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Probably a coincidence?


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      • You better take another look at what has been stopped at the Northern border, the Kommie Hoards are everywhere, throw in California, Oregon, Washington and the New England states and a few deep Red states in the middle and we are practically surrounded by Kommie bastards praying for the death of the American way of life… 2nd Amendment is all that stands in their way…

        • The 2nd Amendment is just words on a piece of paper. It requires the courage and steadfastness of the citizenry to Protect and Defend the nation. From all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Something sorely lacking in many parts of our nation. Judging by looking at how they are allowing it’s destruction from within.

  1. Dang it I can’t really shoot my AR let alone any AK…and neither can Russkies & Chinamen. Legally that is🙄

      • Give it a year or two, the Russian contracts are nearly depleted and best case they set up factories by other names in nearby eastern Europe. I would imagine there will always be ammo for them but the dirt cheap version of the last half century will likely end. On this side prices spiked 3 years ago and only just came down to around double what they were before the scamdemic.

        • Palmetto State Armory is supposed to be making 7.62*39 pretty soon. I’m sure it won’t be as cheap as Russian steel cased, but it should be reasonable.

        • Hope so Art, be a bitch if a lot of the less expensive options disappeared entirely. Hope they are planning for the 7.62×54 as well. Either way wild seeing the x39 go for twice the price per round as 5.56.

      • Keep moisture away from Silver Bear. Water will oxidize the zinc plating and you’ll have a bunch of powdered suntan lotion coating your ammo.

        • I have a large walk-in closet that is climate controlled for all of my ammo, reloading stuff, guns, parts and leather goods (boots, jackets, vests)…

      • Some folk on this forum have claimed that the Mini 14 is not so accurate. That is not true. I once shot the wings off of a fruitfly at 40 yards with my Mini 14. Another time I shot down one of those Chynese spy balloons. That required some high-power ammo. Then, another time, when I was hunting bananas in the Amazon delta, I shot two bunches off of two different trees with only one shot, total

        How’s that for accuracy?

        • Sorry but as a Mini-14 owner I must challenge the veracity of your robust claims… When “hunting” bananas do you use a tree stand, a blind or must you track your intended prey?

        • Madd. Anybody can wipe out a whole herd of bananas. The real pro selects one prize banana and stalks it. Man against nature.

        • @LifeSavor:
          Dang you, at wuz no Chicong Spy Balloon, it wuz Me!
          I had jus’ excaped from the Kansas County Fair and set my compass for the land of Oz. Wuz hit in the hed an nocked out by a banana… Camed outa no wear.
          After getting the CruxdeGear frum that French guy DePaul and graduasting furst in my law skool class! True Story!
          Uncle Joe
          Did you here I’m 48% Red Injun?

  2. AKs can fire while muddy so they can be pulled out of the mass graves their operators end up in, and be used by the next human wave.

    it’s a design feature.

  3. The AK design was basically idiot/soldier proof. Conscripts with minimal training can use and maintain it. Shove a magazine in until it clicks, pull the charging handle to charge the weapon, point in the general direction of the opposition and pull trigger. Gun goes bang and if you’re real lucky you might hit something important.
    Designed for Soviet military doctrine of grab the belt buckle warfare. Get close with overwhelming numbers grab the enemy by the belt buckle and hang on until you win. Who cares how many of your own troops you lose. Dumb conscript farm boys and useless dregs from the cities we need to get rid of anyways.
    The AK is reliable as hell. I’ve seen them rusted to the point of someone needing to stomp on the bolt handle to break it free, squirt a little WD in the action to free it up, load a fresh magazine and it functioned.
    While the current military regime of maintenance is a bit overdone for the AR/M16/M4 family, even as a civilian rifle the AR is a bit of a pain in the arse on cleaning. Not unmanageable, just fussy.
    As for the gay marriage business, couldn’t care less. Gays/lesbians should have the opportunity to be as happy or miserable as the rest of us. A gay lawyer friend of mine wants to start a gay divorce attorney’s office. Told him either he would be stuck in the middle of a queen bitch fight or make a fortune.

    • My M-14 got a real cleaning twice, I would normally swab the barrel with LSA and then dump the rest of the bottle in the receiver, work the bolt a few times dump it out, wipe it out and stuff a magazine back in… Ready to rock and roll for another week or two…

  4. As Armed Neighbor Shoots Multiple Armed Intruders – delusional neighbor Woman Insists She Is Still Against Guns.

  5. This meme has been circulating on far right, racist and anti-Semitic websites. I don’t think it belongs here. There are the Pink Pistols, after all. We should stick to guns and gun rights and and avoid social issues, IMHO.

  6. @MAXX:
    Please lecture me on HOW to keep white mold from growing on leather. My sinuses are tripwire. Really, please.

    (Thank you Agent Orange.)

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