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From the Associated Press . . .

A series of pre-Christmas weapons inspections in a small town in northern Greece, has turned up hand grenades, assault rifles and decades-old unexploded ordnance, police said Tuesday.

The inspections occurred over 20 days through Dec. 22 in Florina, a town of fewer than 18,000 inhabitants, and the surrounding area, leading to 14 arrests, mostly on charges of illegal weapons possession.

Police said dozens of unlicensed shotguns and handguns were seized along with 14 assault rifles, eight grenades and eight bayonets, a stun gun, and thousands of rounds of ammunition during searches of private homes and storage areas. Ordnance “of various types,” 8.8 kilograms (19.5 pounds) of gunpowder and two submachine guns were also discovered.

Rural areas in Greece have a high prevalence of licensed gun ownership, primarily for hunting, but there are also illicit gun collections, often preserved as trophies and with little practical use.

The Florina region also borders Albania, where an illegal arms trade flourished in the 1990s following the collapse of hard-line Communist rule and a series of subsequent political upheavals.

Police said the inspections were continuing in the region to “reduce crime and strengthen citizens’ sense of wellbeing and security.”

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  1. What the actual fuck? Are they going door to door and searching every building?

    The world fought a war to rid itself of Fascism only to have it win out decades later.

    • jethro, I get it, but really, why would you hang an illegal MP-40 on the wall in plain sight? Cool sub-machinegun though. A friend owns one. Saw “Where Eagles Dare” in the theater when I was a kid. What kid wouldn’t want range time with one after that?

        • Yeah, I noticed that. And the “TTAG contributor” is unnamed, with the article being forwarded from the AP. So it’s all up for scrutiny.

        • The print on the picture looks Russian and there’s a pic appears to be a guard in a German helmet overseeing laborers? The gun is not readily accessible from the looks of the hangar.

        • Pirate, didn’t notice that. Then again, it looks like it’s hanging on a cabin wall. With a lantern in the background. Could be my buddy’s MP-40 after all. He’s the kind that might use that on the Midnight Caller. He’s like that.

      • More than likely Dimitris the’ Panagiotis Athanasios (the powerful immortal) took it off a German paratrooper when the Germans intervened in 1941 because Greece was kicking the shit out of Mussolini’s Italian army! After the war he took it home and hung it on the log wall until in 1946 he took it off the wall to use again when their civil war erupted between the conservative government and the dirty leftist guerillas lasting through1949: he hung it again until this December when the dirty inspectors knocked on, “now the frail old mans door”….now you know the rest of the story!

    • “little practical use” … until there is practical use.

      Note that we could say the same thing regarding the tens of millions of homes with fire extinguishers which no one has ever used.

      • Our CA A.G. Bonta actually bragged in a press conference about his ability to conduct such raids as a result of our AFS database. The AFS holds all info on gun registrations going back to (if reports are true) 1996.

      • Exactly like those, and Maryland too. My brother was regular Navy and worked out of that big black NSA building in Maryland, so he had to leave his AR with me while he lived there.

      • I mean, they aren’t going door to door tho.

        at least not every door.

        look, let’s be honest. in our “free” society, it’s best to just not have a door. try that no knock shit now haha..

        *walks right in

      • Do not forget the Soviet of Washington with its evil Attorney General Bob Ferguson who loves Bonta and other gun grabbers. Gov. Inslee, Ferguson’s punk, takes his orders from the AG. Even in the face of Bruen, Heller, McDonald and Caetano the AG insists that he is going to go-ahead with more unconstitutional BS. He has a Donkey majority so he can do as he pleases. He also has the WA Supreme Court in his pocket.

  2. I’ve got a buddy that is a ranking officer in the Greek army and have stayed at his house and have met his friends and family. Greece is a wash with old German military equipment that is unregistered but well preserved and in perfect working order. they even make jokes about it. Normally the police simply pretend like they don’t see the stuff if they ever come across it and if there is a responsible party to hand it off to.

    • Good, we will need the cops to look the other way self manufactured firearms, self made suppressors, and short barreled rifles that identify as pistols very soon.

  3. Greece, right? That little bit of land sticking out of Europe, in the eastern end of the Med? Athens, Sparta, Crete, and so on? That’s the place?

