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Awww so sad, it looks like she isn’t getting her way after all.


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    • Haz,

      NM never even got close to my list of places to retire.

      I found a few states that were MARGINALLY acceptable, but . . . I am wondering if I can find options for alternate planets. This one sucks too loud.

      Having said that, New Mexico is SLIGHTLY less heinous than KKKalifornia.

      “Lemmesee, would I rather die from eating rat poison, or arsenic????” Can I choose, “none of the above”???

    • There are parts of New Mexico I once considered for retirement, specifically the northern mountainous area.. however the climate, specifically the political climate, make that an unworkable suggestion. Probably die here in Colorado- altho the political climate HERE is becoming untenable as well recently.

    • Man just got Senate decorum rules tossed, now gets to wear his “workout” stuff on floor… Can’t wait til Kyrsten Sinema shows up in hot pants and a halter top…

      • MMaxx:
        The entirety of the Donk repertoire is simply Theater. Note the “latest” that the teat-sucking “Newsprogs” dutifully reblab from their Bureau Of News source. Weekly scandals, threats and emergencies. It’s always fresh stuff, but engineered for mindless consumption. By Useful Reblabbing Idiots. Gossips, really.
        I dream of Texas.
        I don’t want to die HERE…

  1. Why are people with such mental health issues not either barred or removed from public office? Certainly she is too unstable to handle a sidearm!
    Any whacko named Karen could have a meltdown and remove my inalienable rights from me with no trial or recourse. Seems only fair to fire a person who is actually paid by me, (as my employee, so to speak) but is a loonie.

    • Especially when they openly say that the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not absolute which should reveal to anyone that the person took the oath of office as a mere formality.

      • “Especially when they openly say that the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not absolute which should reveal to anyone that the person took the oath of office as a mere formality”

        So you’re saying Justice Scalia took his oath as a mere formality? That may explain some of his other crazy rulings.

        “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited,” Scalia wrote as he laid out certain exceptions. History demonstrates, Scalia said, “the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

        • “Before you argue with someone, ask yourself, “Is this person even mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of different perspectives?”

          “Because if not, there’s absolutely no point.” — Amber Veal

        • WTF Amber veal?

          Sounds nasty.

          Ephesians 4:29

          29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.“

    • Normal people are supposed to vote them out. There’s something seriously wrong with our country if people like that keep getting elected. NM seems to be in love with Dems and their so-shall-list promises, also known as theft. We have a morality problem in this country. So-shall-ism is immoral. It appeals to the envious and the lazy.

      Remember when the southwest was solid red?

      • “Normal people are supposed to vote them out“

        We try to vote them out, unfortunately the crazy Republicans keep trying their treasonous schemes to overthrow our free and fair election.

        The only saving grace is that most of them are incompetent buffoons:

        “Ken Chesebro, indicted former constitution attorney for Trump, keeps filing motions to dismiss his Georgia Criminal indictment that won’t work, but help to kill the cases of the other 18 defendants including Trump. Michael Popok of Legal AF explains exactly how a TRANSCRIPT recording the meeting of the 12 Georgia Fake Electors used by Chesebro in his filing, that we did not know existed until today, will haunt the 19 conspiracy defendants going forward.“

        • You don’t try to vote them out Miner. You vote for them. You love tyrants as long as they’re Democrats. You should try being honest for a change. You might like it.

          I understand that your sole purpose is to copy and spread the daily message from your hive (which is never anything more than Republicans bad, Democrats good), but your transition sucks. You should work on that.

  2. Don’t look much like any NMicans are doing anything about her though. Impeachment? Recall?
    Lemme know if I’m wrong

    • No recall provision in NM. Donk-controlled legislature, out of session until January. They’re not going to call a special session for this. They’re already being pressured to call a special to take up more gun-control laws, like they tried in TN.

  3. “Awww so sad, it looks like she isn’t getting her way after all.”

