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Speaking just for myself here, I’ve had about enough of apocalypse bingo over the last 18 months. Have a good weekend! Bonus meme:

…still waiting for my surplus M240! Can I at least get some NODS? Hello? Mr. Biden? I’ve got a Costco box of pudding cups for The Big Guy…

Here’s an image from the NY Times showing what we’ve left behind for the Taliban (and others):

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  1. I need NODS and an M240 as well plz. I just got a new truck this year, I nee the pintle and stuff to make it a technical as well.

  2. I’m prepared to legally change my name to Jamal Cabal if it means a free GE M134 Minigun from our incompetent commander in queef.

    • Good thing I haven’t changed my name back from when I applied for college and kept getting turned down for being too white. Hadid Bin Smokin needs something automatic and something with tires to carry all the ammo!

  3. biden does not see the taliban as a threat. He see’s his own fellow Americans as a threat. I wonder why? What’s he done that he feels fear towards his fellow citizens?

    • Because Progressives don’t trust their own people but trust complete foreigners who come from unstable parts of the world so they can be fair to them. Insert long running in-jokes about government sector employment policies.

  4. When my government gives catches of weapons to terrorists and labels me a terrorist.
    1.Gives catches of weapons .
    No those weapons were bought with blood.
    2. And labels me a terrorist.
    As of yet I’ve received no weapons from my government, therefore I must not be bloody enough.
    Ask not what your president can do for your country.
    But what you can do to your president.

  5. Question: If you buy your son a firearm for his birthday, and said firearm is stolen by a criminal, did you illegally buy a firearm for a criminal? If you believe the answer is no, then kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP about the Biden administration ‘giving’ weapons to the Taliban. You radical morons always seem to skip the middle step in that story.

    • English words for verendus include afraid, venerable, awful… and then add audio for sound.

      Therefore “awful sound”, yup that about sums it up.

      • And if you think that’s a great analogy for what happened in Afghanistan, then you sir are mōros.

        And please give us this middle step you speak of, was it stranding thousands of Americans in a failed state to become hostages?

    • If I leave that gun in the open in a place where I know that criminal is going to be then the courts are probably going to take the position that I did that intentionally, therefore i did actually buy the gun for the criminal and my parmesan smoking son was just an excuse.

    • But what if the dad didn’t buy little Billy’s firearm with his own money? What if he got people in a neighborhood across the state to buy little Billy’s firearm because dad convinced them that this would somehow improve their lives? Then for twenty years, dad set about fortifying the house against thieves and training little Billy to use the firearm. Dad dutifully reported for twenty years that things were advancing. This was going to work, but dad needed a cut out of every paycheck from those people because dad was convinced that this was going to keep that remote neighborhood safe.

      It turns out things weren’t going well in the fight against the thieves. People didn’t know this at first because dad lied. Dad broadcast to the world that in fact it was absurd to think that the thieves would be able to takeover the house. There just weren’t enough thieves. There were three times as many people guarding the house for crying out loud! Dad then told his neighborhood watch captain that things weren’t going well at all, but it was very important to lie to the people counting on him and his watch. “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

      The neighborhood watch captain told dad that a more powerful outside neighborhood was supporting the thieves. The only way to turn the tide was if dad provided the neighborhood watch with air support. Dad said see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya. Then dad FEIGNS astonishment to the world when the thieves overrun the house. Remember that remote neighborhood that funded this and provided their children to die trying to guard little Billy’s guns? Imagine their anger when they found out dad was lying the entire time.

  6. ….. as the caskets are loaded one by one, President Titanic keeps looking at his high tech wrist-worn communicator/ radar display, now dotted with iceburg icons. As the last flag draped coffin is loaded, he stands, and while feigning a final salute, gives the order “full speed ahead ” into it.

  7. I love my family, Country, have an AR brace, raise my family the right way, have religious beliefs, might be or might not be vaccinated and won’t tell anyone including my Dr, served 20 yrs, am of the wrong race, believe in treatments for covid, enjoy actual conversation with opposing viewpoints, have shot and am willing to shoot green tips, live in a free state, have political beliefs but not an ever Trumper or a never Trumper, EDC, drive a truck, only have sex with adult women, own and fly an American flag 🇺🇸 and will eat pineapple on a pizza

    So yeah I’m basically a terrorist

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