    Let them keep their ordnances. One day soon, Turkey is going to invade again. They’re already trying to lay claim to some Greek islands. Greeks better be stocking up now, after the Turks come ashore, it will be too late!

    Politically incorrect or not, never trust the Moslems, or Mohammedans, or Muslims, or whatever you care to call them.

    • “Politically incorrect or not, never trust the Moslems, or Mohammedans, or Muslims, or whatever you care to call them.”

      Not politically correct…Aware.

      When someone tells you who they are and you go Pasha, you get what you deserve.
      They tell you day in and day out.
      Get a clue.

    • back during the Korean War a troop ship was commissioned to transport both Greeks and Turks to the battlefield…according to crew members it made for an interesting trip…they were still talking about it while doing the same thing during Vietnam…

  4. Should be an object lesson to all of us American gun owners. Thank GOD (and the Founders) for the Constitution and BoR (especially the 2A)!!

    And I was taught the Greece was the “Cradle of Democracy”! But fascism is like a noxious gas, it can creep in through any crack. Hmm, seem to remember T. Jefferson saying something about watering the Tree of Liberty. It’s looking mighty parched, these days.

  5. a life time ago, there was a family owned business for decades, mostly for working folks, (lumber/boat motor repair). being a yute, not knowing anything, i did not understand the bartering system. over the years it remained a sort of land mark, until a husband wife dispute, during which she called the police, then pointed out a storage room. over the years, bring home items from the wars were collected, only to be seized as being highly illegal. the husband went to jail, and had to sell the home, the lumber yard, tools, property, etc. to get released, and the new owners, (a bank), built a new office/bank on the location. I guess sometimes a simple ‘yes dear’ would be good enough.

  6. If it saves just one life right? What a joke. Don’t put your trophy firearm above your fireplace it may get hotter than you like…
    This is really sad, I wonder how many lives this will save as compared to how many it will ruin.

    • want a wall-hangar?….look into Denix…looks just as good as the real thing and is perfectly legal.. [in most places]…..

  7. Two things:
    “Inspections” = illegal searches

    “but there are also illicit gun collections, often preserved as trophies and with little practical use”.

    There’s tons of practical use, just ask a Ukrainian.

    • just ask an ethnic Russian, speaker of the Russian language who lives in Eastern or Southern Ukraine as well as Crimea. The Ukrainians have been busy subjugating and ethnically cleansing Russians since Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland incited a coup back in 2014. The Ukrainians even signed the Minsk Accords that prohibits them from using artillery of greater than 100mm (4 inch) when they bombard predominantly Russian villages.

      Why are folks on TTAG supporting the Obama/Biden war?

      • Who says we are? This bitch is shutting down Christian’s left and right. When this war ends and if Ukraine succeeds, guaranteed this asshole will retake all firearms in the possession of the “freedom fighters” God Bless the people of Ukraine fuck Zelensky. I couldn’t care less if the spelling is incorrect. As for the brain dead bastards that think my disdain for Zelensky means I’m a putting supporter, eff off.

      • You, of course, refer to the Russians transplanted into Ukraine after Stalin mass murderer of the natives (see: Holomodor). You’re still a mor on Fudd

    • before the war guns were somewhat restricted in Ukraine…calling it a democracy was a bit of a stretch….of course now they’re handing them out like candy canes….

  8. I’d like an MP40. Even a semi auto one. Don’t have the cash for the real deal. But Apparently the semi auto one made by GSG is trash.

    • that gun has a unique sound when fired…was a bit amazed at the amount of plastic on it…it was a bit ahead of its time…

  9. Inspections? That is what jack booted socialist thugs call it when they break down your doors in the middle of the night, tear your home apart, then confiscate any weapons that you might defend your home and family and freedom with.

  10. My father had a couple souvenirs from WWII. Nothing illegal but not exactly approved by the brass at the time. He did purchase a couple rifles in the 1950’s that were surplus.
    If the government wants to come around and “inspect” my home they had better have a search warrant specifying exactly what they are looking for. Otherwise they will be treated as trespassers and potentially as burglars. Show up in the night and kick in a door and someone is not going to like the reception they will receive. Not on line tough guy talk, but real world response to possible life threatening actions of unknown persons. We are far enough out in the country to have no choice but to be our own first responders. That means defensive measures will be taken if needs be.


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