FBI Cincinnati Office Threat
The area near Center and Smith roads was closed for hours during a standoff Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022, in Clinton County, Ohio, after an armed man tried to breach the FBI's Cincinnati office and fled north on the highway. (Nick Graham/Dayton Daily News via AP)
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By Andrew Welsh-Huggins and Patrick Orsagos, AP

An armed man clad in body armor who tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati office on Thursday was shot and killed by police after he fled the scene and engaged in an hourslong standoff in a rural part of the state, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said.

The confrontation came as officials warned of an increase in threats against federal agents in the days following a search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

The man is believed to have been in Washington in the days leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection and may have been present at the Capitol on the day of the attack, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the matter. The official could not discuss details of the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The suspect was identified as Ricky Shiffer, 42, according to the law enforcement official. He was not charged with any crimes in connection with the Jan. 6 attack, the official said. Federal investigators are examining whether Shiffer may have had ties to far-right extremist groups, including the Proud Boys, the official said.

In this image taken from FOX19 Cincinnati video, FBI officials gather outside the FBI building in Cincinnati, Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. An armed man decked out in body armor tried to breach a security screening area at the FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday, then fled and exchanged gunfire in a standoff with law enforcement, authorities said. (FOX19 Cincinnati via AP)

Shiffer “attempted to breach” the visitor’s screening area at the FBI office at around 9:15 a.m., and fled when agents confronted him, according to federal authorities’ account of the incident. After fleeing onto Interstate 71, he was spotted by a trooper and fired shots as the trooper pursued him, said Lt. Nathan Dennis, a Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesperson, at a press conference.

Shiffer left the interstate north of Cincinnati and abandoned his car on rural roads, where he exchanged gunfire with police and sustained injuries, though no one else was hurt, Dennis said.

Shiffer was shot after he raised a gun toward police at around 3 p.m. Thursday, Dennis said. The fatal encounter with police happened after negotiations failed and police tried unsuccessfully to use “less lethal tactics,” Dennis said, without providing details.

State highway workers blocked off roads leading to the scene as a helicopter flew over the area. Officials locked down a mile radius near the interstate and urged residents and business owners to lock doors and stay inside. The interstate has been reopened.

“Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with,” Wray said Wednesday in Omaha.

The FBI on Wednesday also warned its agents to avoid protesters and ensure their security key cards are “not visible outside FBI space,” citing an increase in social media threats to bureau personnel and facilities. It also warned agents to be aware of their surroundings and potential protesters.

The warning did not specifically mention this week’s search of Mar-a-Lago but attributed the online threats to “recent media reporting on FBI investigative activity.”

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  1. Nothing shady about this serf! Move along vermin…January 6? Proud Boy’s? Look for all body armor to be outlawed outlaw.

    • New York already has. Civilians, other than security guards, have no legitimate need for body armor after all, so it doesn’t burden their rights to ban it. And after ATF shuts down as many FFLS as it can, and tabletop FFLs are run out of business by “security” regulations, we plebs should just surrender–or die.

      • “And after ATF shuts down as many FFLS as it can, and tabletop FFLs are run out of business by “security” regulations, we plebs should just surrender–or die.”

        I think a well-crafted lawsuit could result in knocking a lot of that harassment out.

        Just the the threat of such a lawsuit could force the BATF to cool their heels on such an action.

        Do you think the possibility of such a lawsuit reaching the High court’s in-basket would be motivation enough?

      • Can still buy hard plates till September 1st then stuck with whatever you bought in the state.

    • The FBI are the Gestapo. The brown shirts are the antifa’s and the burn loot and murder critters. Bet this guy was set up to go pull this stunt with the assurance that nothing would happen to him then they sealed his lips. The CIA is the KGB.

    • They’ve been political enforcers since Hoover was in charge.

      The only difference between the FBI and Pinkertons is the former are funded by the government.

    • I can see where the replies are headed. Everybody get a life! Both the federal judge who signed the search warrant AND the director of the FBI were appointed by himself…Trump! Haven’t heard a peep from his legal beagles. Personally, if Trump had classified documents in his possession, according to their sensitivity, i.e., Classified, Secret, Top Secret and/or Top Secret SCI (Secured Compartmented Information) and if this information had been disseminated, as it was unsecured in boxes, definitely a possibility, then that is a clear and very dangerous situation. In the past, Trump has shown to be rather cavalier in his handling of classified documents. There’s more than 1 video of him showing classified documents to foreigners. Remember that most of his inner circle were prevented from obtaining Top Secret credentials. Trump had to intervene for the inner circle. Jared Kushner re-wrote his questionnaire multiple times and he had contact with foreign aliens, i.e, Communist Chinese “business associates”. One last thing, there is more than 1 way to prove that Trump had handled these documents were handled by Trump, not some off-the-wall conspiracy. He’s played the conspiracy angle, more than once, long before he became president.

