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Yes, yes, they “forgot.” This meme is far too generous.

Here’s an image from the NY Times showing what we’ve left behind for the Taliban (and others):

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      • It was all Bush’s fault. biden forgot about Trump and he’s flashbacked to when he and barry were in the white house. 8 years and it was all Bush’s fault.

        • Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry. The national media forgot their role in the propaganda machine for a few days, but they’re starting to flicker the gaslights again now. I wonder how many people will fall for it.

        • Speaking of propaganda, a couple of days ago I was curious how CNN was distracting from Afghanistan, so I checked their site. You had to scroll down the page to find anything about it. Their lead story on the topic was that US officials were concerned that white supremacists were praising the Taliban takeover. The story was that white supremacists and Neo-Nazis were going to model their own takeover on the Taliban’s takeover.

    • Big fan of the books, finished the newest the other day. Love how their written and very familiar with that part Of Alabama.

      and yeah, besides the two Creepy Joe lovers on here, the rest have run off or are quiet because Joe is such the Statesman, such an intellect, such a godsend after the Orange Man defiled the throne that is theirs and theirs alone. Anybody who voted for this is severely mentally and emotionally stunted.

    • When Germany surrendered at the end of ww2 there were no Nazi’s to be found, anywhere. As it turns out they all came to America and took over the left.

    • Trump was and continues to be a traitor.

      Biden is incompetent, but not a traitor. That is the lesser evil and why so many who voted for Trump in 2016 jumped ship in 2020.

      The Taliban armed themselves by winning. The arms, ammo and equipment were not our’s to give, the Taliban took it as spoils of war from the Afghans who owned it.

      We did one good thing on our way out. We destroyed a lot of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. The Taliban do not have an air force. Hell, they cannot even make their civil airport operate, it’s been stripped to the wall studs.

        • Anyone that is not a card carrying member of The Front For Organized Crime is a traitor. Trump was not a member and he fought them all the way. The committee running Biden/Harris and the Country consider any opposition as an enemy of The State. These people are not a political party. They are a crime syndicate.

  1. I guess the working dogs were expendable. They didn’t make the plane or the official list.
    As far as I’m concerned the dogs were priceless K9 soldiers worth 10x their weight in useless .Gov employees.

    • When we see administraitors in cages and the doggos get a first-class ride home, then we’ll know it’s being done right.

      This reminds me of the recent incident in Australia where some local government killed all the dogs in the shelter because people were going to come adopt them. People like that can’t be trusted. If they’ll do that to helpless animals, guaran-damn-teed they’ll do it to humans, too, if they think they can get away with it. Everyone who was actively involved in that, whether doing the dirty work or approving the plan, needs to be rounded up and shot — or else branded somehow, so that everyone knows them for the pieces of shit they are and they never hold a position of trust or power again.

    • I agree. Damn shame they left the Army dogs behind. But to save the day a guy in the UK is saving them. Was on Fox news last night.
      Evidently Joedolph Biden hates people and dogs…

  2. Where’s those $200.00 Tax Stamps? Are the terrorists in Afghanistan going to write the ATF head honchos and ask pretty please may I have a SBR or P80 kit? It’s clear none of Jim Crow Gun Control joe’s Gun Control applies to terrorists…none whatsoever.

    • Really! They need to immediately dispatch ATF agents to Afghanistan to get their tax stamp charges and, of course, get the Form 4 filled out for each one of them. Can’t wait to see the Taliban reaction to getting fingerprinted…

  3. Really? No one is thinking of a Nuke strike. We have them, can’t think of a better time to use them, maybe on 9/11/21. Give the taliban something to ponder on or to consider years later. Send them an artifical sun.

  4. Too bad the guys in the Panjshir Valley didn’t get more of our stuff.

    They are probably the only ones in that region that deserve our help.

  5. Morons, if we didn’t live in a “socialist” country I’m sure a ton of civilians would love to buy all that military surplus the government doesn’t want!


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