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Probably just an exchange rate thing.


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  1. YEET!

    I have a G20, a G29, a 10mm carbine, and an XDM 10mm. I have absolutely no need for that Hi-Point…

    And yet… the yeet is strong with this one.

      • I had a carbine and a JHP. The carbine was a good rifle, admittedly it would have been better set up for a double stack but it was reliable and accurate.

        The JHP was janky AF but it was built on a big point frame.

    • G20, G40, 1095, RIA 1911 in 10mm. I wish somebody else would make a 10mm carbine. Things I take for granted with other weapons are ignored (stubbornly) by Hi point and Keltec. As for pistols, Sig’s new 10mm pistol is probably the pinnacle of 10mm. But that price…

  2. I picked up a hi-point 45 as bug out bag back up hope
    I don’t really need it pistol. I’ve run around 500 rounds through it. Heavy, a little awkward and clunky, but so far it’s worked fine.
    of course that’s using surplus ball ammo.

    • A guy in Alaska some years back killed a grizzly that was doing a home invasion. Dad was there with the kids. In the news report he showed the pistol he cancelled a bear with.

      A Hi Point .45. The gun you can afford to have in your hand is the gun you have when the SHTF.

  3. Hipoints are cool.
    . Most people around here are river rats, we use em for boat anchors besides shootzing snakes and sht(we’d shoots alligators with them too, but we ain’t got no alligators to shootz cause we musta shooted them all?).
    I remember one time me and a friend was anchored off a hole fishing for flathead, well it must have been muskrat love season because the one female out of a thousand, like a ball of snakes, made it aboard and the males were determined to get to her. We up anchored as fast as we could and I got on the oars and my friend got in the gunm boat anchor POW P P POW OOW POW POW, the it was down to twirling that HiPoint pistul anchor around his head like a cowboy lariat on 78 speed. He was a killing muskrats left and right, there was a whole slew of them, and the boat was drawing shallow draft. The rope was a singing and the HiPoint was a whapping, to much strain on the rope and just about the time the rope give out we broke free into the current and away from the swarm of muskrats. I still believe had it not been for that HiPoint gunm boat anchor we’d have died.
    Thank You HiPoint.

  4. Possum, you must be the dilettante of the bayou. Women decidedly must get the vapors when you hold forth wid yore chillin’ stories of muskrat love. I am impressed!

  5. Thank God there is at least one gun company looking out for poor people. Hi Point. The 2A is for everyone.

    Now I wonder how many of these elitist gun snobs, will be wearing a disguise, when they walk into a gun store to buy a high point 10 mm???

    I’ve had gun store owners laugh and tell me that they would don’t sell Hi Point products.
    I’ve been told that the 10mm Hi Point is the only production 10mm with a threaded barrel.
    Is that true???

    • “Thank God there is at least one gun company looking out for poor people. Hi Point. The 2A is for everyone.”

      This is a much more valid point than most TTAG posters will even understand. And many of these people need a gun a hell of s lot more than most of us.

      The real help the less financially fortunate need is not gobs of other people’s money laundered to them. Mentorship and guidance would be far better and more affective. Certainly mocking someone’s predicament won’t fix anything.

  6. I don’t have a Hi-Point, I don’t need a Hi-Point, nor do I have a desire for a Hi-Point but from what I understand, even tho they are ugly and unwieldy AF, they are dependable, reliable, and their warranty is exceptional. If that’s what somebody can afford and needs for self-protection, so be it. Better to have them in the fold with us than not.


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