      Engage flame throwers.

      • Engage flame throwers.

        Zero need for ‘flame throwers’.

        Brunhilde herself maintained an illegal unsecured email server in her private resident while serving as Secretary of State, loaded full of recognized as secret classified documents.

        Treating Trump the same way as how Hillary was treated by the Feds makes a powerful argument when presented to a jury.

        Go ahead, make Trump’s day, we double-dog-dare you, moron!

        • I also am unhappy that everyone is immediately accusing the FBI of being political here. This smacks of group identity politics, not analysis.

        • “when presented to a jury“

          Hillary Clinton testified in public under oath for nine hours.

          Trump has done everything he can to avoid testimony under oath, and when forced to recently he invoked the fifth amendment for six hours straight, many people are saying it is a great record.

          Truly, many people are saying how great it would be for Donald Trump to testify publicly under oath, if he only he had the testicular fortitude.

        • Miner49er,

          Your comparison of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump fails on one very important distinction:

          Donald Trump, serving as the President of these United States of America is the Classification / Declassification authority. If a President declares a document to be unclassified, than it is and therefore, no law has been broken.

          Hillary Clinton was not, has never been and likely never will be a President. Her actions with the Department of State were willful negligence and criminal.

        • Would want you and Miner to be “triggered” by reality would we?

          If, by 2022, you have not figured out that the FBI is an utterly corrupt organization, then you are an idiot. If not before then, they were totally transformed into a political arm of the demtard party by Obumer. See also Stazi, Brown Shirts/SA, etc. Their panty raid of Mrs Trump’s closet will bite the progs in the ass.

          The progs idiots STILL don’t understand America, unintended consequences or overreach. They just can recognize that this isn’t Eurp.

      • There is no law and order when the law isn’t equally applied. Hillary wasn’t raided by the FBI. Evidence was subpoenaed. Then she proceeded to destroy said evidence. When asked about wiping her computer clean, she replied, “like with a cloth?” They’re laughing at us, and that includes the useful idiot bootlickers who they would throw under the bus in a second.

      • The magistrate (not a judge) who signed off on the search warrant was an Obama donor that had, while he was a private attorney, defended associates of Jeffrey Epstein (who did not kill himself.) He also recused himself from a civil case involving Trump and Hillary Clinton a few months before signing the warrant–so why didn’t he recuse himself for this?

        Also, since we now know that AG Merrick Garland approved the raid, neither of the major players in the issuance of this search warrant could be considered neutral to anything having to do with Trump.

    • Definitely a false flag. The average conservative is so lazy and defeated that they’ll tolerate a stolen election and a political witch hunt to prevent trump from ever running again rather than even think about defying our fascist leftist masters. The average cuckservative just rolls over and takes it

      • If they dragged someone in front of a judge, there might be a trial and he might say something in his own defense. We could then all look at the evidence and assess the truth of the matter for ourselves.

        Since the guy is “dead,” none of that will ever happen.

        How do we even know there ever was a lone nut in the first place? Only if you believe the media do you know for sure. Until the Alex Jones case dispelled that notion, it could have been a crisis actor. Good thing they cleared that up.

        All I know is, they want us to believe that this happened, and they also want us to believe that TPTB have it under control.

        I’ll go adjust my tin foil hat now.

  2. Darwin award. Doesn’t much matter how right, or how wrong, the FBI might be. An idiot who attempts to take over a facility in which there are armed people needs to be serious, or not bother. This fool got what he deserved, I would say.

    • Agreed. The guy was a nut.
      Claims that he was an agent sent on a suicide mission to make extremist Trump supporters look bad sound improbable.
      Darwin Award.
      I don’t see how people doubt Trump took home papers he wasn’t supposed to. It’s against rules but otherwise who cares?

      • “Who cares?”

        The people who fear him running for office. The point of this exercise is to prevent him from running. They know the Puppet will lose in a fair fight. They’re acting accordingly.

      • “but otherwise who cares?“

        WaLo reports documents related to nuclear weapons, other national security issues.

        Trump failed to comply with an earlier subpoena, had multiple opportunities to return the documents but failed to do so.

        • Why on earth would he keep paper documents???
          He could have copied them long ago.
          Is it just his personality to ignore rules?
          Is he using this to build his victim status?

        • Fake news lies as usual, Miner. He was complying.

          On June 3, the FBI visited Mar-a-Lago to retrieve the requested documents in the subpoena, which Trump complied with, the source told Fox News.

          Those investigators toured the area of the Florida resort where some documents were stored, then briefly viewed and took custody of a small amount of potentially sensitive material. Separate sources told Fox News that federal investigators had spoken with at least one person who relayed the possibility of more sensitive national security material in that storage room and other areas of the property.

