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All those years together they know each other so well. Dude’s acting hella sus, though. Gotta play it cool!


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    • @fww

      Now that you have your “serious” guns…you really need a couple of “fun” ones. My spouse knows that I have a weakness for .22LR firearms…currently waiting for one of the Umarex FN 502’s on order from favorite LGS (I figure it will be a good companion for the FNX).
      Local WallyWorld had Federal AutoMatch bricks for $21.46…no limit. Put quite a dent in my toy money for this quarter.

    • 35 years for me and Mrs. Haz. We’re the only ones we know who married as teenagers and went the distance. I suppose it’s because we saw each other as life partners and best friends.

      • I got you beat Haz, my wife and I are going on 53 years……we were both 14 when we married. And yes, we’re still best friends.

    • “That’s a woman’s job.”

      So, a woman’s place is in the home, and she should be there (barefoot and pregnant, preferably) immediately after work? 🙂

        • Wow, jwm hit that one way up into the stands! I will cheer while he runs the bases…be a while before we see any actual baseball.

        • Your comment mentioning a pimp implies that my wife is a whore.

          You’ve never met my wife, and yet you’re willing to throw out a reprehensible insult.

          The entire world is impressed with your courage, as you hurl personal insults from behind your keyboard.

          I pity those who must endure your acquaintance, especially the women folk in your life.

        • jwm, my birthday is Monday. Thanks for the gift. I’m going to be telling that one all weekend. With full credit to Minor for his role. 😆

      • It’s mildly amusing to watch so many of you confirm the stereotype society has regarding right wing conservatives.

        I too will be sharing this particular chain of comments with a few friends and acquaintances, it’s just another sad commentary on the irrational bigotry and intolerance within the hard right conservative movement.

        And if it brings you some sort of dark thrill to insult women you’ve never met and know nothing about, by all means help yourself.

        It is exactly the sort of behavior I expect from the conservatives on this list.

        But let me assure you, I will never stoop to your juvenile level, insulting your wives, sisters or daughters is beyond the pale and I would never allow those of your ilk to influence my behaviors.

        • Mighty high and mighty there, miner. You work to deny human and civil rights. You vote for pols that are at best old school fascists. You are an active troll that supports the dismantling of the constitution.

          And then you expect to be treated with kid gloves? Please.

        • enh. dangling a can of corn like that and then eyes wide open when it becomes frog baseball.
          be thin skinned elseplace.

    • Miner, when you show this to your friends I want you to let them know we aren’t all thinking a woman’s “place” is in the home in some sort of 1950 stereotype.

      Like for example I would never say, “Woman, get back in the kitchen and bake me a pie.” I know damn well that at least 90% of women born after 1980 can’t cook. Less than 1% would be able to make a traditional pie crust using lard without some YouTube research.

      When I want to eat good, I do it myself or pay for a man or woman to cook that takes pride in their culinary craft.

      • Cooter, the temperature dropped 20 degrees here this morning between 0530 hrs when I got up and 1000 hrs. Supposed to be mid twenties in the morning. Wind gusts 30-50 mph all day. About to start a pot of red beans and rice. Something to stick to your ribs on a cold night. If the damn wind would lay down I might get in one more quail hunt before we have to worry about the dogs getting snake bit. Or me.

  1. ‘what caliber is it?’

    The correct answer is always ‘which one’. 😄

    Sometimes, sleep on the couch is TOTALLY worth it.

  2. Since I have other interests beyond firearms, My wife would just ask ” What is it this time?” Followed with,” Do we need it?”
    Last time I wanted something beyond what was really needed, it was the new harness set for the Belgian horses. Old set had been repaired many times, but was in good working order.

  3. Sitting on the couch reading this and I bust out laughing. Wife looks at me and I show her, she rolls her eyes and starts laughing also.

    This was a good one!

  4. No they’re deaf , not weird. The reason she was squeezing her teat and he was jcking off pouring water on his head, is she was telling him it’s time to milk the cows and he was telling her fck u its raining.
    Sorry an old traveling salesman joke.

  5. Deep down, no matter how many insta pics we see, no matter how much websites cover glock girls and those like them, those of us w/ the Y-chome know that the other half of the population will never be as into things that go bang as we are. I wish it were not true. The comic is funny because it is true. I am sure there are a few unicorns that are into guns alot but for every one of them there 10,000 of us. That and gravity is still a pain.

  6. I admit I laughed. However in my case I just go and buy one and proudly show it off when I get home, even if the ol lady doesn’t care for firearms, sure I get some flack sometimes, but what is she gonna do, forbid me to buy things?

  7. The real key to a happy marriage is to own so many firearms in the first place that your spouse will never notice a “new one” when you bring it home. Actually more difficult to do with dogs than guns.


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