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Waldman, the head of the New York State Jewish Gun Club, has been handing out posters to businesses in the lower Hudson Valley, which alert customers that it’s OK to bring a concealed weapon into the store.

They read: “Concealed Carry is Welcome Here. Thank you for keeping our children safe. May Hashem continue to watch over us.”

The way Waldman sees it, armed self-defense is how all cultures  – not just Jews − who flee oppression can take a stand to prevent the sort of tyranny they encountered in their homeland. And it’s an essential right amid a wave of mass shootings at synagogues, schools, a shopping mall and a Buffalo supermarket that have highlighted the vulnerabilities of private citizens.

“It’s embracing the American culture,” Waldman said. “We’re here. We’re safe. Let’s keep America safe. We don’t want it to go back to where it was…As long as we have the right to bear arms no one can force us back into chambers − anyone into chambers. It just can’t happen.”

The posters take aim at what Waldman regards as an overly restrictive set of gun laws signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul. The measures were approved in response to a U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning a century-old law limiting citizen access to concealed weapons.

Among the restrictions in the new law, which goes into effect Sept. 1, is a ban on guns in “sensitive locations,” including schools and colleges, houses of worship, stadiums, theaters, parks, playgrounds, bars, subways and private property without the owner’s permission. Gov. Kathy Hochul said the provision would prevent hidden guns from turning up in public places.

Waldman’s signs address a caveat in the new law, which allows handguns or rifles on private property if the business owner posts a sign saying they’re welcome.

— Thomas C. Zambito in NY’s New Gun Laws Restrict Weapons in Businesses, but Some Owners Welcome Them. Here’s Why


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    • Appreciated, not required.

      He is apparently cognizant of the abilities of NYC police officers.

      • Reminds me of how important practice is. Once a person reaches intuitive shooting capability it’s quite awesome to watch or experience.
        Like anything, playing guitar or whatever, once it happens without thinking it’s far better. A few times I reached that state of skill, it’s amazing.

    • Prince among kings, and The Establishment’s best nob polisher, Albert, one does not need to be from SAS/SBS by way of the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine Commando Sniper in order to be proficient with firearms.

      Us civilians (said by you with a sneer of barely disguised contempt) can be proficient, indeed more proficient, than most military by way of training and practice. And we do this because we WANT to.

      • we do this because we WANT to.

        And, unlike those dominated by the Soshullist mentality, we CAN.

    • Self defense is legal here, we have not been denied our right of preservation.

      You lost that natural right, you will be prosecuted for protecting yourself.

      So much for being civilized.

      • My thought exactly Dan, hahaha

        Also, At least Waldman is trying to attack this problem of politicians (Gov. Hochul) in New York using her means to make what will become law by 9/1/22, even though this new law will eventually be unconstitutional.

        Also, seeing signs like this on the front doors on businesses in New York may deter some customers from going in, but will definitely deter criminals from attempting to rob the business or anyone inside from fear that someone inside may return fire.

        We all saw the would-be criminal screaming, “He shot my arm off” after an 80+y/o store clerk unleashed his shot gun on an AR wielding criminal a few days ago. We need to see more of this immediate justice.

  1. 👍 for the use of a Walther P99 Gen1 gun image.

    👎 for it being chambered in 40S&W.

      • 😄
        Gotta take a jab at .40 guys whenever the opportunity arises.

        Wish I like the caliber, gun stores here in Texas have vast selections of used 40s at awesome prices.

    • Not sure what your issue with a P99 in .40 is but I will speak the the personal experience of my brother, my wife, and I. We all love us some P99 in .40.

      It’s what my brother carries, it’s what my wife carries, and it’s what I carried before switching to an officer length 1911 in .45. The only issues any of us have had were with some reloads not loading. Other than that it’s been about the most reliable pistol I’ve had.

    • Yeah the gen is hard to find. The qa is hard to find. I want it for the collection…

  2. OK, this is cute, but if people of NYC and NYS really give a rip, they’ll start tossing their antigun pols in November. I’m doubtful that will happen with any real effect.