          FBI officials, that day, asked to see a storage facility where the records were located. The FBI asked that staff put a lock on the storage room, which they later did.

        • Soon they will make public the receipt document for whatever was taken.
          Maybe nothing was found, we will see soon.

        • “You call them secret nuclear documents, Mr. Bond. I call them an insurance policy.”
          Donald J Blofeld

          Presidents are not permitted to declassified documents relating to nuclear security, they are classed as Restricted Data and require specific authorization by DOE.

          “Authority for Classifying Documents Containing RD or FRD

          Authority to classify NSI documents does NOT give a person authority to classify documents containing RD and FRD
          Must be an RD Classifier (or a qualified person within DoD) to classify RD and FRD documents
          RD Classifiers (and persons within DoD who classify documents containing RD) require specific training concerning the procedures for classifying, declassifying, marking, and handling RD and FRD information and documents“


          Also, documents relating to nuclear information fall under “defense information”, 10 years for violating 18 U.S. Code § 793 – “Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information.“ with no exception for presidential declassification.

        • Miner 49r been to the grocery store lately? Bought any gas? Got any similac or enfamil? Just how racist and stupid are you? Don’t you realize that you will be replaced even if you don’t look like me?

        • Miner, you traffic in lies and innuendo.

          When you’re caught in your lies, you move on and post more untruths.

          Why would anyone believe anything that you post here?

        • Seth Barrett Tillman

          The rationale being offered via anonymous sources is that Trump had the US nuclear codes in some unsecured boxes on his Mar-a-Lago facility. And the administration negotiated with Trump for the return of these docs and delayed serving a warrant for over 1.5 years.

          Makes sense!

          5:12 AM · Aug 12, 2022·Twitter Web App

          And Miner, quoting a screen villain in a 50-year-old movie fiction is a fitting support for your argument.

        • You see ‘Trump’ and some nefarious ‘cabal’ or ‘group’ in everything“

          Not everything, but certainly in this specific incident, as shown in the perp’s choice of media platform:

          “the user posted at 9:29 a.m. Thursday on Truth Social, Trump’s social media site“

        • “The rationale being offered via anonymous sources is that Trump had the US nuclear codes in some unsecured boxes on his Mar-a-Lago facility“

          Bullshit, there is no allegation specifically regarding “nuclear codes”.

          The actual reporting indicates that “Special Access” material was in the boxes that Trump intentionally did not return, even though he had received a subpoena for the material in June.

          It’s possible that material concerns the nuclear forces and preparedness of one or more of our allies, not necessarily United States forces.

          In any case, the first question should be “Why would Donald Trump remove ‘Special Access’ materials from the White House and take them to his private residence after leaving the Presidency? SA Is one of the top tier clearances, 2 levels above ‘Top Secret’.

          So tell me, do you think it is ‘patriotic’ for a private citizen to unlawfully hold America’s nuclear security documents in his private residence?


        • NO evidence that there were any such docs. ANYTHING published by WaPo or NYT is automatically to be assumed false.

      • “With a NAILGUN?“

        I’m guessing somebody like Alex Jones convinced him that the nail gun would defeat the plexiglass armor at the security checkpoint, and the shooter would be able to directly attack Trump’s enemies, the FBI of Cincinnati.


      • I wonder if the glass was rated against 5.56?
        I am reminded of that bank robber who fired at close range into old style laminate glass and blinded himself.

      • “NO evidence that there were any such docs“

        That comment has not aged well…

        “FBI Recovered 11 Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows
        Trump allies claim the former president declassified the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago

        FBI agents who searched former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home removed 11 sets of classified documents, including some marked as top secret, according to a search warrant released by a Florida court Friday. Photo illustration: Adele Morgan

        By Alex Leary , Aruna Viswanatha and Sadie Gurman
        Updated Aug. 13, 2022 12:13 am ET“

        • I noticed Trump claimed his lawyers were forced outside to allow planting of evidence, but this was quickly disproven.
          The claim of “Midas touch” declassification was quickly disproven (there is a procedure).
          Why would Trump take the stuff home?
          I’d say to cause trouble as he likes attention.

  3. So…we know zero about him or his motivations But we will imply he is a right wing extremist.Kinda like blaming every death on COVID..

    • Look at the way the author (AP journalist) writes:

      “…the man is believed to have been…”

      “…may have been…”

      And the nation’s Capitol is located in the District of Columbia, not “Washington” (which is a State 3000 miles away).

      The entire article is a giveaway that the author is not a seasoned professional.

      • Legally ambiguous statements that fly just under the radar of what they can be sued for if proven otherwise.

        Vetted by lawyers before posting, no doubt.

