing it with something other than backdoor bigotry.

  1. This is all good, but we need to understand that these stats are not static year over year. Right now about 82% of the US population lives in and around major population centers, and that is expected to become even more as cities grow and expand/intrude into surrounding formerly suburban and urban areas. So will the incidence of violent crime due to nothing more than changing demographics. It remains to be seen what the corresponding gun ownership/carry statistics do.

  2. Lot of similarities between the conspiracy theory that the CIA flooded black neighborhoods with crack and the conspiracy theory that the NRA flooded black neighborhoods with guns.

    The best part about those conspiracies is while they’re presented as evidence of black victimization they’re just as much if not moreso evidence of black stupidity. Give a reasonable, rational man a gun and some crack and he won’t smoke the crack or shoot his neighbor but, according to the conspirators, give a black man crack and a gun and he’ll immediately smoke the crack and shoot his neighbor.

    It’s just more of that low-expectations soft racism crap the left is so famous for.

  3. And … cue … dacian with his false biased debunked stuff about an imaginary place called Capitalvania on planet Dacian and Miner49er screeching about Trump and religion and republicans…

    • Black on black crime continues apace (at least in Chiraq)because everyone has a close relative who is a CRIMINAL. “MY baby didn’t own no gunz”. It can’t be fixed…

  4. Here’s a question people don’t want to ask.

    What is the demographic makeup of the counties that constitute the vast majority of “gun violence?”

    I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

  5. “Gun violence” can be broken down to prevalence in zip codes. By counties doesn’t narrow it down enough. Guess who lives in those zip codes?

  6. It is well known Democrat ran cities are some of the most uncivilized in the USA. Some of the biggest losses of population are Democrat cities, as people move out of those high crime areas to safer Republican ran states and cities.
    It is only common sense.

  7. When I talk to people on this subject “if guns cause crime, why does it do so along such strong age, gender, race bias?”.
    This is a statistical truth. It debunks the claim. I get mostly three responses; liar! , Racist! (Notice I didn’t name any race), and confused silence as the brighter audience realizes they have been manipulated their whole lives on this subject.

    • Gets worse when you filter for single parent upbringing but yeah that’s close enough to what we see (gender, age, then race) for violent crimes and your order for all crime.

  8. “According to WPVI-TV, this was the 84th mass shooting in Philadelphia since 2020, but how many of those mass shootings got so much as one word of coverage on CNN? Pretty close to zero, I’m sure.”

    This situation was once dealt with by the New York Times and because of the inconvenient truths the issue of perpatrators of “mass shootings” has never been addressed again and the NYT’s has worked hard to bury their own reporting.

    A shout out to the Lou for being #1!!!!

    The five U.S. cities with the highest per capita murder rates are St. Louis (69.4 per 100,000 population), Baltimore (51.1), New Orleans (40.6), Detroit (39.7), and Cleveland (33.7).

    • Guessing this is for larger cities as I can think of a few smaller ones that tend towards 100 per 100k.

  9. “but you would probably have no idea about any of this if your source for news was ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Associated Press.”

    Left out Faux Snews

  10. the blue city/blue state governance model
    doesnt just make people poor and uneducated
    it makes them dead

  11. If you could shoot criminal Democrats dead on site when you catch them, the world would be a better place. If this criminal Democrat, and future elected Tennessee State senator had been shot down on site, when he attacked innocent people in their vehicles several years ago?
    We would not have the problems in Tennessee, today that we have now, because of the “Transsurrection” we had just several days ago.

    But according to the Libertarians liberals and the left. You should not be allowed to defend yourself in your vehicle. You’re supposed to abandon your vehicle and allow criminals to destroy it. Or they steal it. You’re not allowed to either use a gun, or even use your vehicle as a weapon, and run over people who are attacking you.

    They can say they hate the police all they want. But the Three L’s are the first ones to tell you to call the police first. They will never call for the repeal of all the laws, that are preventing Property Owners from defending their property with deadly force if necessary.

    But representatives of the government can use deadly force to protect government property. And many have used their government issued vehicles to run over criminals.

    And they’re not prosecuted. They’re not charged. And they retire with full benefits.

    “Democrat CAUGHT On Camera ATTACKING Motorists, Insane Video EXPOSES Democrat Terror”

    • The doublethink on police is because they want a police to be loyal to THEIR party and THEIR p0litics. And all crimes will be viewed on their s0cial and p0litical perspective first.

      • You are so close to the truth. The cops will end up only arresting people who are the least threat to law enforcement.

        A patriot is an easy arrest. But BLM or ANTIFA have unlimited lawyers and multiple video angles of the cops.
        These criminals are very well funded.