    Living as they do has become a way of life, almost exactly like those who have lived for generations on the various Welfare programs. About the only real change has come when it becomes obvious to the more “well-off” people of the blue states that no matter what they do, or now much income they make, they can’t keep up with the tax codes of their city/state any longer. At that point, rather than seek change, which would be fairly cheap, they bail to another state. Then, their previous state of living under ridiculous systems is eventually repeated over time, since that’s what they’ve been “used to”.

    40-some years ago, Morton Grove, IL passed one of the first city-wide handgun bans in the US. People of the burg were supposedly outraged, yet they never voted out the cretins in city government who passed this edict. It became a tacet move towards tyrrany. Most of the large, urban areas operate in the same manner: The government always knows what’s best for its minions and so long as some trinket appears to be doled out by them, the citizens comply. Oh, they grumble a bit, but they keep on keeping on.

  3. Gov. Kathy Hochul has surrendered her will to her inner yetzer hara. Her personal, selfish inclinations are projected and inflicted upon the good people of New York State.

    Unfortunately, most Jews that I know or have known are strict Democrats…I find it flabbergasting that they vote for and support the Party who is actively destroying their ability to protect themselves against aggression and violence.

    Fortunately, there are an increasing number of Jews who are seeing the fallacy of this blind belief in the Democrats. A neighbor, a local Rabbi, is always armed and votes Republican. He is a combat veteran and is a firm believer of the “Never Again!” credo.

      • This is why I have always thought that while the Jews were very good at numbers and money management. In the end they were really quite stupid. Because the government they trusted, in the end came and took all of their money and valuables from them. Including taking their lives. And most of them continue to totally trust governemnt.

        Aaron Zelman. The founder of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, was the first Jewish person I thought had his priorities in the correct order.

        • Because Jews were under constant threat, and in many countries not allowed to own property, they went into businesses that didn’t require large inventories, diamond, gold and banking. This lead to the perpetuation of the myth of Jews being “money managers”.

          Secondly, culturally, Jews have valued education, and tended to work in more intellectual pursuits. (Unlike the Scots/Irish tradition of distrusting the well educated.)

        • The Jewish Defense League at one time was quite popular and focused.
          I don’t know how active they are now.

        • And southern cracker culture is descended from Scots/Irish and is the ancestor of black urban ghetto culture.

      • It’s a mix up here but generally a Orthodox/Reform split of Shall not be infringed and Hochul didn’t go far enough respectively.

  4. Getting caught in a business that doesn’t have said sign =Class E felony 1-4 years. No more leaving when asked and being trespassed at worst.

      • …… well yes that was the intent of the Sullivan act (disarm the Italians who dare defend themselves from our enforcers) over a century ago. It’s looking to get crazier with more bills floating around the legislature as well.

  5. Crazy psycho walks, reads sign. “Hmm, I wonder how quick I’ll die when I start shooting? I better go to a gun free zone. “

  6. Methinks it is still a forced speech to require shop owners to explicitly permit CCW on their private properties. The latest New York law just took away their right to “acquiesce” CCW without an explicit sign (usurpation). Merits for new lawsuit?

  7. Now this is what the first amendment is for. It’s not for your pornography. It’s not for you to burn crosses. Or support those who burn crosses. But you can have those things if you want them.

    This is just another way “to use a gun”. It will force criminals to guess whether or not you actually have a gun on the premises. And they will most likely choose to rob a business that does not display such a sign. Instead of robbing your business with the sign.

    This is just like the schools and the churches who post a sign saying they will protect their students and parishioners with firearms.

    It’s too bad that the anti-civil rights and anti-First Amendment state, the state of California, violates the First Amendment rights of the citizens. Now the question is, would you be arrested in the state of California, or some other “red communist state”, displaying such a sign in your business???

    • Chris T in KY,

      This sort of garbage will increase until lawmakers face criminal prosecution and significant personal penalties for passing laws which the courts later strike down as violating the U.S. Constitution or state constitutions.

      Think about the present status quo: lawmakers can pass any law for anything and face no repercussions other than possibly losing the next election. Citizens can violate those laws (which are vial and blatantly violate the U.S. Constitution or state constitutions) and they go to prison for a very long time.

      • Congress can read intentional lies into the record. Think Adam Schiff. If they drag you into some sham hearing, and you misremember something, they can throw you in jail. It’s the same when dealing with the FBI. Meanwhile, they distract the sheep with stuff like “environmental justice.”