      • “…the man is believed to have been…”

        “…may have been…”

        Those are prudent statements, indicating the uncertainty of the information at this early stage.

        It would be irresponsible of the journalist to state any of these as confirmed facts, the journalist is being honest with his audience by indicating that these reports have not been confirmed.

        That you somehow perceive those as an indication of “unprofessional journalism” is quite telling about your ability to understand the world around you.

        • Nope.

          I have a degree in journalism and worked in the field for several years.

          No reporter worth his professional ethics reports on “believed to have been” nor “may have been” as these are editorial opinions that have no place in a hard news story.

        • “No reporter worth his professional ethics reports on “believed to have been” nor “may have been” as these are editorial opinions that have no place in a hard news story“

          I don’t have a degree in journalism nor did I lose my journalism job several years ago, but I can parse simple English sentences.

          Stating “believed to have been” or “may have been” is not editorializing, it is a simple statement of the situation at present.

          It should be readily apparent to anyone that only a thorough investigation of the incident would yield facts reportable as “hard news”.

          Again, if a journalist is reporting preliminary information on a developing situation, it is prudent to point out that there is no firm information at this point; to do otherwise would be dishonest

        • Okay.

          “Miner49er may be a Russian spy trying to undermine our country.”

          See? It’s in writing. So it must be true, yes?

        • “I don’t have a degree in journalism …”


          “Stating “believed to have been” or “may have been” is not editorializing, it is a simple statement of the situation at present.”

          No, it’s introducing non-factual and speculative information into a straight-news story. That borders on editorializing because the reporter is using his opinion on the validity or relevance of such unverified information to choose and insert such information into his reportage.

          A reporter’s job, or it used to be, is to gather the facts and verify any information that he puts into his story. This is not the journalistic “style” these days which promotes “advocacy journalism,” but my professors properly termed such as “yellow journalism.” One used to quote Joe Friday, “Just the facts, ma’am,” to make his point.

          “Again, if a journalist is reporting preliminary information on a developing situation …”

          The he should report what is known after verifying the facts at the time with reliable sources.

          Well-known example: “ABC News and Brian Ross are apologizing for an “incorrect” report that James Holmes, the suspect in the Colorado theater shooting, may have had connections to the Tea Party.”

        • “Miner49er may be a Russian spy trying to undermine our country.”

          See? It’s in writing. So it must be true, yes?“

          No, it’s about having credible reports regarding the situation. A responsible journalist would include these early reports with the caveat that these are preliminary statements and may not be fully accurate.

  4. Now the spotlight shifts from a sleazy jack booted fbi raid to what appears to be a lone wolf who couldn’t wait till November to vote the Rat Party out. Anyone should be able to see the democRat Party is the democRat Party’s own worst enemy…leave them alone to stew in their poo.

  5. You do this for us we take care of your family…….. We know the associations with the time it takes for the story to die out.

    Muslims are being murdered in New Mexico…we will stop at nothing to find out who….oh never mind it was another muslim not some right wing blah blah….JANUARY 6TH, TRUMP, PROUD BOYS…..

    At least those of us alive now get to see just how the Commies and Nazis got their start. History repeats.

    • Yeah that guy was killing for Shia vs Sunni marriage insult.
      I am told this hatred was stoked by Saudi cash to Sunni fanatics running brain wash schools for poor boys then countered by Iranian money to any radical “death to all Sunni” groups. The hatred between the groups is at the highest in history. I saw a translation of a speech where a man (later killed by USA), promised to exterminate every Shia on the planet. He specifically pointed out that they could convert just before their beheading but this would not change their fate. This guy had a vast number of soldiers and weapons. You would figure Iran might have said “thanks” to USA.

      • “this hatred was stoked by Saudi cash“

        You mean like the Saudi cash that financed the 9/11 attacks, as well as Donald Trump’s recent LIV golf tournament?

        I guess Donalds sword dance of loyalty to the Saudi king is paying off.

        Here you can watch the Rothschild’s NYC banker, the CEO of Exxon and Donald Trump doing the sword dance with the king of Saudi Arabia.


        • Yup
          The House of Saud has a lot of money.
          They do not lead pious lives with over 500 concubines. To buy off the religious critics they give them vast sums. The religious nuts spread misery and hate in the name of their faith.
          The Bin Laden family is proven to have funded the 9/11 yet Iraq was invaded.
          USA should have given weapons to Iran and suggested they kick around the saudies for a while and usa wouldn’t complain until Saudi Arabia built back the towers and made every victim family wealthy. Instead usa invaded Iraq and got zero benefits.

        • But you’re cool with the puppet’s fist bump with the Saudi Crown Prince while he was there to beg for oil? Of course you are. Everything is about partisan politics for you. Why are we begging for oil again? Oh yeah, only the US energy sector causes climate change. Therefore it must be destroyed. What a joke.