    • I do NOT think that is true about Libertarians. Yes, many only cared about decriminalizing drugs, but the core wants the least amount of laws to tie together the 50 states and possessions needed to keep our country running. BATF, IRS, and most alphabet agencies are choking the life out of our country.
      Yes, they do not like the authoritarian figures that demand that we all march lock step for them. I daresay that most of the readers here don’t like that either.

      • I have come to believe that libertarians are generally intellectually dishonest people. And the democrats and republicans are equal in their dishonesties.

        Yes there are some honest libertarians. Just as there are some honest republicans and some honest democrats.

        But the libertarians generally believe in “theft through taxation”. In order to pay to enable drug addicts and to insure they are comfortable in their drug use.
        This is something that the democrats agree with the libertarians on.

        The republicans at one time completely rejected this stupidity. Unfortunately they got sucked into believing the same d@mm thing.

        You can add Colorado to list of States like California Washington and Oregon. Where people are desperate, to get out of the utopia that was created, by the libertarians, Liberals, and the Left in those States.

        Libertarians prioritize “the soft things” before the “more difficult things”. In fact they try to avoid the more difficult things.

        • Wait until those states erect “anti-f@scist protection barriers” along their borders to ‘”keep undesirables out” but in reality to keep their few remaining taxpayers in.


    You can’t bring these numbers up because they don’t know how to count and if you mention anything race related then you are racist. This is the media, this is politicians, this is America. We’ve allowed it to get to a point where they can present any story as a major issue when it is in fact a minor issue that only happens in certain areas, with a majority of it caused by a certain race. Not sorry if you don’t like it. That’s the facts. Ever since they realized this they have started including 19+ as “children” and now gang related crime as “mass shootings” etc etc. Anything they can do to manipulate the number they are trying and have been doing it for way too long.

    We are done hearing it. It’s not true. That kind of info funds people like Epstein and their sacrifice island and it’s sickening. Democrats will do anything to manipulate people and they have been doing it since slavery, black people voting, women voting, and now they enjoy using modern slavery through taxation and trying to take away your rights. They don’t want you armed and they want you poor.

    • DemoRats discovered long ago that it is impossible to make everybody happy, but it is possible to make everybody miserable. They then use that misery to accomplish their political aims, resulting in more government control and less and less freedom.

  13. Follow the link to the original article. Why is it that most leftists who write on controversial topics simply write a diatribe and post it, without any opportunity for a response from folks with other views, whereas most conservatives are open to discussion of their views? This article has a comment section with some lively discussions, and the author has even chimed in a couple times. By and large, leftists are cowards.

    • Yea look at Reddit. If you have a disagreement they will report you and ban you. I’ve even had reddit reach out to me with a “we are worried about you” post lol. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was r/witchesvspatriarchy. By far one of my best moments online. I don’t do social media, but when I do, I go full send. The only reason I have a reddit account if to ask questions but every now and then I get sucked in cuz I just can’t avoid the leftist drivel and I have to vocalize my “nope”. I never keep that stuff up there though. After the karma whoring is done by whoever posted it, I delete everything. Nobody comes back to those posts for references or information – it’s all karma whoring because they want to feel good.

  14. My county of residence has had a few murders in the last year. All down on the end of the county that has a liberal left enclave and along the tourist strip. As well as a couple in the area where the drugs etc. are known to be used and sold. A couple of the murders were DV related, a couple were tourists getting angry at each other or managing to piss off some miscreant stealing or selling dope in the aforementioned tourist strip, and the rest were drug thugs and dealers/users killing each other.
    If we could split the county in half, the half with the tourists and drugs would have all the murders while the other half would be a pretty accurate mix of racial groups as the overall racial make up of the country in general, with no real crime. Funny how the fairly well armed, rural areas, with most of the poor people and working class folks who are providing the labor in the tourist areas or going into the more densely populated wealthier portions of the county have the least amount of crime or drug use. Guess it could have something to do with the work ethic and commitment to family and their churches.

  15. What is the murder rate of counties that have soros paid for prosecutors versus those that don’t? I bet that would be an eye opener.

  16. Where is dacian the demented dipshit, to tell us that “the statistics show more guns equal more crime”? The VAST majority of crime occurs in (Dimocrat-ruled) blue cities. If you remove Detroit, NY, Chiraq, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, SF, Seattle, Portland, and a couple of other blue cities, from the stats, the US has a LOWER violent crime and murder rate than the so-called “civilized” countries in Europe.

    The article says it all – in rural and exurban counties, the gun ownership is FAR higher than in blue cities, and the murder rate is miniscule to non-existent. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a criminal problem. Start locking the criminals up, and KEEPING them locked up, and our crime problem will almost disappear, overnight.

    • He blames the gun deaths in those cities on the iron pipeline from neighboring states with more lax laws.

      Completely ignoring that straw buying is a criminal offense but how else does his antifa troop get their guns?

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