    Well, yes she is getting her way because her order is still illegal and unconstitutional and she is still putting it in place (although now not in the same way, but by amending it to get around the TRO) and public parks were not (and are not) considered included as ‘sensitive places’ under Bruen (in fact such places were excluded by the justices as places where carry can be prohibited) and she is using the anti-gun ‘sensitive places’ temper tantrum dodge to continue her tyranny and that means it has to be challenged in court because SCOTUS did not specifically says the words ‘public parks’ even though their meaning of what was or was not a sensitive place was pretty clear.

  4. We haven’t had Constitutional Rights for a very long time. I’d say they started getting sht on around 1778, nobody did nothing then and nobody does nothing now. We will let two suits in a court room sway a robes decisions. The only thing one suit has going for it over the other suit is the availability of money.
    Free OJ Simpson, or was that Charlie Manson?
    Dont matter
    $$$$$$$ Justice is Blind$$$$$$$

  5. It’s not just NM and 2A. We never got our 4A back after the warrantless suspicionless mass surveillance programs in the post-9/11 hysteria (and the tech behind them probably was in place since the 1990s).

    To this day, no one has rolled back the surveillance state and thrown any of its creators and users in prison.

    • “We never got our 4A back after the warrantless suspicionless mass surveillance programs in the post-9/11 hysteria“

      Yes, the crazy conservative Republican sure did ram through the mass surveillance legislation, even though Democrats did everything they could to oppose the warrantless searches and surveillance in the patriot act.

      “Introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 3162 by Frank J. Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R–WI) on October 23, 2001“

      “Signed into law by President George W. Bush (R) on October 26, 2001”

      But no, I remember the angry conservatives, accusing everyone who opposed their surveillance state as a traitor to America. When we pointed out the constitution prohibited this sort of thing, we were accused of being Islamic terrorists and the right wingers would yell “what have you got against freedom!”.

      • *yawn*

        “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” — Thomas Paine

      • 65 Democrats Vote to Extend Warrantless Searches: Bill Heads to Senate >

        ‘Surveillance state’: GOP sees government overreach in Biden IRS $600 disclosure plan >

        Democrats Are Framing Americans As Domestic Terrorists So They Can Do To Us What They Did To Trump In Spygate >

        The democrats are more sneaky about it, they are by no means and in no way innocent or the ‘good guys’ like you imply and in fact are the worst thing to ever happen to this country cause … ya know…there is that whole BLM, ANTIFA, Militant Trans movement facilitation and empowerment by the democrats, and that whole ‘lets leave our borders open so our country can be invaded’ thing by the democrats, and that whole ‘lets not put criminals in jail and away from society, instead lets just ignore them and take constitutional rights away from law abiding people’ from the democrats, and the democrats ‘lets make a law in California that lets us take kinds away from parents because the parents object to their 5 and 6 year old kid being pumped full of dangerous drugs and sliced-n-diced like in a ‘Frankenstein’ story to ‘create’ a gender for them based upon a known to be false pseudo-science, and ya know all that stuff and more.

        But its ok, you go ahead and blame everyone else just like the left wing does.

        • 40 ounce, why not put the entire quote from your link:

          “Edward Snowden

          House votes 256-164 to expand Trump’s warrantless surveillance powers for the next six years. The vote to reform warrantless searches of Americans’ phone calls and e-mails failed, needing the support of 26 more. Dems could have swung it, but 55 of them voted with the Trump camp.“

          Whose warrantless surveillance powers?

          “Trump’s warrantless surveillance powers“

          So out of 256 votes to extend trump’s warrantless surveillance, only 65 or about 25% were Democrats?

          And it was Republican Donald Trump who signed it into law… Your problem is the conservative Republicans, not the Democrats.

        • I didn’t post a quote because I wasn’t quoting from the link, juts the title of the link article and the link its self.

          Learn what context means moron.

          And here you are still ignoring the extremely violent and dangerous left wing ideal to overthrow the country so you can scream your favorite single-brain-cell-one-dimensional-thought for everything of ‘TRUMPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!’

      • You scoff, miner, when we point out that the constitution prohibits things like stomping on our 2a rights.

        That is somehow different I guess.


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