        • “But you’re cool with the puppet’s fist bump with the Saudi Crown Prince while he was there to beg for oil?“

          Of course not, both parties lick the boots of the fossil fuel industry.

          But a fist bump is a far cry from the toady service Donald Trump and his co-conspirators have provided to the Saudis.

        • I think that’s the first time I’ve heard you go against The Party. That’s a positive development. And you’re correct, they do. All government subsidies need to end. It promotes corruption and an unfair market when they choose winners and losers.

        • The Saudi government is gross.
          But this oil mess isn’t just USA’s fault.
          Global idiots have worked together.
          USA had running prototypes of safe and bear zero waste compact liquid fuel reactors in the early 1960’s. Right now there are running fast breeder reactors that are stone safe and make negligible waste. Instead they shut down good reactors and buy oil from fascist dictators (I mean Putin) and the Saudis who use that money to screw over USA and cause endless misery among Islam and the world.

        • “Instead they shut down good reactors”

          The goal is to completely destroy the traditional US energy sector. This justifies hundreds of billions in cash and subsidies for the emerging solar, wind and EV industry which will, in turn, be beholden to the Democrat party. Do you think they would destroy an industry that currently supports them? The traditional energy sector overwhelmingly supports Republicans. On a similar note, who does the IRS union overwhelmingly support? Are you noticing a trend yet? The Inflation Reduction Act (LOL) is a power grab. They know it won’t lower the temperature and end floods and tornadoes or lower the sea level. That’s food for the sheep.

  6. People are angry. Temper your anger and vote in November. What is concerning that the Dems want an outright ban on so called assault weapons. I think they severely underestimate the non compliance. When they send the new uneducated law enforcement cadets to confiscate, well they won’t confiscate anything after about the 10th all out gunfight. That with probably trigger serious civil disobedience or a civil war. Just my opinion, Your mileage may vary. .

    • Sending agents out to get guns would end very badly for the agents.
      What would be more likely would be a Canadian style seizure of bank accounts until compliance was obtained.
      I think that would cause revolution if applied at any broad scale.

      • Which is why they need the database they’re building. It won’t happen all at once. They aren’t stupid. People will slowly be picked off, so to speak.

        • Once the feds had Trudeau’ed a few thousand AR platform owners that refused to surrender their guns – blocked banking access so they couldn’t buy food or pay their mortgage, put them homeless, I predict anger. Ultimately civil war. It’s a stupid thing to fight over.
          If anyone wanted to actually impact violent crime they could copy Sweden. Just watched 60 minutes Australian show. They achieved 2/3 reduction by harassing mostly drug dealers.

        • I wish the goal was to reduce violent crime. That’s just the cover for what they’re really after. We know how to do it. It’s been done before. Going after drug dealers is a winning strategy.

    • “What is concerning that the Dems want an outright ban on so called assault weapons.”

      Zero need for concern.

      The ‘Heller’ decision sealed that fate.

      It is constitutionally protected that firearms in common use cannot be banned. Over 20 million and counting is proof semi-auto magazine-fed firearms are constitutionally-protected…

      • Until the Dems get a majority in the House and the Senate, kill the filibuster, and pack the court with six or more justices.

    • “Another sad sack manipulated by Federal agents“

      I haven’t seen reporting to that effect, would you please share the source that underpins your claim?

      • Anyone who does the thing that people have been memeing about for years = automatically a plant

        unless they succeed, of course

        The feds somehow have the most wide-ranging yet ineffective conspiracy mind control system ever. Well, shoot, now that I say it like that it starts to sound real…

  7. Are you suggesting that FBI worked this guy into a frenzy so he went on a suicide mission? What would be gained by this?

    • Who knows what their reasoning is? The FBI sets up stooges all the time, usually to pad their arrest records. They were just caught red-handed in the fake Whitmer kidnapping. It’s the same MO they’ve used since the 60s: find some mentally ill stooge and goad him into taking action. It’s well documented.

      Never trust anything the FBI says. Never.

    • Should be pretty obvious.
      Simps for the feebs.
      More power to the state.
      Budget expansions.
      Demonizing the “other.”
      I’m sure you can come up with a few more since nobody is so obtuse they truly cannot see who and what there is to gain.

      • The feds instigated this?

        But wasn’t it Donald Trump himself who suggested a “Second amendment solution”?

        Just seems a simple case of another of his cult members who had been “standing back and standing by”, now activated because of the FBI executed search warrant.

        • “Well, I thought I had a way through bullet proof glass, and I didn’t,” the user posted at 9:29 a.m. Thursday on Truth Social, Trump’s social media site. “If you don’t hear from me, it is true I tried attacking the F.B.I., and it’ll mean either I was taken off the internet, the F.B.I. got me, or they sent the regular cops while… “

          Obviously another extremely stable genius.