      • We are headed for a “national divorce” of some sort.
        When the Attorney General in Missouri sends a letter to the FBI tell them to go “F” themselves.
        And other states are passing laws. Essentially telling the federal government they plan on defying any laws that they pass. The groundwork is being built for a national divorce.

  8. Be interesting to see if those establishments see their crime rates go down, while others who do not support CCW go up.

  9. Queue the attorneys who will criticize the language of that notice for “encouraging” people to shoot (or some such nonsense) which will increase the business owner’s risk of lawsuits if anyone does shoot in self-defense.

      • I’m sure that’s part of the plan. They want to inflict financial hardship on anyone that dares to politically oppose them. They’re probably also hoping for cancel culture to deal with those uppity businesses.

        • BLM season is starting up so very possible unfortunately. Hoping they need to tone it down this year on account of more people starting to go from ambivalent to antagonistic to the various groups and elections not being a sure thing even with possible cheating.

      • Stores that have been robbed over and over again have had their insurance rates increased or their policies canceled. I would rather post the pro gun sign.
        Because I know for sure it is a deterrent to being robbed.
        In the past we have covered stories on TTAG where stores have placed “no gun” signs on the premises. And within days they were robbed.

        • Yes, the stores which put up those sign’s need to have an another sign put up just under that one stating that “you are a sitting duck in a gun free zone”.

        • You are making a strong assumption that logic or probability would in any way factor into a woke insurance premium regarding acceptable free speech/business practice. Not saying you are wrong so much as you would not be allowed to be right.

        • to SAFEupstateFML

          There will always be stupid criminals. Who will ignore a posted sign.
          The best any business owner can hope for is to reduce the chances of a robbery, by simply posting a pro-2A sign. However if the government wants to stop you. I’ll look forward to that first amendment court case. The government will lose.

          I know that the ACLU will not be there to help. They are as anti-civil rights as the “White Citizens Councils” from decades ago.

          And if passers-by are made uncomfortable by that sign???
          Then tell them that they don’t have the right to not be made uncomfortable. Freedom is a messy thing. They can walk down a different street if they want to.

        • Chris you misunderstand, .gov will not be involved past funding some way of providing incentives that will make it profitable for insurance companies to favor gun free stores and penalize those that allow carry. Honestly much of the banking industry would be supportive of such an arrangement and may provide the incentives on their own (black rock/vanguard come to mind). And yes legal challenges would be on strong footing but time and money for us to fight it and lost profits for businesses that respect civil rights would still be a chilling effect that makes for culture war attrition.

        • to SAFEupstateFML

          You are correct. The government seems to be using more pressure than it ever has in the past. To manipulate financial and insurance companies into favoring some companies and disfavoring others. I meant to say that earlier.

          I’m not sure what can be done about it. Only that we are probably going to have to create what some people are calling “a parallel economy”.
          I think that is going to be the best answer in the long run. But it will take a very long time to build up that kind of separate and private infrastructure.

          And that might not even be possible in some of these “red communist” States.

          A parallel economy might possibly be very similar to the segregated economy. That we used to have in the United States not that long ago. And I’m not saying that is a bad thing.

        • Chris unfortunately I think you are correct and leave it to the democrats to bring segregation back. My bigger concern is republicans will be too spineless to go after the financial system when it discriminates openly which will not even give us the hollow promise of separate but equal.

  10. Among the restrictions in the new law, which goes into effect Sept. 1, is a ban on guns in “sensitive locations,” including schools and colleges, houses of worship, stadiums, theaters, parks, playgrounds, bars, subways and private property without the owner’s permission.

    In other words, ALL the “soft” locations most likely to be targeted by a wanna-be mass killer.

  11. It will be interesting to see how many years it takes for New York’s new anti-carry law to be reviewed by the Supreme Court, if it ever does review it. Right now as the law stands few businesses are going to post signs that they allow guns in their stores. And of course the new law outlaws concealed carry about everywhere but your bathroom. In other words New York gave the Supreme Court the finger and then laughed about it.

  12. Apparently the school shooters from the Texas Tower in 1966 on through Newport and Uvalde all had approval to being guns onto campus, ’cause everyone knows shooters obey all laws.

    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns…..or school shooters.
    They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.

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