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I don’t love copying-and-pasting press releases, and I certainly don’t recall ever doing it for something as “simple” as sunglasses. However, having dealt with the difficulty (“first world problems” difficulty as it is) of trying to view all sorts of displays while wearing polarized sunglasses today just like I do nearly every day, I found this press release on the new GATORZ OPz Lenses quite interesting.

Copy-and-paste from GATORZ follows:

GATORZ Eyewear Introduces OPz Lenses
Optimized Polarized (OPz) for Digital Devices

Carlsbad, CA – (March 2022) – GATORZ Eyewear has changed the game in polarized eyewear, introducing the Optimized Polarized (OPz) Lens for digital devices.

Launching its OPz Lens, GATORZ is changing the way we interact with our digital displays while we are outdoors. The common problem that one has with polarized eyewear, like the lack of full visibility when using digital screens outdoors, is no longer an issue with the OPz lens.

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 3.42.57 PM.png

Most all LCD screens that we use while we are outdoors already feature a polarized-filtered screen to reduce the glare that you receive while outside. When you wear standard polarized lenses and look at a polarized filter in a screen, they essentially cancel each other out, and the screen display is not visible.


See clearly when looking at:

Digital Displays (GPS, Gas Pump, Automotive Dash, Control Displays)
Digital Watches
Cell Phones
Mobile Computers
Holographic Sights
Digital Altimeters

This optimized polarized technology provides the same glare reduction that a polarized lens offers, but allows full visibility of digital screens. No matter where you work, or what your hobbies may be, in today’s day and age, we find ourselves constantly using and relying on digital displays. GATORZ OPz lens offers those that require day usage of digital displays, to not sacrifice the glare reduction, while also allowing complete clarity beyond the screen.

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 3.57.38 PM.png

Staying true to the GATORZ standard, the OPz eyewear is tested to protect your eyes and features high velocity impact resistant lenses, hydro-oleophobic coating for oil/grease repellant, UV protection and a scratch resistant hard coat.


GATORZ Optimized Polarized lenses are available in a wide selection of frame options, including, Delta, Specter, Magnum, Stark and Wraptor frame options.

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 3.44.17 PM.png

American-made, and backed by a lifetime frame warranty, GATORZ frames are built from lightweight, durable, aircraft-grade billet 7075-T6 aluminum and are designed to provide excellent coverage. Both the frame and the nosepiece fully adjust to you, and not the other way around.

To find out more about the optimized polarized eyewear technology and frame options, please visit

About GATORZ Eyewear:

GATORZ Eyewear is a performance eyewear company based in Carlsbad, California. Founded in 1989, they have prided themselves in producing performance eyewear that not only looks good, but is created to last and endure any adventure you take them on. With durability that stands up to the test of the Elite Operators of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), there is nothing GATORZ Eyewear cannot handle.


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  1. The clock display on my truck completely “disappears” when I wear my eye shades while driving. All other instrumentation is backlit and visible, but the clock is a polarized LCD display. I either have to lift my shades to be able to see what time it is, or I just ignore it and blissfully live my life not caring what time it is.

    …all I know is it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and the weekend’s calling.

  2. “GATORZ Eyewear is a performance eyewear company based in Carlsbad, California”

    So, in American “English” = made in chicomland?

    • Like the boots I bought, box said Made In U.S.A. got home looked them over better and they was chinah brand, went back throwing a big fit and the manager told me ” The box – is- made in the U S.”

  3. For all those complaining about Chyna, name a US made pair of shades. Just one. Last ones I bought were Corning.

    Having polarizing mate up to read a polarized screen is a technical issue, if that screen is outdoors its already hard to see in full sun. Inside a vehicle in the shade less so, push the shades down your nose or don’t wear polarized. Having had cataract surgery Im back in the sunglasses market and one thing you do get for a higher price is a lot more scratch resistance and features like this. You might also get a lifetime warranty. “overpriced designer wear” is exactly what good sunglasses are, ever since Serengeti was offered decades back, and then Gargoyles with a ballistic spec ( they are never “bullet proof” they just keep some frags out of your eyes when you jam a .300BO into a 5.56 rifle. Oops.)

    The $50 sunglasses of the 1980s’ are the $100 shades of today, just like the $79 Marlin lever action of the 70s is now the $700 version. If anything I’ve learned after 69 years on this planet, inflation is a weapon being used against us. Fix that problem rather than gripe about price and we won’t be played so much.


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