        • @Miner49er

          It would seem that way to you. You see ‘Trump’ and some nefarious ‘cabal’ or ‘group’ in everything.

          People juts go nuts sometimes, in various ways and act irrationally with crazy thoughts and flawed and false logic for some agenda. I mean look at your own posts, and posts of dacian and Albert Hall, and that should be enough to convince anyone that crazy people with irrational thoughts and flawed and false logic exist.

        • Miner, you’ve been proven a liar.

          If anyone believes anything that you post, they’re brain-dead. As are you.

    • The FBI set up the Michigan governor kidnap plot. Four men went to court, none were found guilty because of how evil the FBI is.

    • Of course they did. It’s their end game for people that are fed up with government. Make their life a living hell until they finally decide to blow up. America’s government agencies have perfected terrorism and torture (as well as entrapment).

  8. “Insurrection” you keep using that word, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    • I visited a museum recently and stayed behind the velvet ropes and took some photos so I guess I insurrected that museum.

      • That’s crazy man! Even the revolutionary insurrectionists mostly stayed within the ropes. Don’t believe me? Here’s the CNN live video.

  9. alien — August 11, 2022 At 14:14

    Odds are that he’ll either commit suicide or be shot dead by police.

  10. A safe bet after firing on cops then driving away and firing on cops then getting out of his car and firing on cops.

    • My point was that the FBI didn’t want this guy taken alive.

      Dead men tell no tales, and they certainly can’t defend themselves with the truth when a house of lies is built around them by the government.

      • “My point was that the FBI didn’t want this guy taken alive“

        You certainly won’t let the facts interfere with your opinion, fascinating!

        The perpetrator was actually shot by the Ohio Highway Patrol, are they also part of Obama’s conspiracy?

        Or did the crazy Trump supporter shoot at them from his car with an AR 15?

        • I don’t accept any premise that you present, Miner, because you have a proven track record of lying on this site.

        • No lies, I just share accurate reporting on events that disappoint you.

          So I take it you believe that the Ohio State Highway patrol did not shoot this perpetrator? What evidence do you have to show that the reporting is inaccurate?

          I have watched the actual video of the Ohio State Highway patrol PIO stating their officers shot the suspect after he fired upon them, it’s available on the Internet.

          Please share your source that shows this Ohio state trooper is lying.

          Or do you want to just call me a liar and then run and hide…

        • Miner, quit being an asshole. (Yes, I know, a huge task and you’re not up to it.)

          “So I take it you believe that the Ohio State Highway patrol did not shoot this perpetrator?”

          Where did I say that they didn’t? Here’s my exact statement:
          “My point was that the FBI didn’t want this guy taken alive.”

          Nowhere did I mention the OSHP, did I? No, I didn’t.

          “Or do you want to just call me a liar and then run and hide…”

          You ARE a liar. Tell us again that the Highland Park shooter’s father, Bob Crimo, is a Republican.

          “Crimo, Bob P.O. Box 911, Highland Park, IL 60035 Democratic” (from the IL Elections website)

          You ran away and hid when I asked you questions below about the suspect in the FBI incident. How about it? Show your work.

        • That’s all you got, because I got the crazy shooters dad‘s party affiliation incorrect?

          “My point was that the FBI didn’t want this guy taken alive.”

          So your point is that you somehow know the FBI didn’t want this guy taken alive, OK, how did you receive this information?

          As I pointed out, even though you claim the FBI didn’t want him alive, it seems the Ohio Highway Patrol shot him. So the Ohio Highway Patrol didn’t want him alive either? Or were they following the orders of the FBI?

        • “That’s all you got, because I got the crazy shooters dad‘s party affiliation incorrect?”

          Proof that you’re a liar.

          As to the rest of your premises, I reject them all.

        • “Proof that you’re a liar“

          No, lying is when you intentionally provide incorrect information.

          I saw that the shooters conservative father lost his bid for Mayor to a progressive Democrat and made the inference that he was a Republican, but the record shows he’s a registered Democrat. So what?

  11. At this point I give it about a 30% chance that any of this is real or true.

    • I bet he knew how to turn off the caps lock. That makes him much smarter than you. Your comments are so stupid I’m beginning to think you’re a fed. I find it hard to believe anyone as stupid as you constantly appear to be can survive in the wild.

  12. Wray is wrong. When law enforcement violates its oath of office and the constitution they deserve whatever they get. Don’t tell us that you don’t defend yourself against injustice, corruption, and a total disregard for the laws of the land you are suposed to be upholding.
    Isn’t it possible this guy may have belonged to a far left group? Why is the assumption he belonged to a right wing group? Leftists were agitating in DC on Jan 6 so lets not leave those folks out from being considered as well. Wray and Garland need to be fired. They both are dishonest and corrupt. Follow the money.

