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Just imagine if it were black. Though if news out of Yellowstone Park the last few weeks is any indication, this meme is completely accurate.


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  1. this meme is completely accurate.

    DO NOT PISS OFF A BUFFALO. My Brother-in-Law kept three on his farm in KY, they were VERY protective of the horses and cattle, and they are fearless.

    • I was gonna say, there actually is a pretty big difference between a wild buffalo and a domesticated female cow.

      • We had a cow when I was growing up that would beg to differ with you. She would take you out in a heartbeat. Damn rankest animal I was ever around. We only kept her around because she would suckle multiple calves we bought at the sale barn every year. When she finally got to old and we took her to the sale barn. She ran all the handlers out of the ring.

      • They are bison, not buffalo.

        While totally unnecessary as the Bison IS remotely related to the Buffalo, and no one REALLY gives a fuck, I do accept your correction.

      • “They are bison, not buffalo.”

        I thought that’s what an Australian washes his face in. 🤔

    • Hey now, Bison can be pretty damn cool if you make friends with one:

      Guy on a Buffalo:

    • Friend of mine has a sheep ranch in n. Ca. He has a few hundred sheep, and one very angry male llama. The llama considers all the sheep to be his personal property. It is almost a daily ritual to go out in the fields and pick up a dead coyote that the llama had stomped. It doesnt much care for people either…

  2. Somebody has to post it:

    What did the Daddy buffalo say to his son who was heading out on the range?

    “Bye, Son.”

    • Had a neighbor that had some of those assault cows many years ago. They didn’t like fences and it wasn’t uncommon for them to smash through to get at the greener grass on the other side of the road. You haven’t lived until you have blasted through a blind downhill turn on a bicycle to see on of those things standing in the middle of the road!

      • You haven’t lived until you have blasted through a blind downhill turn on a bicycle to see on of those things standing in the middle of the road!

        Had the same experience on a motorcycle in South Dakota.

        • They are a bit less common in East Tennessee. The guy was trying to breed them with one of his bulls, but apparently there are some things even a bull won’t do. He eventually quit and sold the farm and moved away.

  3. I had a Bison steak at a restaurant recently.
    When I finished, I asked the waiter for the buffalo bill.

    Alright. I will stop, now.

    • Ain’t fair, different weight class divisions. Let’s see what happens when that car meets a 25 hundred pound saber toothed possum

  4. Began to read the bison jokes to my 20 y.o. daughter. She said to dispense with the dad jokes, so I did, one at a time.👍

  5. Been treed, put over fences, and up into feed bunks by domestic cows. A Holstein bull charged a JD tractor I was driving and knocked himself out when he hit the cast iron weights on the front. I’ve seen Bison charge a grizzly. I’ve seen Bison trample wolves.
    Bison are large powerful animals. As are domestic cattle. I work with domestic cattle daily. While I know my animals, and don’t fear them, I still respect them. As anyone with any sense should respect an animal that can stomp you into a mud hole. People are killed by livestock like cattle or horses every year. Bison, being wild animals, will be more aggressive in defending themselves and their young than most domestic animals. Under no circumstance should anyone approach a large wild animal. if you do, you may come off the worse for the effort.

  6. Get out there in middle of the herd and see just how friendly that red Angus is when you grab hold of her calf.
    I tried to pat a buffalo once, Woolarock Muesem and Drive Through Zoo’ish.
    Got back and told one of the care takers about it and caught hell about staying in my car. Seems the buffalo had fcked somebody’s car up not to long ago. Hell I thought he’d be a pet, like come up and eat some grass out of your hand. I applied for a job at that place but had to live in state. I try and touch ever critter I see, patted a mountain lion once , it was in a cage and the guy let me in. Crawled across the human barrier and was feeding a black bear grass roots through a chain link. Thought I had him interested but he bought took my paw off when just about touched his ass. Had my arm halfway drug through the fence by a chimpanzee, them fuckers are stout and when there screaming at you their teeth are as big as a lion’s. I was damn strong back then, had both feet on the fence and my other arm pulling my other arm, both me and the chimp face to face screaming at each other. Thought I was going to get bit and all fucked up, finally I pulled loose
    – – Oh forget the chimp story,, had that mixed up with my girlfiend.- –
    Me n cousin used to call up Barred owls , had one land on his head, that was pretty scary being a kid.
    Good times bad times, we’ve all had our share
    The government I loved walked out on me and it dont even care

    • Good times bad times, we’ve all had our share
      The government I loved walked out on me and it dont even care

      I don’t care what the warnings say
      I’m gonna touch that wild animal ANYWAY… Good times…

  7. For some reason folks in Yellowstone and those who watch ongoings seem to forget these are wild animals. They have this imaginary line built in about safe distance. If your wearing flip flops with three chins and haven’t run since you were 6 then even 100yds ain’t enough. Those who close the gaps for the selfies deserve what they get. The gene pool is just trying to cleanse itself.

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