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LOL, but obviously blown way out of proport…well…


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      • I guess!😣 Shot my AR today at Point Blank. Great groups out to 25yards limit. Pistol good too. Old buddy shot my AR for the 1st time & loved it! Only hiccup was the turret came loose on my red/green dot
        Looks fixable. Haven’t quite mastered keeping both eyes open but close…going

        longer range shooting in northeast Indiana soon. 🙂

  1. Looks like someone got tired of chickens and decided to try a tropical parrot. What you see is the offspring.

  2. I admit I have a very small amount of red on one of my ARs. The pins, selector, and trigger guard but that’s it. lol.

  3. Okay so there is ZERO “Metrosexuality” in my AR’s. Neither of them is expressing my fashion sense, typically defined by the clean clothes get worn first in the random order of what gets grabbed off the closet hangers. My AR’s do not express any artistic, spiritual, fashion forward or gender orientation thinking.

    They do express pragmatic thinking and limited budget. Color is sort of similar because the basic option of “Black” is universal. But the uppers, lowers, buttstock, handguard, grip, forward grip are all whatever brands/models best suited me and my budget and that’s that. The holes appear at point of aim, with minimal error on my part.

    Which is what looks good to me. Way out there where the coyotes and other targets roam, the holes appear where they are suppose to.

    That’s all the fashionista behavior I can muster.

  4. Strike makes some interesting stuff but nothing I would have on any serious rifle.

    That picture is the perfect “Strike a pose” meme.

    • “What did he do, lose a bet?”

      I’ve had a crummy last few days, and I needed that laugh you just gave me.

      Thanks! 😉

    • That individual may hold a doctorates degree as well.
      “Lost a bet” – – based on appearances ?
      That Comment Was Racist,
      I and we both know if that individual was found rotting in the ditch they would taste just as good as anyone else.

  5. Strike Industries makes some interesting stuff. I bought a pair of their compensators/muzzle brakes for my PF940 and 940C. I had a threaded barrel on the 940C, and was concerned that it might interfere with the compensator, and damage the threads, despite there being no clearance issues when manipulating/racking the slide. There wasn’t enough room for the thread protector.

    So, I emailed SI with a simple question, “Would it work with a threaded barrel?” It took them six weeks to get back to me with an answer…

    Great products, lousy customer service.

  6. The only thing I have from Strike Ind. is a 2 round extension for my 7 round Shield 9mm mag. had it for a couple years now. Works as advertised. Not much into putting lip stick on my AR’s though. Like em Hot and Black…if you know what i mean.

  7. My SIG P320 AXG Scorpion has Strike Industries Suppressor height sights, only because SIG hasn’t had them for a year and the Trijicon versions that fit on the P320’s are shit. I also dislike the SI tall bois, but I’d rather have them cowitness in case I don’t realize my RMR died, which has happened to me before.

    But yes, 99% of their shit is gaudy and tasteless. But it does cater to those markets of people who waste money making flashy AR’s that never even see 1,000 rounds.

    • Beaut. I’m giving the P320 RXP X-compact consideration myself for carry because suppressor height & 1/3 co-witness, but with a certain Al grip module so the manual safety can be adapted, in lieu of the AXG (because AIWB).

      Idk tho, can’t find one around to try out locally, but I’ve got time. Still have a month & 1/2-ish before all this legal garbage hit’s the shit can and my Rights are ‘officially’ restored to me.

  8. To judge maturity by the criteria of hairstyle is an immature thought in itself.

    “Bobak Ferdowsi (Persian: بابک فردوسی‎, pronounced [ˈbaːbæk feɾdoːsiː]; born November 7, 1979)[1] is an American Flight engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He served on the Cassini–Huygens and Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity missions.

    Ferdowsi gained brief media fame in August 2012, when he wore a mohawk hairstyle, uncharacteristic of engineers, during the Curiosity landing. It unexpectedly became an iconic image of the event with coverage in the news and social media; U.S. President Obama even commented on the popularity of “Mohawk Guy”.“

  9. If aftermarket bling attracts more people into gun ownership and shooting, I’d call it a win. We may snicker behind their backs at the range, but it got them in front of a target.

    I wouldn’t bother with the fancy versions of high-wear items like charging handles, though. A dozen pulls in and the pretty colored anodizing will scratched all to hell. 🙂

  10. Freaks, FREAKS, We’re surrounded by FREAKS!

    That “whatever it is” reminds me of the Parrot joke.
    The old sailor admitting to shagging a parrot when he was blitzed, and wondering if the kid was his.

    No doubt an Intern in the Biden Administration.

    The only “red” on my AR’s is the projected by the Optic.

    • I rarely found the stock SP1 to be an impediment to service rifle competition, although I would have preferred the A2 upper for the sights and the A2 hand guards.

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