    • “Why is the assumption he belonged to a right wing group?“

      I dunno know, because he posted threats and called for violence against FBI agents on Truth Social?

      It seems he heeded Trump’s call to action after “standing back and standing by”.

  13. I’ll call it now… in three days it’ll come out that ‘the suspect was know to the FBI’

      • Was the undercover FBI guy who entrapped the Michigan kidnappers punished? I hope at least desk duty for life.

  14. Some dumb ass tries something stupid and is somehow representative of the entire Right wing/conservative half of the country. Guess that means the left wing liberal half of the country are represented by the idiots who firebomb pregnancy centers or burn federal court houses.
    Where was the outrage when pyrotechnic devices, Molotov Cocktails, and just plain arson while blocking exits was employed against Federal law enforcement in Portland Oregon? Where was the concern about LEO safety when the mobs were attacking police precinct buildings in several cities?
    Where was the raid/search warrant when Hillary Clinton destroyed her servers after they were subpoenaed? ” But Hillary testified” and lied her ass off under oath. Trump plead the fifth. Sure. Because he knows full well anything he says will be twisted and misrepresented against him in any way possible.
    Sorry but the DOJ and the FBI along with much of the Federal Government/Government Agencies have lost their credibility and their claims of impartiality when they chose to use the IRS to go after the TEA Party, when the government started spying on and harassing US citizens for simply questioning the policies or agenda of political leaders like GW Bush and Saint Barry.
    In order for any government agency, or law enforcement/investigative organization to be anything close to legitimate or credible they absolutely must be impartial in their efforts. The current leadership of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, BATF, and much of the rest of the government bureaucracy has shown themselves to be both partisan and heavily biased.

    • What happened to the story about the “rightwing white supremist” killing the po Mooooslems in Albuquerque? Story seems to have disappeared when the suspect turns out to be one of them.

    • The media feeds the unhealthy concept of every person or action is “right” or “left”.
      This is identity politics.
      I think more important is if we judge actions – hopefully most people consider attempting to penetrate FBI office and murder agents is wrong.
      Then we can judge the motive and state of sanity. In this case the man seems to be somewhat crazy (just my opinion) and if the claims of where he has been and what he posted are true, it looks more like he was mentally ill and considered a good thing or instructions from his inner voices or Great Leader to do what he did. But let’s consider no matter what your “group” is you don’t need to decide if this guy was “one of them” or “one of us”. Hopefully we believe that it is wrong for anyone to incite or free pass violence. Those BLM riots (in my opinion) were incited and (in my opinion) the Oct 6 was incited, and the violence was evil and counter productive to all except foreign enemies.

    • Here’s some biased reporting from the liberal leaning wall street journal:

      “FBI Recovered Eleven Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows
      Trump allies claim the former president declassified the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago
      Justice Department Asks Judge to Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant
      Justice Department Asks Judge to Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant
      Justice Department Asks Judge to Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant
      Play video: Justice Department Asks Judge to Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant
      Attorney General Merrick Garland in a briefing said the Department of Justice is asking a Florida judge to unseal the warrant FBI agents used to search former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Photo: Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters
      By Alex Leary, Aruna Viswanatha and Sadie Gurman
      Updated Aug. 12, 2022 2:31 pm ET”

  15. Did this dude have breakfast with Ray Epps this morning? No doubt just another highly suggestible person coerced into acting in order to validate Wray’s and Garland’s recent statements.

  16. “An armed man clad in body armor … was shot and killed…”

    That’s got to be fake news ’cause dacian said in another article comments an armed person in body armor can’t be stopped by being shot.


    • This video on mostly young male immigrants to Sweden and their tactics on body armor makes it clear that close quarters defeats most benefit.


      Leg / pelvis full auto burst at 10’ then a burst into head seems to be their strategy.

  17. The obvious lesson to be learned is – Don’t bring a nail gun to a real gun fight, even if it’s a high powered large magazine framing nailer.

  18. “Federal investigators are examining whether Shiffer may have had ties to far-right extremist groups, including the Proud Boys, the official said.”

    Ya’ll know that’s what they are doing for all law abiding gun owners now, right? You are automatically ‘suspected’ of having ties to “far-right extremist groups” when the ATF finds out you have a gun. Your personal information now gets run through the FBI extremist groups databases to check for any known ties to “far-right extremist groups”, so if you buy a gun or the ATF finds out you have one they do this now. One of the ATF guys who uses one of our local ranges told me about this.

    • less than .0002% of law abiding gun owners have ties to “far-right extremist groups, including the Proud Boys”

      More than 60% of democrats and liberals (collectively), and all core BLM movement leadership, have ties to violent far-left extremist groups including the DNC and democrat senators in congress.

  19. According to the MSM (salt to taste) Schiffer Brains fired a NAIL GUN into the building…..

    (“No, you dummy” said his controlling FBI agent, “I said use a RAIL Gun”)

    • The unhinged Trump supporting gun-nut was under the mistaken impression that his nail gun could somehow defeat the bullet resistant glass of the security checkpoint.

      “I said use a RAIL Gun”

      Now that would’ve been exciting.

      • “The unhinged Trump supporting gun-nut …”

        Amazing powers of mind-reading and divining intent.

        Please provide absolute proof that the dead man:

        1) is a supporter of President Trump, and

        2) that the supposed postings on Truth/Social were posted by this person.

        Show your work.

        This is necessary because you’ve been caught in several lies on previous topics on this site.

        • If he is a trump supporter he doesn’t represent all Trump supporters.
          Regardless of this dead nutter, no public person should encourage violence. No good can come if it.
          The BLM supporters and apologists left USA damaged, divided, and frightened. The Trump extremists have eroded to near nothing trust in institutions. Less and less good men want to be in politics. The only people who benefit are enemies.

        • Richard,

          “If he is a Trump supporter …”

          Unproven, speculative.

          “The Trump extremists have eroded to near nothing trust in institutions.”

          The leftist extremists who control the institutions are the ones responsible for the distrust that most Americans feel, by their actions such as raiding the home of a former President.

          Have you seen the polling showing the majority of Americans believe that the US has a two-tiered justice system? Why do you think that is? The majority of Americans are not “Trump extremists.”

        • “Please provide absolute proof that the dead man… “

          Absolute proof? Get real, in the real world we gather the most credible evidence we can and reach a conclusion, calling for absolute proof is ridiculous hyperbole.

          Here’s the current reporting, of course be aware this is preliminary and more accurate information will be forthcoming as the investigation progresses.

          “FBI attacker was prolific contributor to Trump’s Truth Social website
          Civil war and violence in support of the former president were frequent topics on an account opened in April and bearing the gunman’s name and photo

          By Drew Harwell and Meryl Kornfield
          August 12, 2022 at 12:24 p.m. EDT”

          “The Shiffer account appeared to be one of Truth Social’s most prolific posters, writing 374 messages there in the past eight days — mostly to echo Trump’s false claims about election fraud and, in the hours after FBI agents searched Trump’s Florida home, call for all-out war. “Be ready to kill the enemy,” Shiffer had posted on Tuesday. “Kill [the FBI] on sight.”

          “A Twitter account with Shiffer’s name included many messages mimicking Trump’s false claims of a stolen election. But a review of his social media accounts shows Shiffer was most active recently on Truth Social, the Twitter clone Trump created after most social networks blocked him in the aftermath of the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021. In April, Shiffer tweeted at Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., that he had just opened his account there, adding, “I’m just waiting for your Dad.”
          Authorities declined to comment on whether Shiffer was connected to Truth Social and Twitter accounts, but both featured his name, photo and general location and had been active before the shooting.“

        • “Absolute proof? Get real”

          So you can’t.

          “The Shiffer account appeared to be …”

          “A Twitter account with Shiffer’s name…”

          “Authorities declined to comment on whether Shiffer was connected to Truth Social and Twitter accounts…”

        • “By Drew Harwell and Meryl Kornfield
          August 12, 2022 at 12:24 p.m. EDT”

          In which publication? Ah, found it. I added some context below.


          “The Cincinnati shooting offers a glimpse at the real-world dangers of constant attacks from Trump and allied Republicans against federal officials in the days since FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach, Fla., estate and the center of his post-presidential operations.

          “It also showcased how such violent anger could be encouraged in plain sight in loosely moderated online refuges such as Truth Social, where Trump supporters frequently tear down perceived enemies and call for civil war.”

  20. I guess he pointed his trusty nail gun at them… pretty soon all contractors will have to fill out a 4473 gun registration form…

    • Wasn’t there a “Die Hard” move where nailguns operated like a M60? More Hollyweird drivel.

  21. All these trumpculters outraged about the impending ban of all body armor have me rolling on the floor laughing.
    Body armor didn’t protect the deranged trumper who attacked a U.S. Government building and shot at law enforcement officers. He’s dead, Jim. One less “red shirt.” 🙂
    “Flame On!”

  22. i believe the reporting on this false flag
    just about as much as i believed the reporting
    on the gretchen whitmer kidnapping false flag
    and the cesar sayoc fake pipe bombing false flag
    that is to say
    i dont believe any of it at all

  23. Great, now I gotta register my .22 caliber single shot nail gun as an a$$ halt weepon. Takes like 5 min to load and gotta bring a seperate hammer.

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